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Do you ever miss Janet? I hope this isn't an offensive question.

This is actually something I think about a lot… I don’t miss ‘being’ Janet; I know that this transition into who I am today is my real self. I’ve never felt better. But truthfully, I feel like Flynn and Janet are literally two separate people. I miss so many qualities that I used to have as Janet that I don’t have now. I miss the friendships that I had and the way we had them. But there are a lot of bad qualities that I don’t miss. I know this sounds lame, but to me, my transition has felt like an upgrade of myself: my body fits right, I’m emotionally stabled and less stressed out, and I’m beginning to see things objectively instead of selfishly. So I do miss Janet in a lot of ways, but I’m pretty proud of the person I am today.


“Our generation needs to do something! We haven’t had a strong movement yet to define us as a generation; we’re not the Sixties hippies, we’re just riots and economics, but we need to speak out and be proud of being young…I wanna make my mark and I wanna be part of something!”

Happy 21th Birthday Kaya Scodelario!