You and her are   f  u  g  i  t  i  v  e  s.

I just got offered a full time fixed term job w/ a pay rise and I am honestly so bloody happy! Quitting Uni has been the best decision for me; for the first time in 6 months I feel like I can breathe again and I genuinely believe that I’m not wasting my life (which is odd since we’re bred to believe that University is the only way we’ll ever make anything of ourselves). I can now work for the next 7 months, get some savings behind me, and then start my film and tv course next year feeling peaceful :)))))) Time to celebrate this happiness!

*high pitched scream*

Yes ss FINALLY time for some Poop Jokes. Finally thank you. Thank you Gosh on this green planet that smells bad can we finally getr some poop jokes in my head and life. Yes yes yes. Thank you jesus. Son of Gosh.

Don’t worry love, I didn’t tell her anything bad.”  Katra finally said when she stopped laughing.

So what did you tell her?”

Katra just smiled and otherwise ignored the question.  In change, Morticia: “You should come over and do some fencing with Gomez.”

“I thought he played golf.”

“Oh, he does that too. You play?”


“Ulen’s not one for sports.” Katra interrupted.