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I love this one so much. He’s the best flat mate ever. Always make sure to check my wrists, sends me morning/good night messages even tho his rooms down the corridor. We even got a sos code if I’m feeling that I need someone which is “bad romance” because we both love lady gaga. Whenever I’m having a bad day he takes me out on shopping, dinner and then bowling/movies. I’ve known this guy for 4 months and I’m so blessed to have him in my life. He’s also tiny as me so we share clothes (and makeup). Hes a makeup artist and stylist so thanks to him my self esteem has been so much better past few weeks 💙

Party Captain Terushima Yuuji

~All I ever wanted radio edit , Basshunter
~ Bad romance , Lady Gaga
~ Breakin’ dishes , Rihanna
~ Changed the way you kiss me radio edit , Example
~ Dynamite , Taio Cruz
~ Gold digger , Kanye West
~ Hollaback girl , Gwen Stefani
~ I bet you look good on the dance floor , Arctic Monkeys
~ I gotta feeling , The Black Eyed Peas
~ It wasn’t me , Shaggy
~ Kickstarts radio edit , Example
~ Killer , The Ready Set
~ The lazy song , Bruno Mars
~ Like a G6 , Far East Movement
~ Miami 2 Ibiza , Swedish House Mafia
~ Now you’re gone radio edit , Basshunter
~ Pass out , Tinie Tempah
~ Poker face , Lady Gaga
~ Price Tag , Jessie J
~ RIP everyone , Spadez
~ Rude Boy , Rihanna
~ S&M , Rihanna
~ Stronger , Kanye West
~ Tik Tok , Kesha

Since they haven’t forgotten about will it shoe, does this mean we may get more non-food will its at some point???

They’re both so hyper and happy!! Like they really seem to be enjoying themselves and I love it. :D I would assume these are the post-vacation episodes…except I would’ve thought they’d be more tan. Maybe these are the right-before-vacation eps.

This episode feels so old-school! Just them showing each other interesting things they’ve found online and making jokes about them.

“Where sexy ends and grotesque begins.” gosh sounds like something that might be in the werewolves AU or some crap lol

I bet Lady Gaga would’ve worn these shoes in Bad Romance or something.

Baby Linkypoo!!! He had such a cute smile, even if it’s a smile-because-someo ne-told-you-to smile.

I guess the new endcard isn’t so bad. It’s helpful for new viewers who don’t yet understand what the Mores are. I know when I first started watching, I missed a bunch of Mores bc I just thought they were other main show eps and I didn’t feel like watching them yet. :P

Link has a hot glue gun…pls make sure he doesn’t glue his shoe to the table or something, Rhett.

Talking about college, yaaay! :D Poor Gregg. And I love how Link burns himself and Rhett doesn’t even react.

“Hit me baby one more time.” How did you miss that, Link. XD See, Rhett just wants to hear how you’ll ask him for more when you have some alone time later. ;P

“I made the mistake of watching that alone.” rhETT why did we need to know that…

“I feel confident.”
“Well, you always feel confident, but that doesn’t always make you right.”

Again Link burns himself and AGAIN Rhett doesn’t react. How often is this boy hurting himself off-camera, anyway??

“I ACTUALLY did a good job.” Oh shut it, Rhett. This ain’t a competition.

This More was so nice for me! Just them working on a task together and talking all chill and some wonderful leg shots at the end

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1- Harry Potter Song, 2- Jason Mraz - I'm Yours, 3- The Neighbourhood - Let It Go, 4- The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather, 5- Blowin in The Wind - Bob Dylan 6- Malesef bu şarkı açılmıyor. 7- Lady Gaga - Bad Romance, 8- Jessie J - Bang Bang Tamam kabul ediyorum güzel şarkılar, ama artık müzik listeni güncellemeni rica edebilir miyim ?

Ben de artık bunların çoğunu dinlemiyorum ama valla çok üşeniyorum ve değiştirmek için zamanım yok.


Lissie - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)


Bad Romance - Vintage 1920’s Gatsby Style Lady Gaga Cover ft. Ariana Savalas & Sarah Reich  

Playlist for a Maggie Lacivi

Love Me Dead - Ludo
Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
Kiss The Girls - The Devil’s Carnival Soundtrack
All The Boys - Panic! At The Disco
A Nice Girl Like Me - Sandy Duncan
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
C’est Moi - Marie-Mai
My Freeze Ray - Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Soundtrack
Lone Digger - Caravan Palace
Eros and Apollo - Studio Killers