A Good Unexpected

Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: At James and Lily’s wedding, you and Remus realise they might not be the only high school sweethearts around

A/N: 1) God I’m so bad at writing descriptions 2) God I’m so bad at writing kisses, I literally get all my experience from fanfic 3) Nothing, I just wanted to make 3 points

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At last, James and Lily were married. Never again would you have to endure James fawning over her and writing “Mrs Lily Potter” in all his textbooks. Actually, now that you thought about it, you were pretty sure he’d written it in everyone’s books at some point.
Excusing yourself from the rather one-sided conversation you’d been stuck in with one of Lily’s great aunts, you wove your way through the dancing crowd and the people standing around with drinks in their hands in order to get through to the now empty dining room. Most of the tables had been cleared away now, leaving only a couple, one of which was occupied.
“Remus?” you asked, making your way over to the table and sitting down opposite your best friend. “Too busy through there for you too, huh?”
He smiled slightly, twirling his empty glass in his hands. “Something like that.”
The two of you sat in comfortable silence, the sounds of laughter and music from the other room muffled by the walls. Occasionally a loud whoop could be heard, which you were fairly sure was coming from Sirius. You didn’t want to know what he’d done now, if you were honest.
“Y’know, I’m pretty sure you promised me a dance earlier,” you said eventually, grinning. Remus chuckled.
“I’m pretty sure I didn’t.”
“Well I’m pretty sure I’m promising you one now. C’mon,” you said, standing up and holding your hands out to him. He shook his head, still looking at his glass as if it held the secrets of the universe.
In truth, Remus wanted nothing more than to dance with you. If he did, however, he was scared he’d mess up and reveal how he really felt about you. He hadn’t seen you as just his best friend since you were in sixth year, and even now that you had all left Hogwarts he still hadn’t told you. He thought it was safer to keep it this way, with you not knowing.
You held your breath slightly as he shook his head. Your head dropped slightly; you’d liked Remus as more than a friend for years now, and you’d never worked up the courage to do something about it until now. Even at the ball hosted for when you all left Hogwarts in your seventh year, the two of you had sat chatting for the entire evening without dancing.
“I’m sure Sirius will dance with me,” you called as you walked away slowly, your hand nearly on the door handle when-
“Alright, one dance.”
You grinned in triumph, turning to face him as he got up and made his way over to you. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he held your waist gently. The two of you waited as the song playing in the other room drew to a close, and a slower song began.
The two of you cleared your throats awkwardly as the romantic music played. You were the first to snap out of the awkward daze you’d both fallen into, and you started shifting your weight from foot to foot slowly. Remus joined in, the two of you turning slowly on the spot. You could feel your cheeks turning red, as a result of both the many candles lit around the venue, and how close you were standing to the man you’d loved for years now.
“Think you’ll ever do this one day?” he asked eventually. “Get married, I mean.”
You bit your lip, considering it. “If I was with the right guy, I guess. What about the great Remus Lupin? Ever going to settle down?”
He laughed aloud. “I’m not Sirius, (Y/N). There’s not a lot for me to settle down from. Plus, who would want to marry a werewolf?”
“Loads of girls would,” you argued. “Remus, you’re a great guy. You’re sweet, funny, clever, kind…any girl would be lucky to have you.”
“Except once every lunar cycle,” he added. You glared up at him, stopping the two of you moving in circles but not moving your hands from behind his neck.
“Stop it! Don’t put yourself down like that, because I honestly will curse you into next week,” you warned. “You need to realise that none of us care about what you are, because you’re an amazing person and that’s the Remus we know.”
He smiled softly at your fierce protection of him, and felt himself fall even more in love with you. You’d spent all the time you’d known him protecting him; whether it was from people who made comments about his scars and his old clothes, or from himself. You’d always been there.
He was suddenly aware that the music had stopped in the other room, and the two of you were left standing incredibly close to each other, your eyes locked on his. It was as if some unspoken agreement passed between the two of you, and suddenly you found yourself stretching up on tiptoe as he leaned down to meet you.
Your lips barely moved at first, as if the two of you were in shock. His lips were chapped but still soft against yours, and his hand came to rest delicately on the small of your back, as if he was afraid he might break you. You lifted your hand to hold the back of his neck, pulling him slightly closer.
“That was unexpected,” you breathed as the two of you pulled away slightly, your forehead resting against his. Remus smiled softly.
“A good unexpected?”
You smiled slightly, brushing your lips off his once more.
“Definitely a good unexpected.”