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the signs as lines from “the room”
  • aries: leave your stupid comments in your pocket
  • taurus: oh hai mark
  • gemini: i already ordered a pizza
  • cancer: i got the results of the test back. i definitely have breast cancer.
  • leo: anyway, how is your sex life?
  • virgo: ha ha ha what a story, mark
  • libra: hai doggie
  • scorpio: you, you’re just a chicken. cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!
  • sagittarius: oh hai, johnny. i didn’t know it was you. 
  • capricorn: everybody betrayed me! i’m fed up with this world!
  • aquarius: i’m tired, i’m wasted…i love you, darling!

In this episode of LORD THROCKMORTON FUNGUSLEAVES ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY AND EXCITING CHANNEL AND MOVIE REVIEWS, our panel of experts discusses Neil Breen (the director of “Fateful Findings”, “Double Down”, and “I Am Here…Now”).