HxH Week Day 2: Kukuroo x Mountain: Favorite Transmuter(s)

sorry for the bad camera quality??

lmao i’m just posting old sketches at this point because i gotta actually draw something decent for killua’s birthday tomorrow.

idk, if i have time later today i’ll actually do one for today. maybe i’ll just take the bisky picture and digitalize it??

How did I get to this point? What drives a person to start a new anime? Why did I suddenly decide to watch Owari no Seraph when I haven’t even finished Haikyuu!!? 

Umm…pink-haired Tsukki?

Yeah, that’s why…sigh.

I mean…I love his backstory. Plus I was seeing him all over tumblr.

And let’s not forget this little comparison that I fell in love with…

Plus the story’s pretty good, inspiring (since I’ve been trying to get myself to write) yet also distracting, since I’m binge-watching instead of actually writing. Anyway…

Look at that face. I think I made the right choice ^^

I have my Nikon 830 and I couldn’t be happier. Not sure if I can submit HD pics here but I’m gonna repost all my stuff with better quality because some artworks look just bad taken via iPhone. Anyway, I’m super happy! So here’s a selfie. Please be kind I’m 0% photogenic. #saewel

I can’t help feeling almost personally ofended by how bad most of SU’s songs are traslate into spanish, is just a small number of them taht are good, and even worse, it’s dub is so bad and messy, from the few ones that are good, there is lots of part that end up sounding awful!!