Comicsworkbook Composition Competition 2014 Entries

73 Objects by E Taylor

Afterlife by Louise Marie Elsa

Ancora Imparo by Jared Cullum

Captain Kaplan by Haan Lee

Come With Me by Karolina Chyzewska

Core by Jordan Witter

Disc Jockey by Alexey Sokolin

Don’t Eat It by Jack Reese

Don’t Leave Me Alone by GG

Dreaming by Labrynia Alamonde

Dreams Have no Script by Mickken

Fool’s Folly by Baerrus

Four Color Poetics by Paul Anidian

Freedom by Guilherme Figueiredo

Goatherded by Charlo M. Frade

Guardians by Lucas Garcia

Jokes on you by Jacqueline Huskisson

Lover’s Suite by Caleb Orecchio

Moon by Ward Zwart

Mosquito Creek by Panic Volkushka

Pennies For Dad by D.Wing

Phil by Cameron Arthur

Random Associations by Edward W Randell Jr

RULES by Kalen Knowles

Semi-Vivi by GG

Spectrum Jogger by Rowan Tedge

Tabor by spencer sturdevant

Take by Sam Bourman-Karns

The Ballad of Bloody Babs by Dave Hotstream and Candy Sue Ellison

The Gooliggoo by Alice Blank

The Real (and Exciting) Life of Will Wilson, New Brunswick’s Greatest Rock Star by Patrick Allaby

The River Guardian by Gabriella Tito

The unfortunate consequences of nature by Alison Crofts

The Waking by BJ DuVall

To Know The Land by Graeme Shorten Adams

Torrents by RM Rhodes

Transmute by Lydia Henderson

Uglyfat by Cathy Hannah

Ultimate Bad Thoughtz by Jillian Fleck

Unfolding by Kimball Anderson

Venezia by RM Rhodes

Weeping Veins by Will Tempest

White Hot by Gloria Rivera

Guys, there’s only five more days until applications for the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers are due.  I really enjoyed this course, it’s a great shot in the arm if you feel “between projects”.  I think the philosophy behind this course is really important as well, and that goes beyond rectangles and octagons.  It’s about developing and trusting your gut reaction and to stop wringing your hands and just make a comic already god dammit.  Frank’s an awesome teacher too, I’ve drank drinks with him, we talked about Spanish soap operas, it was good.

If that’s not enough for you, the guy is trying to put together a comic makers residency.  Right now he’s got two auctions going to raise funds, the first you can find here, and the second is a mysterious secret that you can only be invited to by emailing santoroschoolATgmail. 

Bad Thoughtz by Jillian Fleck

This is one of the RARE, completely atypical, exceptional Bad Thoughtz comics that are based off of my own life.  I have been talking about buying a pair of creepers for what feels like a decade but am too chicken. 

Two comics in two days: *blessed*.  Wow, on top of that the return of fan favorite: the scary customer service golem.  I should really name some of these characters at some point.