Ridgeway - Bad King John 6%

This is tonight’s tipple; currently available in Sainsburys ‘Great British Beer Hunt’ contest. This is a bottled conditioned black ale, but is pretty much a stout. Pours deep black with a nice coffee coloured head that soon dissipates. Smells almost sweet. The flavour is bursting with coffee, chocolate - reminds me of Bourneville … Mmmm. Moreishly drinkable. All you’d expect from a quality coffee stout! Hats off to this one, hope it does well in the competition!

Bad King John

Názov piva: Bad King John 

Pivovar: Ridgeway Brewing

Krajina, mesto: Anglicko, South Stoke

Štýl: Stout

Alkohol: 6 %

Forma: Fľaškové, 0,5l

Stupňovitosť: 15°

Hodnotenie: 8/10


sýto čierna, nepriehľadná


Biela, väčšie bublinky, pomerne rýchlo opadla na približne 1cm, ktorá sa držala dlhšiu dobu


Vôňa bola prekvapujúca pripomínajúc ejl belgického štýlu. Cítiť sušené slivky, jemne karamel, slad, praženú kávu.

Chuť, říz

Prvý dúšok prináša opäť chuť sušených sliviek, praženého sladu s náznakom kávovitosti. Potom pomaly prechádza do horkej čokolády, až do suchého chmeľového zakončenia. Ten suchý koniec bol pre mňa prekvapujúci pri tomto druhu piva. a dobiedza napiť sa opäť a znova. Skvelý marketing :)

Říz je nižší s mierne krémovitým telom. Pitelnosť je nadpriemerne dobrá. 

Ďalší komentár

Musím sa priznať, že som k tomuto pivu pristupoval so značnou dávkou apatie. V minulosti som mal možnosť výskúšať zopár počinov z pivovaru Ridgeway, ale nič ma neoslovilo do takej miery, že by som mal potrebu kúpiť dané pivo opäť. Až do dnešného dňa.

Bad King John je veľmi vydarený stoutík, ktorý prináša peknú komplexnosť chutí s ešte krajším suchým chmelovým finišom. 

Ďalším plus je fakt, že pri varení boli použité len štandartné suroviny. V zložení nenájdete žiadne chmelové extrakty či cukor.

Review: WWE Payback 2015

As the curtain fell on WWE Payback last night, fans were left mostly satisfied at an above average PPV. WWE’s booking has faltered on its weekly programming in 2015, but its pay-per-view work has been incredibly solid. That’s a pattern that needs to continue as it moves into the traditionally red hot summer months.


R-Truth def. Stardust via pinfall

I’m baffled. It’s bad enough that someone as talented as Stardust is embroiled in a feud with R-Truth, but he keeps losing as well. WWE needs to shelve the Stardust gimmick and bring Cody Rhodes surging back without the face paint.

This was a match that would have been at home on Raw and certainly didn’t warrant its PPV time.

Grade: C-


The Ascension def. Curtis Axel & Damien Sandow via pinfall

This was a brief match dominated by the over-the-top mimicry of the “Meta Powers”. It was a bout completely free of spark in which Ascension made short order of the costumed duo with the Fall of Man.

Damien Sandow needs something better to do… and fast.

Grade: D

Singles Match

Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

This is one of the hottest midcard feuds in WWE. Last night, Sheamus and Ziggler gave each other everything in an exciting, hard-hitting match. Both men hit many of their signature moves and there were dramatic nearfalls on either side.

The story of Ziggler being his own undoing was also nicely done. Whilst presumably accidental, Ziggler’s crimson mask after headbutting Sheamus really added brutality to Sheamus’ victory. Bring on the rubber match.

Grade: B+

2 Out of 3 Falls Match for Tag Team Titles

New Day def. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro by two falls to one

The ongoing feud between the New Day and Kidd & Cesaro is one of the most compelling parts of WWE programming. Payback was no exception as the teams put on a spot-heavy, but incredibly entertaining, 2 out of 3 falls match that was, without doubt, the best bout of the evening.

Cesaro and Big E produced some dramatic power spots, whilst Kidd’s high flying added a different dimension. The finish, in which Xavier Woods sneaked in for the pinfall, was a clever one that keeps Kidd & Cesaro looking strong.

Grade: A

Singles Match

Bray Wyatt def. Ryback via pinfall

Two of the WWE’s biggest powerhouses clashed at Payback in a match that made both men look like dominant forces. It was arguably the best match either man has competed in on recent PPV and should fire the starting pistol on a continuing feud.

Despite a lack of story going into the match, both men worked stiff and pulled out all of the stops to show off their power. Ryback looked like the dogged babyface, working through an (apparently legitimate) injury sustained early on, whilst Wyatt was every inch the ruthless heel.

Wyatt needed the big PPV win, but expect Ryback to get one over on the New Face of Fear soon.

Grade: B+

I Quit Match for the US Championship

John Cena def. Rusev when Lana quit on the challenger’s behalf

Despite a slow pace and a terrible ending, John Cena and Rusev managed to put together the best match of their lengthy feud at Payback. Their I Quit match was wild and brutal, featuring some inventive spots as the men brawled all over the arena in Baltimore.

Unfortunately, the finish was a near carbon copy of Cena’s Last Man Standing match with Umaga at Royal Rumble 2007. On top of that, there was the bizarre spectacle of Lana quitting on Rusev’s behalf, apparently translating as Rusev spoke in his native tongue.

That is not the kind of finale that suggests the end of a feud, but it’s definitely time to put this conflict to one side.

Grade: B

Divas Tag Team Match

Naomi & Tamina def. The Bella Twins via pinfall

Naomi’s heel run is still struggling to find purpose, but she and Tamina put in a solid display here against the babyface Bellas. A huge superkick by Tamina weakened Brie early on and Naomi eventually hit the Rear View to pin the Divas Champion, surely earning her a title match down the line?

The in-ring action was fine and got plenty of time, but all involved can do better given the opportunity.

Grade: C+

Singles Match

Neville def. King Barrett via count out

Neville and Bad News Barrett have shown that they can put on terrific matches together. Unfortunately, at Payback, they were placed in the often truncated pre-main event slot and given an absolute joke of a finish.

The two men seemed off in terms of chemistry, clearly having had their time cut, but still produced a decent match. The finish, in which Barrett intentionally got counted out, really marred the match. That’s a bad Raw angle, not the climax to a PPV match.

Grade: B-

Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Championship

Seth Rollins def. Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

This was a wild, fast-paced main event match that made great use of the three former members of the Shield. The action was fast and furious, with several dramatic nearfalls. All four competitors were painted as evenly matched, with Seth Rollins gaining victory using a Pedigree.

There was far too much involvement from Kane, but that didn’t matter given the quality of the action around it. Ambrose and Reigns both proved that they deserve to be in the main event scene and Rollins finally got a relatively clean win as champion.

Way better than anyone expected it to be.

Grade: A-


Payback is obvious filler in the WWE calendar. However, due to the terrific work of the men and women in the ring, this was a hugely enjoyable show with several matches that deserve a revisiting.

Grade: B+

Monday Night Raw 25/05/2015 - Good bye Long Island

Nueva edición de #RAWCL anticipando lo que será #EliminationChamber

Nueva edición de Raw anticipando lo que será Elimination Chamber. (more…)

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SmackDown Review 5/21/15

Tonight Roman Reigns returns after his loss at Payback. We’ll hear what he has to say about being put to the back of the line. (more…)

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Payback 2015

Revisamos lo que pasó en #PaybackCL

Las consecuencias y revanchas de Extreme Rules, en la tercera edición de Payback. Lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo del PPV del mes, en Revius.


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The Road to Payback 2015

The Road to Payback 2015

So along with my prediction blogs I thought every month if I have time I’ll talk about some of my favorite and least favorite stories leading up to each PPV.

So lets take a look at one or two of the stories and their “Road to Payback”.


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Monday Night #Raw - 11/04/15: “Aaaaambrose, Aaaaambrose”

Desde las tierras del Loco Dean, La Autoridad regresa, Daniel Bryan se presenta en Raw tras su lesión, y mucho más en el último show rojo antes de Payback.