bad move

For anyone who needs to hear him say it.

I listened to this back when I drew it.

Okay to use for as background / screensaver !

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Some friendly advice Nicole. If you’re gonna lie, don’t keep the KEY incriminating evidence on your person…idk just a thought 👌🤦‍♂️

keith, shaking lance’s shoulder at 2 am: lance….lance wake up

lance, groggy: huh? wha

keith: lance do you think when babies stare at you they’re actually trying to communicate telepathically and the only reason we can’t hear it is because we lose the ability as we get older

lance, his eyes snapping open: u know what babe I think ur on to something


Carol’s reactions to Therese’s call.

This escalated.  Read more for crying.

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this perfect specimen is courtesy of Perfect Girl Susan (her friends just call her Susan)

she may look like a boring standard hen but let me tell u she is a special girl, super sweet and curious and sociable, no fear, a little too bold for her own good sometimes

since its her first egg the color will almost certainly change, she’s still getting her pigments sorted lol, should end up with nice medium brown eggs once she’s got the hang of things