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Yo ok so I just hc that gerome is probably really bad at cooking so could you do a drabble about Inigo teaching him how to cook? Thannkksss

“Gerome! Watch out!”

Gerome barely had the time to turn when Inigo dove into his chest, knocking him to the floor right as the foam spilled over the top of the pot, hissing as it made contact with the hot coils of the stove.

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hi! i was wondering if i could get a critique if you’re still doing them.

Yep, critiques are open right now. Sorry for the late reply, but anyway- I think this drawing is complete. You have great anatomy, lines, coloring and shading. Plus, each of those is very recognizable. Especially how you draw their eyes and nose, but personally, my favorite part of this is the hair and how it flows naturally. Honestly, you don’t need any big or specific jump to improve. If anything, aim for more detail in shading and fur. Instead of simple shading, experiment with blending and hard lines. But again, you’re all set here, :o -Teddy

whenever i see someone say writing pocs is “too hard” in the same senescence as “insert bland white dude” is just more interesting and complex to write i get so confused. either you find pocs too complex to write correctly and thus white characters “bland” enough for your own self admitted shitty writing that doesn’t allow you to write good characters (which honestly considering most of them end up being written as bad OC copies of one another I’m starting to believe this as a fair option) and trying to pass them as “more interesting” in meta to hide it. or you are a fucking liar. 

bad OCs either have really short or stupid names like Tom or sparkles  or have really complex long ones like Queenica Shaniqua boo boo swaggetha or Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Ravenway

there is no inbetween