Darling, if only I could I would tell you that life was easy. I would tell you that it is just about the good times and the colorful smiles. That it is just about always waking up in the morning and feeling that everything is all right. If only I could I would tell you that bad things don’t happen and they were just false nightmares hunting you in your sleep. That there was no such things as lonely souls and broken heart’s wings. That there was no worries and stressful days. If only I could I would tell you that depression was just a myth. That you shouldn’t be scared for you can never have it. If only I could I would tell you that everyone will still treat you kind even if you had done bad things in your life. That there was no such things as insecurities and jealousy. That there is a lot and billions of people who will still love you even if you haven’t met each one of them. If only I could, I would tell you that there are no such things as thunderstorms and wild earthquakes that tried to ruin our homes. That a hurricane only wanted to drown us with its love—not with its overflowing hate at us. You see, if only I could I would only tell you about the beautiful things but I would be lying for the rest of my life. If I only tell you about these things, you would surely ask for proof and I would end up with empty hands. Because darling, I have nothing to give you when life had already showed the truth to you.
—  ma.c.a // I wanted to say a lot of things, but you wouldn’t believe me for sure

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On the subject of fans thanking you (which must get really tiresome lol) I was in a really bad place in my life after my father died which is when I found the NC through a friend. After a few weeks of just watching that I saw the banner for the Luke Cage, Storm Spiderman review and it reminded me how much I loved the old X-men and Spiderman cartoons as a kid and your reviews helped me rekindle that love of comics and sense of humor after that time.

The problem with these wonderful messages from people are that I never know how to respond other than “Thanks” or the like and that feels insufficient. But yes, thanks for these kind words and it’s humbling to know I can make people happy. ^_^


Happy Birthday to the girl that turned into my angel. My life has changed a lot since the day I met her. Her voice takes me to another place when I listen her singing, or even speaking. I close my eyes and feel every word that come out of her mouth. She showed up out of nowhere in a very bad moment of my life, and just like magic, turned my tears in smiles everytime I saw a video of Fifth Harmony or listened to a song. Even if her never know how much she has been changing my life through this past months, I could never thank her enough. For every moment that she makes me smile with her lovely laugh or jokes, for every tear of joy seeing her videos, for every smart word that come out of her brilliant mind. She is so beautiful that amazes me. Inside and out. I went through all her posts on Tumblr until I got on the first one. It taked me a lot of hours, but in the end I felt like I really knew her a little bit more. She’s the kind of person that makes me want to discover every little detail about her. I admire everything about her. Her strenght, her personality, the way that she sees the world and the things that she says. How she stands for her and everyone’s rights. She’s my hero. And I just wanted her to know that she has been my escape from my sad reality and the greatest part of my life. Lo has been an angel to me since she came into my life. I’m thankful for a lot of things that she didn’t even know she does but that makes me so happy. She’s so special. I love her and words could never explain the amazing feelings that she brings inside of me. She deserves all the happiness and blessings that this fucking world could ever give to someone. I love Lolo so much. I’ll never forget the girl with a lovely laugh, a great mind, a brave heart full of love and art and the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s pure. Pure art. To me, she’s one in a million. A name. One person. And a lot of feelings exploding inside of me when I think of. Lauren Jauregui.

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It hurts my heart because I made this video, but I love it. I love them… 🌹🌹🖤


Butter: “No you don’t, trust me.  Not to mention the kind of trouble i could get into harboring a fugitive.”

Durian: “Hey I’m not a fugitive. I’m just a really lost teen boy ok?  I haven’t ever done anything bad in my life.”

Butter laughed.

Butter: “It’s just an expression.  Calm down.  Come on let’s find you something to wear.”

rising signs when drunk
  • Aries: loud af, super fun, changes the music and dances by themselves, sometimes a bit of a dick (in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE), makes everyone dance with them, the one usually to come up with an idea to ride down a hill on some cardboard they found (SO FUN), probs will steal a sign
  • Taurus: probs drunk eating or hanging out in the kitchen, always on the look out for food or a snuggle, really well dressed and presented, super touchy and affectionate (often they're not super affectionate), SUPER giggly lmao, almost a mom-friend but if you're not a CLOSE friend they rly will not give a fuck, will very likely take off their clothes bc they feel so restricted
  • Gemini: giggly as hell, absolute SHIT talker, could probably win a debate with their confidence when drunk, tends to like run away, ditzy and off the planet entirely, somehow manages to talk with everyone at the party, doesn't really remember their names, accidentally flirty but only bc they are on their own level
  • Cancer: Super mom-friend if you're a close pal, will not give a fuck if you're not close, really loves food, tends to be super fun and captivating, really social and flirty, doesn't take it anywhere though so when it gets more than flirty they kinda just... leave that situation, can get offended rly quickly but also as quickly is laughing in the centre of the room
  • Leo: the organiser, lights up the party when they walk in, everyone is playing drinking games around them, always dressed on-POINT, laughs really loud, NEVER empty handed, always chatting to a group of people really animatedly, will find/swap clothes with someone by the end of the night, first one to get everyone to do shots for the night, forward rolls away from a bad convo, life of the party
  • Virgo: tries to look after everyone at first, makes sure they're comfortable, really sweet and caring, then gets absolutely smashed, talks shit and gets super direct, tells people they're wrong and corrects them in a hilarious way, doesn't shut up when they get started, makes sure everyone is super drunk and having fun, will be the one to hold back hair even if they just threw up
  • Libra: will touch EVERYTHING, super flirty and huggy, friends with everyone in a charming way, has control of the music ALWAYS and will complain when it's shit, somehow has everyone's details by the end of the night, HILARIOUS, talks really fast when they get excited, makes people chug their drinks and starts a chant off, usually ends up hooking up with someone at the end of a night
  • Scorpio: magnetic as hell, super dark and sarcastic at the beginning, cynical and observes, then decides who the fun people are at a party and gets LOOSE AS HELL, seductive and a smooth talker, will definitely bring someone home with them, gets someone's number, dances on the tables, sings/raps a song surprisingly perfectly, charming and witty, super funny
  • Sagittarius: omg life of the party with leo rising, does literally their own thing 100% of the time, gets on their own buzz entirely, makes a brand new friend group and runs off with them during the night, might just run off in general, makes a speech early in the night, makes the FUNNIEST jokes, can talk about politics and also absolutely nothing within the same conversation, always with a drink
  • Capricorn: witty and observant at first, then comes out of their shell and a completely different side to them emerges, will leave mid convo if it's boring, is sarcastic and loud, starts running around and somehow gets the energy of 5 billion condensed suns, gets really confident, speaks and laughs loudly
  • Aquarius: SOCIAL AS HELL, big arms and wild movements, always dresses so uniquely and cool, deeply involved in all drinking games, always ends up scoring more alcohol somehow (it's often given to them), takes a heap of selfies but immediately deletes them if they look slightly bad, will not ever stop talking
  • Pisces: absolutely wildly silly, laughing super hard on one side, and then mid-conversation sprints into another bc they like what they're talking about more, sometimes has a break where they suddenly get sad or mad, but then immediately reverts back to their cloud 9 state, gets a shitload of energy, meets everyone in the party and almost immediately forgets their name, always gets super drunk, passes out, wakes up and keeps going

i love reading my own blog… its like a window into a version of tumblr with no bad posts, because i never have made a bad post in my life and my blog is perfect

  • Me at 11 in the night: LONG LIVE PRODUCTIVITY! Tomorrow, I will write, draw, study, do those diys I've always wanted to try, bake, play football, make edits and CONQUER THE GALAXY!
  • Me the next morning: *reads fanfiction all day*