the signs as lines from “the room”
  • aries: leave your stupid comments in your pocket
  • taurus: oh hai mark
  • gemini: i already ordered a pizza
  • cancer: i got the results of the test back. i definitely have breast cancer.
  • leo: anyway, how is your sex life?
  • virgo: ha ha ha what a story, mark
  • libra: hai doggie
  • scorpio: you, you’re just a chicken. cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!
  • sagittarius: oh hai, johnny. i didn’t know it was you. 
  • capricorn: everybody betrayed me! i’m fed up with this world!
  • aquarius: i’m tired, i’m wasted…i love you, darling!
Enjoyment of trash films linked to high intelligence, study finds
‘So bad its good’ is a type of enjoyment that seems specific to film and television. You probably wouldn’t wilfully listen to a terrible album, read a lousy book or go to see thematically redundant art, and yet many of us will sit down and watch the worst movie we can find with glee. For the first time, academics have delved into this phenomenon, with the journal Poetics this week publishing a study entitled: ‘Enjoying trash films: Underlying features, viewing stances, and experiential response dimensions’.

No wonder MSTies are so smart!

spooky-alien-babe  asked:

Hi! Do you find value in "bad" or "b-rated" movies (such as The Room, Trolls 2, Sharknado, Vampire's Kiss, etc)? I find that people seem to either find a lot of value in the entertainment bad movie create or they find them too annoying to put up with. I was wondering if you had any opinions on them?

Oh, yes, I find a lot of value in B movies and downright bad ones … I mean a lot of flicks used to be considered B movies which gradually migrated amongst critics and audiences into more “respectable” categories––horror, thrillers, action films, etc. 

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