having a thing with best friend!luke would be so much fun like you would be all affectionate and hug and cuddle all the time but as soon as someone calls you out on it, you two would break apart and blush profusely and sputter about how you’re “not together” and you’re “just friends”, even though literally everyone, especially the fans, knew your feelings for each other were so much more than simply platonic. so one day you were out walking in london with luke and you were standing much too close together and suddenly you heard someone yell “jesus christ mAKE OUT ALREADY” and right as you were about to turn around luke grabbed you and he didn’t really know what came over him but a second later he was kissing you and you knew that this is kind of what you’ve wanted ever since you met the noodle boy

requests for blurbs or one shots are open, please send me stuff!

garnetffix asked:

“You look like you had a Bad Day, Need a Kiss?” (( ;DDD ))

The soft voice startled Ed out of his daze, golden eyes raising to meet with light hazel. With a small huff and a smile, the golden alchemist stood from his chair, placing a hand on the female’s shoulder. “Are you just using my shitty day as an excuse to kiss me, princess?” Ed challenged, his tone lighthearted.

rxdiowaves asked:

Kissing is fun but you're not missing out. Kissings really great when you find someone you really connect with and that usually takes a while for tons of people, so don't feel bad about not kissing or anything

haha okay i was just kinda curious tbh