While waiting in line to file a new case Pheonix and Edgeworth get stuck behind Kristoph and Mia.  Also, Mia talking about facing off in civil cases with Gavin not criminal. 

Since this is a Defense AU and no one really dies a lot the cases the cast deal with are civil cases. Which if you think about how petty some law suites can be about it would make great material for the brand of comedy and absurdity the games are know for. 

Oh and if you’re wondering why Edgeworth call the city Los Tokyo my favorite fan inside joke about the American games is that Ace Attorney is set in a Los Angeles/Japan setting :) 

Coffee Lore & Superstition ☕

☕ leaving coffee and bread inside a house will prevent ghosts haunting it

☕ bad luck follows if you stop using the regular coffee mug

☕ a cup of coffee will cure a headache

☕ when divining with coffee grounds, and the reader must not be thanked or the future foretold will not come true.

☕ drinking coffee might prevent you from growing facial hair

☕ if a coffee pot overcooks, it will bring bad weather.

spilling ☕

  • if you spill coffee on the plate under your cup by accident, you’ll come into money soon.
  • dropping a coffee while drinking, or smashing a coffee cup will bring bad luck
  • spilling coffee can be precursor to a blessing
  • if a girl spills coffee while brewing it, her lover is thinking of her

bubbles ☕

  • if the bubbles in the cup move towards the drinker it will foretells wealth.
  • if the bubbles in the cup move away from the drinker it will foretells loss.
  • catch the bubbles on your spoon and eat them to bring prosperity to you
  • one big bubble in your coffee is an omen for bad news.
  • a large bubble could mean a friend will arrive later.
  • bubbles gathering in the edge or the center of the cup indicates the weather, sunny in the center and rainy by the edges

Me? Care about a mortal? As if.  

anonymous asked:

are you still in the assassin's creed fandom?

nope. nor do i have any interest in playing the newer games and i am a much happier person because of that

>be me
>22 in 2017
>world is burning
>go to party
>someone asks me if I’ve seen media content that isn’t the feature film bubble boy (2001) starring Jake Gyllenhaal
>be me
>30 in 2025
>haven’t left apartment in 8 years
>heard its bad out there
>watch bubble boy (2001) starring Jake Gyllenhaal

  • M.I.A.
  • Matangi
  • N.E.E.T.
  • 2013
  • B0019325-01
  • 2x12”
  • 33 rpm
  • Album
  • Gatefold
  • Significant tracks:
    • “Come Walk With Me”
    • “Exodus” [featuring The Weeknd]
    • “Bad Girls”
    • “Double Bubble Trouble”
    • “Y.A.L.A.”
    • “Bring The Noize”
    • “Sexodus” [featuring The Weeknd]