Ridgeway - Bad King John 6%

This is tonight’s tipple; currently available in Sainsburys ‘Great British Beer Hunt’ contest. This is a bottled conditioned black ale, but is pretty much a stout. Pours deep black with a nice coffee coloured head that soon dissipates. Smells almost sweet. The flavour is bursting with coffee, chocolate - reminds me of Bourneville … Mmmm. Moreishly drinkable. All you’d expect from a quality coffee stout! Hats off to this one, hope it does well in the competition!

Bad King John

Názov piva: Bad King John 

Pivovar: Ridgeway Brewing

Krajina, mesto: Anglicko, South Stoke

Štýl: Stout

Alkohol: 6 %

Forma: Fľaškové, 0,5l

Stupňovitosť: 15°

Hodnotenie: 8/10


sýto čierna, nepriehľadná


Biela, väčšie bublinky, pomerne rýchlo opadla na približne 1cm, ktorá sa držala dlhšiu dobu


Vôňa bola prekvapujúca pripomínajúc ejl belgického štýlu. Cítiť sušené slivky, jemne karamel, slad, praženú kávu.

Chuť, říz

Prvý dúšok prináša opäť chuť sušených sliviek, praženého sladu s náznakom kávovitosti. Potom pomaly prechádza do horkej čokolády, až do suchého chmeľového zakončenia. Ten suchý koniec bol pre mňa prekvapujúci pri tomto druhu piva. a dobiedza napiť sa opäť a znova. Skvelý marketing :)

Říz je nižší s mierne krémovitým telom. Pitelnosť je nadpriemerne dobrá. 

Ďalší komentár

Musím sa priznať, že som k tomuto pivu pristupoval so značnou dávkou apatie. V minulosti som mal možnosť výskúšať zopár počinov z pivovaru Ridgeway, ale nič ma neoslovilo do takej miery, že by som mal potrebu kúpiť dané pivo opäť. Až do dnešného dňa.

Bad King John je veľmi vydarený stoutík, ktorý prináša peknú komplexnosť chutí s ešte krajším suchým chmelovým finišom. 

Ďalším plus je fakt, že pri varení boli použité len štandartné suroviny. V zložení nenájdete žiadne chmelové extrakty či cukor.

BattleGround Prediction!

King Barrett vs. R-Truth
(Battleground Kickoff match for the King of the Ring crown)

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

The Prime Time Players vs. The New Day
(Tag Team Championship)

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens
(United States Championship)

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar
(WWE World Heavyweight Championship)(Winners in Bold)

WWE Battleground 2015 Prediction:

King Barrett vs R-Truth:This feud is so pointless, it is going nowhere and is just continuing bring down Barrett and has never really served much purpose other than just filling time.  That is fine to have a match like that on Raw and Smackdown, but has no place on PPV even if it is just the Kick-Off Show.  Winner: R-Truth (because why not?)

(Tag Team Championship) The New Day vs The Prime Time Players: This match is interesting.  It seems to me based off booking, that the New Day will be winning the tag titles back.  In any scenario involving the two teams facing each other, The Prime Time Players have always came out on top.  This match should be good, at least I hope. Winner: The New Day

Randy Orton vs Sheamus: This angle has been messed up by bad timing of Randy Orton taking a vacation to get engaged (at least that’s what I heard Randy was doing while he was gone), but I usually like Randy and Sheamus together and so I am relatively excited to see the outcome.  These two haven’t had that much contact with each other so it could go either way, but Sheamus has picked up several wins over the past couple weeks and Randy has barely competed, if he even has.  Winner: Randy Orton

(United States Championship) John Cena vs Kevin Owens: This should be the final chapter in the Cena vs Owens feud, but it won’t be.  If Owens wins, this goes through Summerslam.  However, I’m leaning more toward this match ending in a disqualification. Cesaro and Rusev will likely get involved setting up a fatal-4-way at Summerslam between the four of them.  This would be Cesaro and Rusev getting revenge for all the times Owens cost them the US title in the open challenge and also set up one of the best matches possible and give Rusev something to do until they bring back Ziggler (who I heard has truly officially re-signed with WWE).  Winner: John Cena via DQ

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns: I like this angle and I like both parties involved and I am excited to see how this turns out.  Roman and Bray have struggled to work well together in the past (in one-on-one situations) but have really been meshing lately.  Roman has looked strong and also somewhat weak at the same time.  Bray is always a step ahead of him and I love it.  I also think that Bray will stay a step ahead at Battleground, but this won’t be the end.  Winner: Bray Wyatt

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship) Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar:  Seth Rollins WILL retain the WWE World title.  I do not know how exactly he will do it.  Brock Lesnar has dominating and sent Seth running scared week after week and there has only been one exception.  This will be WWE giving us Batman V Superman a year early.  This is truly brains (Rollins) vs brawn (Lesnar) and just like The Batman, Rollins will have a plan, but what that is will be just as much a mystery to us as to Lesnar.  This one should steal the show and leave us wanting more, to which WWE will hopefully oblige.  Winner: Seth Rollins

Bad News, Bad News, Good News

By the Rev. Darren Miner

Lectionary Reading (Track 1)

As you know, the word “Gospel” literally means “Good News,” but today’s Gospel reading is utterly devoid of Good News, as is the reading from the Old Testament. Fortunately, the Epistle is chock full of Good News. So let me say a few words about the First Reading and the Gospel, and then finish with the Epistle, so that we can end on a high note.

The story from 2 Samuel is the story of a problematic procession, of a liturgy gone wrong. However, due to the editing of the authors of our lectionary, you would be hard-pressed to know that! They have removed two paragraphs that change the entire meaning of this excerpt from King David’s bio. The first deleted paragraph explains how the procession went to Hell in a handbasket when the ark of the covenant began to fall out of the cart. Uzzah, one of two brothers from a priestly family who had been tasked with leading the procession, notices that the ark of God is slipping. Without thinking, he reaches his hand out to push the ark back in place. And he is struck dead for his efforts. The implication is that God was angry at the man for having touched the ark with his bare hands, something that was taboo. I don’t think that Uzzah’s death was fair. And King David didn’t think that it was fair. The Bible tells us that David was angry at God for killing Uzzah, and consequently, ruining his great procession. But David is not just angry, he is also fearful. So the procession of the ark stops for three months to see if God is going to kill anyone else. When David is finally satisfied that it is safe, the procession proceeds.

But there is yet another problem at the conclusion of the procession, a serious marital dispute. We are told that King David dressed in a linen ephod, a sort of loincloth, and danced ecstatically with all his might before God, and before a crowd of many thousands. His wife, Michal, objected. Given what we heard in today’s highly edited account, we can’t quite figure out why Michal objected so strenuously to David’s dance, why she “despised him in her heart.” The answer comes in the second deleted paragraph. There the Bible explains that King David danced in a scanty loincloth, with no underwear, and had exposed himself to the crowd. Not surprisingly, his wife, who was the daughter of a king, was scandalized. King David’s response to her criticism was to vow never again to sleep with his wife and to condemn her to a life of childlessness. When we know the whole story, King David comes across as both vulgar and vengeful. And even God himself is portrayed as somewhat capricious. All in all, it’s a disturbing and uninspiring story.

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Battleground 2015 Predictions

So like the Road To… Blog I didn’t get a prediction blog out for Money in the Bank thanks to my sudden need to go do something for work. Here I am though a day later then I planned writing my predictions for Battleground which starts off (or at least the Kickoff show does) in just over a hour. (more…)

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The Road to Battleground 2015

The Road to Battleground 2015

We didn’t have one for Money in the Bank because I disappeared just before the PPV aired but I’m here again for a look at Battleground and its lead up. (more…)

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