“I’m just exploring all my options”

You have no options. Voting for a third party candidate is effectively throwing your vote away. It’s a BINARY CHOICE

You are going to get us all killed.
You are going to get us all killed.

You might not remember what happened last time, but I do. Leftists swore up and down an Al Gore Presidency would be “just as bad” as a Bush Presidency. That was the EXACT phrase they used.

“Al Gore is a corpratist,” they said.

“I want to vote for something instead of against something,” they said.

Now, over a decade later, the entire GLOBE is still trying to correct what was done during the Bush administration–global financial collapse, SCOTUS nominees, TWO endless wars, drone strikes, the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Isis, DICK CHEYNEY.

Open your eyes and see how the tide is turning. For the past 10 years, there’s been a steady rise of right-wing ideology and politics. There’s UKIP and the Brexit, France and their damn neo Nazi Marine Le Pen, whatever is happening in Brazil right now. Canada only just ousted a leader who muzzled scientists who spoke about climate change!

And now we have the possibility of Trump. Trump who, as of this moment, has a 38% chance of winning according to Five Thirty Eight. Not 38% of the vote. 38% chance of winning. Those aren’t terrible odds. They’re better odds than rolling a specific number on a die, 16.68%. 

Do you understand that we have a chance to flip the Supreme Court for the first time since the 60’s? 

Remember all that Civil Rights shit from the 60’s? Do you know what happened to it, why it didn’t usher in a new age of equality like MLK’s Dreamers hoped? The Burger Court happened to it. The Burger Court is the conservative-majority Supreme Court that came into power in the backlash following the 60′s. With that Court came a conservative jurisprudence that would last for generations. It was the Burger Court that stymied de-segregation efforts, and created ‘white flight’ by ruling that de-segregation orders couldn’t be extended past district lines. It was the Burger Court that laid the groundwork for Citizens United, when they ruled that corporations could spend money in politics. Everyone was so shocked when SCOTUS ruled corporations are people and money=speech. Well, thank the Burger Court!

Now, for the first time in SEVERAL DECADES there is an opportunity to flip the Supreme Court. We haven’t had a liberal jurisprudence since the 60′s. And look at what’s coming down the pipe–anti trans laws like HB2, Affirmative Action, housing rights, repealing Citizen United, immigration, abortion, gun control, police brutality, climate change, etc. 

I am begging you to vote Hillary. And tell others to vote Hillary. I won’t quibble over whether her policies are better than Trump’s (they objectively are) or whether or not she is a better person than Trump (that’s…more subjective). The SCOTUS nominations should be reason enough. PLEASE don’t make me live through a Trump administration. Please don’t do this again.


“President Business? Pfft.. That guy. He was always setting these funny little traps…”

You dun goofed up, PB.

The final gif is priceless. My favourite is probably Emmet shaking his head like “not cool, man. not cool”. And Bad Cop with his chair.

This is my headcanon for Reformed!Business though. Accidentally slipping up and making doomsday devices or lacing soup with glue, just out of habit.

Bad News, Republicans: President Obama Has Erased Bush's $1.4 Trillion Deficit Mess

Bad News, Republicans: President Obama Has Erased Bush’s $1.4 Trillion Deficit Mess

Sorry, Republicans. It looks like President Obama has successfully cleaned up the federal deficit mess left by former President Bush despite your repeated attempts to sabotage him. Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility – despite running up record deficits and ballooning the national debt with tax cuts for the rich and never-ending wars. But that title is about to be owned by…

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It just hit me how utterly terrified I am of Trump becoming president.

I’m so terrified that I’m actually crying. Crying.

My bigoted father voted Trump. My mother voted third-party. I’m going to vote today, for Hillary, but I’m so, so scared of Trump winning.

How oblivious do you have to be to think that he’s a good person, a good president? He hates everyone. Yeah, Hillary fucking sucks, too, but at least she has experience in political offices and at least she’s not racist, misogynistic swine who’s going to dump us down the shitter. Worst case scenario with Hillary, we get a bad president for a few years and that’s it, but Trump? Trump’s power-hungry, trigger-happy, homophobic, misogynistic, greedy, perverse, list goes on and on.

And if you wanted to vote for Bernie, well guess what? He’s told us to vote Hillary. And don’t write him in, either. Write-ins for Bernie literally. Will. Not. Count. If you supported Bernie Sanders, listen to him.

And more importantly, vote.

For fuck’s sake, if you sit on your ass because “there’s no way Trump can actually win,” he will.