hamdipls  asked:

i recently started iscribble and i'm not handling it very well? is there any tips you can give me? its all very strange and new but i like it! thank you for reading this!!!

iscribble is actually very hard !! but even as a restricted user (since youre new) theres so much you can do with the basic tools available. (theyre p much the only ones i use) my tips for beginners is to not take it too seriously and have fun and just play with every tool till u figure out which one works best for your style ! 
i use pen tool, line tool, and area picker (blending) 

example of line tool:

area picker: your BFF for blending

BOTH!! jazz hands


NCT127 Outfits: Summer Outfits

I know you guys have sent in countless requests, so I’m so sorry for doing these (sadly) bad quality outfits! I just saw making outfits as a short rest from the other requests I’m doing (it’s kinda stressful haha) :))) so as you guys know, it’s summer!! so I themed this with colorful/comfy vibes for the holidays~ and due to some complaints I received about the previous outfit set I made (SVT’s ideal types), I decided not to title this ideals, because truly, no one knows their ideals. As a result, these outfits are NOT their ideals, but simply, what might attract their attention. I hope you guys like my outfits! <3<3<3