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Lady Gaga - Bad Romance


Batjokes Playlist 

Side A- My Darling Batsy

Seven Exodus/Tub Ring, I Can’t Decide/Scissor Sisters, Joker’s Song/Miracle of Sound, Sh’a Boom/The Crew Cuts, Down/Marian Hill, You’ll Be Back/Jimmy Fallon & The Roots, Genghis Khan/Miike Snow, Happy Together/The Turtles, This is Love/Air Traffic Control, The Horror of our Love/Ludo, Only You/The Platters

Side B- My greatest Enemy

Kiss with a Fist/Florence & the Machine, Take me to Church/Hozier, Never Forgive Never Forget/The Dear Hunter, Closer/Nine Inch Nails, Neptune/Sleeping at Last, Bitter and Sick/One Two, I Found/Amber Run, Bad Romance/Lady Gaga

Original art from the cover of Batjokes Issue Project- edited by me

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Rules: Put your iTunes/mp3/Spotify on shuffle and list the first 10 songs

1. Surrender-Cheap Trick

2. Tale as Old as Time- Celine de Leon and Peabo Bryson

3. Heroes- David Bowie

4. Be Okay- Oh Honey

5. I Don’t Care- Fall Out Boy

6. I am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)

7. How to Save a Life- The Fray

8. I Dare You- Bea Miller

9. Bille Jean Michael Jackson

10. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

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Rules: Just put your music on shuffle and name the first ten songs.

1.- You don’t own me - Grace feat G-Eazy

2.- Born to Die - Lana Del Rey

3.- Gasoline - Halsey

4.- Boy Division - My Chemical Romance

5.- Bad kids - Lady Gaga

6.- Love - Lana Del Rey

7.- Never let me go - Florence + The Machine

8.- Wizard - Martin Garrix feat. Jay Hardwell

9.- Ella es mi fiesta - Carlos Vives

10.- Arroyito - Fonseca

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Sing crossover version: The Auditions

Some draw I did last night of my favorite scene from the movie

Grizz as Gunter - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (it’s my favorite one, so funny)

Luna Loud as Ash - I don’t wanna by Scarlett Johansson and Beck Bennett

Max Goof as Johnny - Stay with me by Sam Smith

Fluttershy (human) as Meena - Chandelier by Sia (But, she just too afraid. Because of her stage fright.)

Branch as Mike - Pennies from Heaven by Frank Sinatra

Nicole Watterson as Rosita - Firework by Katy Perry

Greg Universe n’ Tree Trunks as Buster Moon n’ Ms. Crawley

Sing © Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures

Other cartoons © other studios


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Practice in Action VIS4016 Theory and Context Lecture3: The treachery of images: the historical context of surrealism & its lasting legacy




adjective: surreal

1. having the qualities of


2. bizarre, dreamlike

Elsa Schiaparelli’s surrealist designs such as the Skeleton Dress have been inspirational for visual artists and designers long since the early 20th century - it is echoed in the latex suits worn by Lady Gaga in her 2009 video for Bad Romance directed by Francis Lawrence and Lady Gaga, Thomas Kloss cinematographer. Since I’m Lady Gagas big fun this is the point of the lecture that I enjoyed the most! I love Lady Gaga post modernism ideas that she takes something and converts it to something fresh and new.. She has given me strength and inspiration the past years!!

bad romance di lady gaga designa alla perfezione il mio prototipo idilliaco di ingaggio sentimentale

@ krushh i want your love and i want your revenge you and me could write a bad romance

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Rules: put your iTunes/mp3/Spotify on shuffle, list the first 10 songs then tag 10 people

  1. The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty – Panic! At the Disco
  2. Slut Like You – P!NK
  3. A Gorey Demise – Creature Feature
  4. Antichrist Superstar – Marilyn Manson
  5. 20 Ways to Kill Someone – Phosgore
  6. Sick Individual – Halestorm
  7. Closer – Nine Inch Nails
  8. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  9. Hate Fuck – Motionless in White
  10. Getting Away with Murder – Papa Roach

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