half-light chapter 9

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Melissa is the only one who actually knows they are living together - Scully has managed to divert all her visits with her parents to their house (“Are you embarrassed of my place, Scully?” “Our place, Mulder, and no… I’m just not in the mood to explain why we’re living together to my parents.”) but Missy had insisted on coming over and having coffee sometime last spring so Scully had disclosed her new address and made her swear not to tell. (“As a fellow older sibling, I can disclose that there is no way she’s not telling.” “Shut up, Mulder.”) Mulder isn’t actually sure when she is planning to tell them, but he’s guessing that she didn’t have Thanksgiving in mind, when Melissa accidentally slips up and mentions “Dana and Fox’s place”. (He swears that she calls him that just to irritate him, seeing as how Scully had introduced him as Mulder in this universe.) Scully’s father immediately gives him a look that makes him want to melt on the spot, followed by a similar look from Bill Jr. Meanwhile, Scully is giving Melissa a nearly identical glare. Maggie doesn’t say much in the moment, but she kisses Mulder on the cheek at the door and not-so-subtly slides marriage into the conversation, smiling in a way that manages to be encouraging encouraging and encouraging and threatening all at once. She’d probably buy him the ring.

“God, remind me never to do that again,” Scully groans into his shoulder when they’ve finally gotten back to their couch.

“Um, honey? Christmas is coming soon, so I think you’ll have to.” Mulder scoots out of the way of the jab aimed towards his ribs for the honey. “If it makes you feel any better, holidays with my family would be worse,” he says. “It’d be a series of coldness between my parents and out of context questions about our lives. Also, I can’t remember the last time I brought someone home for the holidays. Or… ever doing that, in fact.”

Scully sighs. “I’m so incredibly grateful that I have a family to embarrass me at holidays… but I’d forgotten how confrontational it could feel at times.” She turns her face into into the leather back of the couch. “So this is normal? I should be grateful that my family’s back and can torture me?”

“Exactly,” Mulder says, rubbing his warm palm up and down her bare arm.

“Mmm. Well, I guess that’s what I’m thankful for,” she says into the couch. “What are you thankful for?”

He trails his fingers along her cheek. “This. You. The chance to start over, have a good life with you.”

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TRMD: Sometimes frustrating, sometimes heartbreaking, but without a doubt a beautiful story.

The Rich Man’s Daughter came to an end and although the last episode was extremely fast paced I like how they wrapped it up. Let’s begin with Oscar, he finally stopped being a jerk after his lonely near death experience . He awakes in feeling grateful for still having a family with him. It looks like even this villain can find redemption…

Gabriel ended up with Pearl. Even after the lies, the cheating, and everything. Things never seemed to click right when he tried to return with his ex-girlfriend because she always pushed him away. He loved Pearl, but for the longest time he was in love with her ex’s memory.

Now let’s move to Jade, she and Sally establish the Paul Tanchingco Foundation. I have read a lot of fans saying that Paul’s suicide came out of nowhere, I think they have to rewatch a couple of episodes again since the subtle clues are there. In the inauguration, Althea comes to see Jade from afar, but she notices that FckBoy (or Folder Boy) is still there, she smiles but seems to understand that Jade is not ready and perhaps she will never be. David sees her and something inside him clicks, I think this is the moment he finally realises he is just one big obstacle for Jade’s happiness. He gets the annulment papers ready for Jade. This is something I say “ok, I understand why they did it but I do not like it”. This should have been done by Jade’s action, not the other way around, at the end it’s just for the sake of Folderboy´s redemption. Jade signs the papers and now she is able to search and reunite with Althea… or so we thought because she doesn’t go instantly to find her love-love…

Anyway, Oscar tries to reunite Ama with Junjun… and she backs off at the last second because she felt nothing when she saw him, again the theme of being in love with a memory. Oscar helps Jade to speed up her annulment papers since it’s a lengthy process. I googled this and it seems that in the Philippines divorce is forbidden, splitting up it’s easier if you are rich because you need to have time and money to find a psychiatrist and for them to “diagnose” you with something that makes you unable to keep un your marital bond. It looks that some people have even pleaded to be mentally unstable to get an annulment, this is very crazy and I didn’t get it at first why Althea was so freaked out about Jade getting married. Now I get it. Cultural difference, here in Mexico express divorce it’s extremely common and usually it takes between 15 to 90 days.

Jade gets her annulment and finally has the guts to look for Althea, she goes to Batchi’s to find her whereabouts and surprisingly she finds out that Batchi and Willa are now an item, it wasn’t so farfetched since I’ve seen happening in my circle of friends more than once. They don’t tell her Althea’s address but they give her a very mysterious clue to find her. It seems like they haven’t been catching up with Althea since a long time because they don’t give any heads up to Jade of what awaits her. Or they were probably too busy with themselves to warn her… or probably Althea has become distant. Who knows, another plot hole that we’ll just have to ignore.

In a magical scene we finally see the awaited reunion, it’s lovely… but something is off, Jade is all happy while Althea has this happy but restrained look. Jade figures what is wrong and then we learn that after more than a year Althea has moved on, she has a new girlfriend and she’s living a peaceful life. After this shocking news and some hard to hear truths, Althea admits that Jade is “her greatest love, her joy but also her pain”, the scars from Oscar’s actions run deep. Jade is frustrated because it never seems to be the right time… She is ready, but Althea is no longer hers. It’s a cruel lesson for Jade, her indecisiveness and her passiveness costs her greatly. She returns heartbroken with her family, and for the first time they listen and support her.

I can not lie, at first  I felt angry, Where was the Althea that said that she will wait for Jade? That Jade was worth the wait? Where was the Althea that said that she would fight for Jade and be her strength? It dawned on me that our strong dame in shining armour was really broken beyond what we thought. She is human after all, she loves Jade but now she know the risks of loving her. I think that if she were alone she would do it all over again, but with a son she can not take those risks anymore. She settles for a quieter life with a less complicated girlfriend, with less family problems as Jade once wished… This scene on second viewing became one of my favourites, along with their partial closure in Attempt. On Jade’s side I think that this painful moment was necessary for her character development since she always thought that Althea would be there waiting for her to decide, waiting for her to be finally ready… her sorrow is raw, we can feel her hopelessness for being too late to reunite with her true love. Like a bucket of cold ice our star crossed lovers say goodbye. Fate has been cruel once more, again bad timing has conspired against them.

Althea gave Jade up because as she said it various times, unless Jade’s family accept her true self they can not be together. Days later the unthinkable happens, Oscar goes to meet Althea, when she looks at him she’s fearful, for a second you can see her eyes having a flashback of his actions. But this time he’s not there to fight but to apologise for all what he did to her, to Jade and Althea’s love and for breaking her spirit. Althea accepts what happened but she admits that she doesn’t know if she will be able to forgive him someday. They shake hands but we can still see the hesitation and slight fear in Althea’s actions. This man really tested her beyond her limits and made her realise her boundaries.

Time pases by and Jade is remembering her one great love, the one that she lost but that changed her life, gave her strength and hope. She is happy again. She is free and enjoying herself at the gay pride parade. Suddenly, she sees Althea with Miggy, and as if by pulled by a great force Althea turns and smiles. Jade approaches but she is hesitant, she looks at Althea’s hand and notices her “ring” is no longer there, Althea raises her hand to confirm that she is free again. It finally seems the right time. Unexpected. After being apart for so many years, when they stopped forcing for things to happen they just came to be, and as powerful as their first meeting they come closer to finally restart a new chapter in their lives, together at last.

This time it’s different though, they have grown, they are stronger and each one is a complete person… I even dare to think that the heels they are using are symbolic since they stand tall again, by themselves. Jade no longer needs to lean on Althea to feel strong and free. On the other side Althea is no longer broken by what happened to her, she has learnt to forgive and move on. Their love matured and it’s still there as clear as day. I love the memory montage, it really shows Jade progression, how at the beginning she was fearful to take Althea’s hand, then she was more comfortable with herself but it’s still in the sidelines of a gay pride parade. At the end she is enjoying it, truly comfortable with her own skin. And as the camera pans out we can see that after all the hardships love did find a way.

What I liked a lot:
1) The reunion scene: I would have loved to see the character of Kathleen expanded, instead of the same drama with FckBoy (now Folder Boy after being redeemed). I understand that it was the final nail needed for Jade’s development but this character had a lot of potential and I only can think of all the what if’s. What a waste… honestly. I regret that TRMD didn’t have 3 more weeks…

2) The final scene: it was magical and happy but too short, I would have loved to see Batchi and Willa looking at Jathea from afar, happy that her friend is reunited with her true love. Miggy looking that her mama is smiling so big again. It could have been completed with more interaction between characters, also I’m sad that there wasn’t any dialogue. I mean, it was not needed since RaStro are such fine actresses that they can tell a lot without talking but I would have loved for a final dialogue for Jathea since their last lines for each other were extremely sad.

3) Oscar and Amanda’s talk: it was natural, finally they’ve came to terms that they have to accept their daughter as she truly is. It could have been a process of more episodes but we know they have to force this to go through express lane since Paul’s death.

What I didn’t like:
1) That Jade never womaned-up to proceed with the annulment. It was David’s action to redeem his character, I would have loved it to be part of her growth not his.

2) Too long sequences for second characters (aka Gab and Pearl). We saw their reconciliation and their second wedding. Was it needed? Not really.

3) Jathea interacted only in two scenes in the whole episode, the “closure” and the “reunion”. Really? I don’t know how many minutes were but I honestly think they were too short. Well, all the episode was too short. I think they tried to squeeze a week of narrative in a single episode.

4) Wasted potential with Solenn’s character… I would have loved her if she was integrated in the story earlier. Imagine all the what if’s that we can head cannon.

Final veredict: Worthy.

I’m glad The Rich Man’s Daughter exists, I love it, even with the weird pacing and frustrating plot of the second part, even with the bipolar characters that ran in circles all over again, even if sometimes it was too heartbreaking to watch, even with all its flaws and missed opportunities it is a beautiful journey and an epic love story. Glaiza de Castro and Rhian Ramos have so much talent. They really brought to life the deep and powerful love of Jade and Althea. These two actresses left us wanting for more since the first episode, their outstanding work and amazing chemistry was the best thing about the series. Something beautiful.

I know we, westerners, are very used to upfront lesbian stories/characters like in Orange is the New Black, Orphan Girl or even The L Word. But to be honest few stories in media have been able to transmit such deep emotions as TRMD’s did. These girls with the limitations imposed by the TV regulations of their country had so much chemistry that a kiss between them is not needed, it was something we, as fans wanted, but it would have been just the icing of the cake. On the other hand the lack of it is a painful reminder of how much work is left to do on the rest of the world for equality and for the portrayal of LGBT stories. It is a reality check. I honestly think that what they did is revolutionary, even here on Mexico I can not imagine any of the two big networks producing an openly lesbian themed soap and delivering a happy ending.

There’s nothing else to add but to thank the cast and staff of The Rich Man’s Daughter for this epic journey, I never thought I would be watching a tv show from Philippines, neither I thought I would end loving it as much as I do now. If TRMD end ups as DVD / BD I really hope they add english subtitles for the international fans. I would buy it without a second thought :)

Suddenly a wild Gillette Holmes appeared

What the hell are you all worked up about Heimish?

First, there was Arthur Conan Doyle. Then, there was William Gillette. He co-wrote the first Holmes adaptation as a play with ACD himself, and then starred in it as Sherlock for pretty much the rest of his life. In 1916, the play got a film adaptation, using the same cast as the play, both titled simply Sherlock Holmes.

It was incredibly popular when it debuted. An entire generation had Gillette as the definitive Holmes. Then time happened. It’s estimated that something like 80-90% of all early/silent-era films have been lost forever, because early film material corroded really quickly and preservation wasn’t a thing yet. The 1916 Sherlock Holmes was assumed to be one of those films. Up until now, the definitive Holmes has been widely referenced without any extant canon material, going only off of people’s memories who had seen the play or the movie.

Then, in late 2014, the Cinematheque Francaise announced they had found a complete copy, and teamed up with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival to do a full digital restoration. Film nerds (that’s me by the way, hello!) around the world simultaneously piddled with joy. The finished product has just started to be shown at film festivals. My understanding is that the very first American public showing was last week at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival? I think maybe? I got to see it today and I have words about it.

I’m here for BBC Sherlock, give me one reason why I should care.

I’ll give you three reasons: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and Sue Vertue. Listening yet? Good.

The very first frame of the restored film is a thank you to 8 individuals who were patrons of the restoration. 8 people who financed this entire thing. Name number one, at the very top of the list? Mark Gatiss. Guys. I cannot even tell you the wattage of my shit-eating grin in the theatre. I genuinely thought I could not adore this man any more. Name number 4: Steven Moffat. Name number 8: Sue Vertue. The showrunners haven’t just seen this movie, they made this movie happen. (Thank you so much, showrunners!)

And actually, here’s a fourth reason: Gillette’s Holmes is in some ways more of a template for future Holmes adaptations than ACD’s was. Two words ACD never linked up with Holmes: pipe and deerstalker. (They showed up in a few of the Paget illustrations, that’s it.) And you know what ACD Holmes never said? “Elementary, my dear Watson.” You know what Gillette’s Holmes said? “This is elementary, my dear fellow.” Guess who created and name Billy? Gillette. Basically, our common understanding of Holmes is as dependent on Gillette as Bela Lugosi is for Dracula.

Here’s a fifth reason, because what the fuck: Gillette’s Holmes falls in love. On screen.

After seeing the film, I really do think this is something we should have on our collective radar. Gillette Holmes is probably the most definitive Homes adaptation out there, and the writers are paying pretty goddamned close attention. Beneath the jump cut, I’m going to analyze, squee, draw parallels to our generation’s Sherlock, and talk implications.

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