oh yeah i’m just writing a drabble i - [trips] [dozens of typed pages from a multi-chapter WIP spill out of my bag] uhh um theses arent mine I’m just [tries to pick them up] [sweats frantically] look okay i just uh it’s not what you think it’s [pages and pages covered in writing scatter across the floor] look they’re not mine okay i just FOUND THEM like that, no wait just LISTEN

I’ve been watching cringemas from the moment it started and I have been loving every minute of it


Would you believe me if I said this all started out as a joke and I was supposed to make the most generic pair of 70s shoujo inspired gay dark haired boy & light haired boy duo. Would you. Because at this point I’m not sure anyone would. ANYWAY here is some concept art! I also have a lot more to come 

todays science experiment: do tchallas eyes do the cat thing where his pupils get big when he sees a laser pointer dot???? only one way to find out

the ice skating anime has claimed me, i am so, so sorry

yuri plisetsky and his fashion choices must be protected at all cost. this kid is a treasure