Cherry and Spoon: "Maks and Val - Our Way Tour" at the State Theatre

“Maks and Val - Our Way Tour” at the State Theatre

Let’s face it, after 22 seasons, the real stars ofDancing with the Stars are not the ex-football players, ‘80s sitcom actors, and reality show contestants that make up the “celebrity” part of the couples. The real stars of the show are the professional dancers who teach these celebrities to dance, and whom we loyalDWTS fans have come to love. There have arguably been no bigger stars (and personalities) on the show than Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and in recent years, his brother Valentin. Maks and Val may seem like the arrogant bad boys of ballroom, but their new tour “Maks and Val - Our Way” proves otherwise. If you look a little deeper, you’ll see that the bad boy persona is just that.

In the show (which I was lucky enough to see at Minneapolis’ State Theater last night), Maks and Val promised that we would see a side of them that we’ve never seen before. And they were right. In a night of fabulous, exciting, and entertaining dance numbers structured around their life story, Maks and Val are surprisingly humble and gracious, with a great awareness of and appreciation for all that their parents and others have done to get them where they are, as well as their own hard work. The Maks and Val of show are the charming and amazing dancers you know from DWTS, but with a deeper insight into who they are, how they got here, and why they do what they do. In the words of Val: “The essence of this show will be the story of two brothers and the passion we have for life, family, opportunity and, of course, dance. it will be the most honest we’ve ever been to an audience. We want to entertain with incredible choreography and inspire while sharing our story, our way.” Mission accomplished, sir.

The brothers take turns narrating and introducing dance pieces, which offer a chronology of their lives and careers. Through video interviews with their father (from whom the boys get their good looks), we learn the facts of their lives. Born in the Ukraine, their parents signed Maks up for dance classes on a whim at 4 years old, and younger brother Val soon followed. When the boys were 14 and 8, their parents decided to move to the US, specifically NYC, for the same reason that all of our ancestors decided to move to the US - to give their children a better life. Dance numbers depict life in Ukraine (including Val as Tevye in “If I Were a Rich Man), immigration, and transition to living in NYC. Maks started teaching ballroom dance in New Jersey at the age of 16, and at the age of 15 Val was the first American to win a World Junior Championship dance title (no overnight successes, these guys). Both of these events are amusingly depicted through dance, as well as Maks’ belated prom (because he was too busy working and dancing to go to his HS prom). Each brother gives a short interview about love, and then expresses it even more articulately through dance.

Joined on stage by 10 fantastic dancers (Val made a point to say they’re not back-up dancers, they’re peers), the dance numbers are incredibly fun, entertaining, and moving. The multi-level set, beautiful and colorful costumes, and lighting effects all combine to make this an incredibly polished and professional show. But at the same time, Maks and Val are refreshingly natural and off-the-cuff when interacting with the audience and each other. I was a big fan of them before the show, but am now an even bigger fan after spending a few hours with them getting a glimpse behind their TV personas.

The Maks and Val tour is 35 cities into a 50-city tour; they continue to make their way through the Midwest, South, and West through August. And with any luck we will see one or both of them on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars this fall.


Notes & Gum - Rikiya Mononobe

I wouldn’t say maturish - but a little smutty. I’m writing these so that hopefully I can get better because smut, by all means - is not my strong point.

It was the Friday morning before spring break was to start mid way through your senior year and you’d woken up rather late again, having yet another somewhat provocative and lust filled dream about your science teacher that it seemed you couldn’t get out of your head all semester. Sure - Mr Mononobe was hot as hell; with his ravishing good looks and likewise bad boy persona that drove all the girls wild, and it’s no lie at all that the way he could control a classroom full of hormonal teenage girls was incredible to say the least - how he was commanding when someone stepped out of line; his voice, expressions, gestures and punishments sexy as hell - without thinking about it too much it was a turn on….. a turn on you wanted to see if you could more of.

Having 25 minutes before class was to begin and having that time cut down already short by the 10 minute bus ride you’d have to take across town; you quickly hopped into the shower, hunted around for some clothing that at least resembled a school uniform and grabbed a quick bite to eat before scooping the text books and notes you needed off the desk in your bedroom and shoving them into your backpack as you left the house - lip-gloss and mascara could be applied on your way to the bus stop.

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I always had a feeling Alex Romero would be one of those men who didn’t buy the whole concept of “love”, but once it did hit him like a pile of bricks, he’d be a “love deeply, eternally and give every piece of his essence to another person” kind of man.

purple-neko-star  asked:

hi its me again sorry but i just had to asks someone is anne being the lovers arcana that bad i mean i see people dislike her now(im not saying your one) was it because it was obvious or was the past lovers that bad cause only persona games i played was the arena games and q watch the both anime rise and yukari wasn't the worst character they just wasn't my favorites i still love anne and everything but to start disliking a character because of their arcana seem worst

Nah it’s not bad. It’s just people (including myself) were hoping she wouldn’t be Lovers (cause she looked a lot like Lisa, Rise, and Concept art!Rise) and didn’t want her to fall into the stereotype. Instead a few of us wanted Magician (it’s been awhile since we’ve had a female Magician and Anne’s similarities with Yuka are just too great to ignore ;w;) 

But like, Anne does fit the Lovers arcana (I mean her Persona is basically a woman caught between two men, one of which she doesn’t want…’s basically based off the Lovers arcana story where a man has to chose between a younger woman and an older woman… basically Catherine. Yeah Carmen is the genderbent version of that game sadly for her she gets a “love is over” ;w; Haha…ok Atlus where’s my Catherine sequel revolving around Carmen’s story? :’D) Ahem anyways, I didn’t know people started to dislike her? O_o I mean I can understand them being upset over the lovers thing…but still?

Anyways Lovers arcana can be a hot topic for some people (mostly people who don’t ship the MC with them), as a few people consider them the “canon” love interest (bar Lisa, poor girl). Which reminds me, one second *grabs megaphone* THERE ARE NO CANON LOVE INTERESTS IN PERSONA (except exclusively Maya and Jun cause those creators had special mention but still) THAT IS ALL! *ahem* Yeah. Anyways if it’s not the shipping, the people don’t like the characters….not really well versed in P2′s fandom (Lisa seems pretty safe), but Yukari is a very…..nnngggnnnn what’s the word…..polarizing? Yeah let’s leave it at that. And then there’s Rise… which…not really polarizing. Some don’t like her voice (mostly the navi portion, but they like it more than Fuuka’s), or they don’t like how she constantly flirts with you in game (even if you’re dating someone). Or some people just don’t like how it seems “Lover arcana” people seem to be in love with the MC from the get go (bar FeMC, but even then the SL is still flirty; and Yukari has her moments in the Journey, excluding SL I mean, but it’s only in the Answer you really see her crush on the MC take hold). That could also be a factor. I think people are hoping Anne will be her own woman and not lust after MC just cause she’s lovers (which I don’t think she will, she’s very down to earth and well rounded you’ll probs befriend her first before you can date her XP)

Anyways I wouldn’t worry about it. It’ll die down. XD And on the bright side, more Catherine parallels! Thanks Anne! ;w;

mustbeatimelord  asked:

Kylux prompt: High school AU where Hux is a nerdy kid who watches doctor who and gets straight A's and only drinks blank coffee, whereas Kylo is the lead singer of a band and is tbh a terrible student. These two meet when Kylo's grades are dropping due to his extracurriculars and Han (or Leia) forces him to talk to the office to set him up with a tutor. They sign him up with Hux, who has some of the best grades in his year. You decide what to do from there.

Ohmygod YES
Kylo’s band is loud and uncomfortable to listen to at times, but the thing is they’re actually really good. Hux doesn’t want to admit he’s attracted to Kylo, but he’s secretly always loved that bad boy persona.
And of course, Kylo just can’t get enough of clean cut, nerdy Hux. I mean, what’s not to love, right? Kylo adores how thin Hux is, his quick wit and intelligence, his sweet interests and habits.
Obviously it takes them a while to figure out how hopelessly in love they are…but until then, Kylo’s grades start going up, and Hux is gaining a bit of a reputation for hanging out with the school’s resident johnny bender ;)

anonymous asked:

I see a lot of stories like this where Mark is the bully and Jack is the sweetheart, because of Mark's "dark" side (aka Darkiplier). So, I think it would be interesting to switch it around. Jack with a bully/bad boy persona and Mark as the total sweetheart/gentleman. I think it would be really interesting, since Jack is a total sweetheart in real life. :-D -Ebony

Alright! Got it! I’m literally sitting at my laptop watching Markiplier play FNAF fan games and I’m just like “… I wanna write some tough-guy-tickles.” So imma start writing. It’ll probably be up tomorrow… Or… today cause it’s midnight here. Either way thanks Ebony!

anonymous asked:

I like how well-rounded/realistic as a character frat boy harry is with how he occasionally wears his bad boy persona down :) ugh ur writing is so good seriously But is it weird that I'm still rooting for Niall right now lol can't wait for part four though!!

Thank you so much bb!  It’s hard because you want to make the character believable right, but at the same time have them be somebody you can’t really have in real life because…this is all fantasy isn’t it?  And fantasies can live in writing where no one can tell us it isn’t true, and (semi) toxic characters become what you desire most.  *sigh*  AND LOL NO NOT AT ALL, honestly Niall is such a cute lil charmer and he’s more *clears throat* “normal” than Harry I suppose.  He’s a sweetie!!  #TeamIrish

but really…. #TeamHarry