bad pun dog

how did red skull tie his shoesies?

with little nazis

boy group aesthetics
  • exo: shiny stuff, glass vases, sky high
  • bts: fire hydrants, not voting, kate kane
  • shinee: white birch trees, revamping old abandoned buildings, musicals
  • monsta x: sledgehammers, teeth, secretly preferring dnce to the jonas brothers
  • super junior: dress shoes, cool teachers, being out of milk
  • seventeen: 2000s disney channel movies, pop art, good puns
  • got7: watercolors, dogs drinking out of puddles, loose change
  • day6: life is good shirts, happy vibes, your coworker's significant other not remembering who you are
  • astro: bad puns, liking cats and dogs equally, father & son improv groups
  • vixx: the vampire diaries, belts, instagram

werewolf boy Denver!

As per a request, Denver is now available for download!


he’s a beautiful werewolf and I love him!! Later (once I learn how to make events) he’ll have heart events relating to his lycanthropy


General info

  • He lives at the saloon
  • He loves fiddlehead-related stuff
  • He makes bad dog puns

How to install

  • unzip the contents of denver.7z (besides the content patcher folder pack) into stardew valley > content and let it do it’s thing
  • Take the stuff in the content patcher folder and put it into your mods folder - it is NPCdispositions, NPCgifttastes and animationdescription; this is so you can edit them and/or combine them with the files you already have, since they will edit the other NPCs as well as Denver



*The first day you play with Denver in your game, he will either be invisible or just standing in his default position. This is normal and he’ll start following his schedule the next day!

**Please look at the stuff in the content patcher folder! I’ve edited a lot of my NPCs and idk if I got them all back to default or not, so you’ll prob want to combine it with your files!

anonymous asked:

Akira’s has made an akita/Akira joke and Koromaru whined in pain. Akira: I am sorry and not sorry at the same time.( He’s sorry for causing the good boy pain not sorry for the joke.)

the only one in the entire pt group that would laugh is yusuke because he and akira love torturing all their friends with an onslaught of puns lmao really, akira loves to cause all of them that pain, but he does truly feel sorry for hurting such a good boy (he will Not Stop though…instead he will cover koromaru’s ears when he does but koromaru can still hear it =__=)