bad wolf message

“A Message To Lead Myself Here” - Digital Oil Painting

I love creating new interpretations of Rose as the Bad Wolf. This one is alien and ethereal, yet entirely Rose. If you look closely, you can see that the words streaming from her eyes is actually the ‘Bad Wolf’ speech, all swirled together.

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@incendiaglacies requested Timeship on another Earth.

On Earth 99, Rip Hunter is a Time Lord known as the Doctor. When he meets Gideon, a shop girl, during one of his adventures, he finds himself bringing her along. They share adventures, laughter, tears, and even love, but deep down, they know time is running out.

And everywhere they look, they see the same message: “Bad Wolf.”

What does it mean? Who knows? But they have each other, and that’s all that matters.
Edit is mine! Hope you enjoyed. (And hopefully this makes up for my lack of participation in Timeship week, at least slightly.)

“Worst Cop in Britain” - Newspaper Collage

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at some Hardy fan art, but I’m no good at stuff like Photoshop and gif making.  What I am kinda sorta good at though is more hands on arts and crafts, such as collages.  The last time I attempted something like this was over 13 years ago in one of my high school art classes, when I (very coincidentally) did a newspaper collage of a red Chuck Taylor hightop, a few years before the revival of Doctor Who.  Maybe I was like the Bad Wolf, leaving a message for myself, but it feels appropriate that the first collage I’ve done since then is of a David Tennant character.  

I specifically chose newspaper as the medium for this piece because Hardy’s character has been plagued and dogged by press.  I’m not 100% happy with it, but given it’s the first time I’ve done this in over 13 years, I’m going to cut myself some slack.

in much the same way as people use Mary Sue to mean ‘female character i don’t like’, people are using deus ex machina to mean 'solution i don’t particularly like’ rather than a solution which comes completely out of the blue

Rose becoming the Bad Wolf isn’t contrived and unexpected, we see Blon Fel Fotch look into the heart of the TARDIS two episodes prior, and we have the Bad Wolf message spread throughout the whole of S1.

Donna becoming the DoctorDonna isn’t completely out of nowhere, the Ood foreshadow it in PotO, the hand goes all the way back to the christmas invasion, you have the coincidence of donna repeatedly meeting ten pointed out, you have people saying that the timelines are converging on Donna, you hear the singular heartbeat repeatedly in the final two eps, the Shadow servant saying she is sorry for Donna’s loss, the fortune teller cowering in fear of what Donna will become

and like say what you want about tinkerbell jesus ten, but it isn’t a deus ex machina. the power of words was introduced way back in the Shakespeare Code, the archangel stuff was present from episode 7, when you see martha’s phone, and then the concept of it being a psychic network was heavily discussed in TSOD.


Bad Moon Rising!!!!!!