There is a 1970s horror movie that is about giant bunny rabbits

now it was 1972 so they didn’t have green screen or anything like that so they just had build Rabbit sized models for them to mess up to seem giant. If you’ve ever seen Rabbits you know that while they’re pretty destructive little guys it’s rarely very showy so there’s a lot of moments where they’re meant to be destroying things and it’s just a bunch of rabbits half-heartedly standing around and giving a little hop.

Oh did I mention that one of the film’s stars is DeForest Kelley? 

That’s right Doctor Bones McCoy was once in a movie about giant bunnies 

so that’s Night of the Lepus

Best Parts of Jupiter Ascending (2015)

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• “Somewhere over the Atlantic, she pushed me out too.” um gross???

• eddie REDMAYNEs Voldemort impression

• Maid in Manhattan sequence

• Channing’s Avril Lavigne eyeliner & elf ears


• Space orgy: it’s an orgy in space

• The unnecessary slow motion scenes

• Mila finds the world’s largest pad to pack wound with

Bees Don’t Lie

f e e l  m y  s k i n 

• Royal Bowels

• “I love dogs, I’ve always loved dogs” ??????

• What is the time frame of this movie?????? a day???? and she’s in love?????

• Throwing Channing into the void WITH HIS SPACE BOOTS AND SPACE SUIT!!!!!

• Titus tells mila He want to marry his own mum and she is just like “okey dokey.. why wouldn’t anyone in this known human killing planet have any sort of ulterior motives?”

I CREATE LIFE       a n d  i  d e s t r o y  i t

• eddie REDMAYNE cying

Murder whisk

• Elephant man???


• Gender neutral things to call ur partner in bed: your majesty

• Toilet count: 5

 I saw Netfilx’s Death Note, and as predicted it was terrible to the point where it was cringeworthy and laughable. I’ll be honest the only reason why I even tried to watch it was to have a good laugh. Although I do like Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, however I don’t like how he interferes with Light’s problems when the real Ryuk either does nothing or does something for his own benefit or an apple. Even if the characters were just completely different people instead of the actual anime/manga, the way everything’s done is still pretty bad. It’s sad how it was presented.


Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century (1977)

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Best Parts of Battlefield Earth (2000)

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• Slow motion horse

• Gold is universal currency for no explained reason

• Maniacal laughter

• John Travolta’s changing accents


• Powerpoint ‘dissolve’ scene transitions

• Piece of cake is still a relevant cliché without any concept of what cake is and why that would mean ‘easy’

• Diagonal camera angles?????


• Entire Cilvilisation trapped by a mini-golf course

• “I’m going to make you as happy as a baby Psychlo on a straight diet of Ferbango.” ?????????


• Language machine’s voice

• Language machine teaches geometry

• Instant-fringe


So if you're wondering how bad the Netflix "Death note" movie is

• This movie is supposed to take place in Seattle, but when it starts raining everyone starts screaming and running inside like they’ve never seen rain before???
•Another “but isn’t this Seattle?” Point- they made “Mia”(misa) NOT goth, and I haven’t seen a single goth or anime fan in the high school they’re at. Everyone is dressed in plain whites and greys,and so far no gay couples or GSA posters. Where??? Is?? This???
•I decided to take notes- I’m not even halfway through and I have 3 and a half pages with nothing but complaint, all in simplified short sentences
•Half of light’s family just doesn’t exist anymore- they took away his sister completely and killed his mother just so he could have a tragic past that he didn’t need
•There have been so many rule changes to the Death Note itself. Ask of you want and I’ll list
•Ryuk’s portrayal is half amazing and half terrible- the voice and appearance are good but for some reason they have him telling light to kill and acting like that’s the fun part, also acting like light actually is a special chosen one?


This thing…

This fucking thing…

How does this exist?!