teodoracontanto asked:

aveline de grandpré for the character ask please! ;v;


  • do I like them: shes my wife
  • 5 good qualities: strong sense of morality, kicks ass in pretty dresses, wears a stylish tricorn hat, loves her birth mom, and makes mistakes but rises above them
  • 3 bad qualities: i can’t marry her irl
  • favourite episode/etc: k i know it was short but i really liked her dlc for ac4 because we got to see her again and i loved her interactions with patience
  • otp: aveline & connor, aveline & elise lafleur
  • brotp: aveline & connor, aveline & patience
  • ot3: again aveline & connor & eseosa
  • notp: n/a
  • best quote: “don’t you dare run from me again”
  • head canon: when connor has kids, she loves visiting them with presents and they always call her “auntie aveline”

thanks! :D