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Boss fight Dakota vs Cane


Dakota:…. Dakota.. Girl

Cane: Does it look like I care?!?! IF YOU THINK YOU CAN FIGHT ME, YOU BETTER ASK YOURSELF ONE QUESTION: have you ever fought a battle so hard, that you were drenched in blood and you weren’t sure if it was yours, your enemies, or your friend’s? If you haven’t, ….. PREPARE FOR YOUR DEMISE!

ps: I’ve been experimenting with things as usual, and I like how this looks!!!


You expect me to believe that Buzz McAllister, in the year 1990, a born and bred Chicagoan, was a fan of both Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas?

Yes, Isiah’s from the Windy City, but at the time these images were captured, the Pistons had ravaged the Bulls in the ‘88 Eastern Conference Semis, then come back the next season to knock Chicago out of the ‘89 Conference Finals, after the Bulls held a 2-1 series lead, before winning their first NBA title.  A scant five months after these photos were taken, Detroit would beat Chicago for a third straight year, and win their second straight championship.  Plus, Detroit invented the “Jordan Rules,” which entailed the Pistons, more or less, bullying MJ at every turn.

I submit there are only two possible answers here:

1. Either Buzz McAllister is a complete and total coward, and couldn’t decide between his hometown Bulls (which, clearly, should’ve been the choice) and the hometown kid, Isiah, or…

2. …the entire story of Home Alone is a lie.  Did anyone slip on MicroMachines™?  Were the Wet Bandits even real?  Did Kevin McAllister die?

Makes you think.

So say you’re in a position where you’re not going to let your boss crap on you. What then? First, know that you’re not alone. Bad managers are the number one reason for people quitting jobs. When you work for a dick, that’s going to be the thing that kills it for you. Any shitty, mundane job is tolerable if the environment is one that supports and nurtures you. If you glued dongs onto garden gnomes on a factory line all day, you’d be thrilled if you did it with all your buddies and your manager was the kind of person who high fives you, gives you time off when you need it, and brings in donuts for snacks just because.

The problem with ditching a bad manager is that when you leave, you’re heading out a revolving door and someone else is itching to get into your old spot. A shitty manager doesn’t have to change, because he isn’t running out of people to manage. The sad fact is that we live in a world where someone always needs a job, and they’re always going to be willing to debase themselves, even if only for a little while, to earn the pay they need. So a douche boss can keep on douching because the system lets him. He’s never inconvenienced by his douchery – only you are, and no one gives a shit about you, because you’re replaceable.

4 Reasons Your Employer Doesn’t Care If You’re Happy Or Not

Telltale Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job

Choosing to leave a job can be a gut-wrenching decision. You need to know that you’re making the right choice.

Here are the telltale signs that it might be time to move on:

1) You dread going to work.

2) You know more than your boss.

3) You’ve lost your passion.

4) You have a bad boss who isn’t going anywhere.

5) There’s no room for advancement.

More signs and what you should do.


The Expert: for everyone whose boss asks for the impossible. (by Lauris Beinerts, via Henry)

Timely Notice

Dear Attorneys,

When you leave a firm, either immediately before or immediately after you tell your employer that your service is ending, it is imperative that you inform your secretary/paralegal/assistant.  Why?  Because regardless of whether or not you like that person, it is respectful to tell the person who has assisted you and been of service to you in some manner that their job is also changing.  Maybe with you leaving they may be out of a job, too.  Maybe their position in the firm will change because you are leaving or maybe they’ll simply be getting a new boss.  Either way, your leaving will effect their daily life.  Having them find out through the office grapevine, shows a lack of consideration on your part.  It’s bad etiquette as it silently says that you have no esteem for their work or their position.  Again, I’m not saying you have to like the person, just that you acknowledge that they are a person.

It’s the sort of cruelty that stems from a lack of good etiquette.


I can get along with just about anyone as long as they do their job and don’t inhibit me from doing mine. It is frustrating working with incompetent people, but even more so when they are supervisors. I’ve had far more incompetent supervisors than coworkers, perhaps because lower level people who don’t do their job are culled more quickly. I can get insubordinate with managers who don’t do their job. I have zero respect for people like that.