I made this when the second BNHA ending just came out, so that’s quite some time ago. It originally was a very long comic so I never got to finish it. I decided to scrap most stuff and make it shorter so I can post something at least…

Also was originally supposed to be serious and angsty. The seriousness didn’t last longer than the first panel, though.

Also I love prince Todoroki’s outfit. WHY NOT RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF THE COMIC

Also sorry for the bad quality, I don’t know how to fix or fit this ><;


3.16.2017 x Bujo spread for the second week of March!

Sorry for the super bad quality! I honestly don’t know how you guys even managed to take such high quality photos o.O I got the printed picture somewhere around this site, I totally forgot whose picture is that, I’m sorry ;-; I hope you don’t mind me printing it and putting it on my bujo! I’ll put a credit in this post somewhere if you could just send me a message. 

- Gabby

Taylor Trensch as Moritz in the 1st national tour of Spring Awakening, knocking over the mic in a fit of passion during And Then There Were None

We had our first bikejoring session for months tonight! It has been too icy for both the bikes and the sled for a good while now, but lately it’s been mild weather and rain, so the ground is basically bare. I can’t have Tikaani off leash because she will run after and kill anything in her way -_- I have been running with her a little, but that doesn’t really exhaust her at all. Therefore it was great letting her run full speed and just really get some energy out of her system. I hope it stays like this so I can give her some quality exercise. 


I’m back in Desusville! But just to deliver a mini comic to celebrate the upcoming SDCC season 8 trailer for TWD. 

This is based off a scene I had in my head, which I described to The Spoiling Dead Desus thread (love you peeps!) and they wanted me to draw it…so I gave in.

Sorry about the bad quality, I don’t know what my upload is doing with tumblr…but these are also on my instagram. 

And then added a rough scribble based on a bunch of fan fics that like to have Jesus watching Daryl lick his fingers. lol

I have a big three part comic ill be delivering closer to season 8. See ya then, Desus Family.