bad winks


mollie: soooo, finally decided to hang out with us, huh? what made you change your mind??

zia: [glares] oh, so you don’t remember telling me that the only way you’ll agree to work on this project with me is to meet you here after class??? great, guess i can leave then-

mollie: shut up!!!!! i’m just fucking with you… why are you so uptight, don’t be a buzzkill

zia: whatever.. what did you want, anyways?

mollie: uh… to hang out? we figured we should try to include you now, considering all of your lil cheer friends are probably gonna ditch you now that you’re bad [winks]

zia: [groans] can you just tell me when and where we are working on this stupid project so i can fucking leave?

mollie: uhh.. later friday night i’m free? and we can’t do it at my place, so its gotta be yours!! but only on one condition!!

zia: [rolls eyes] and whats that?

mollie: you hang out with us!!!!!!!! 

zia: whatever, only for an hour though because i have.. uh.. plans later

  • Yoosung: Why am I single? I just want to be in love like Saeyoung and MC...
  • Saeran: Well, if you want me to hack into the RFA again and bring you a girlfriend, I can do that. [under his breath] Although I much rather have you date me.
  • Yoosung: Huh?
  • Saeran: [is as red as a tomato] wHaT?

Watercolor Poth! \(^v^)/

Gosh, I love these two… ;3 (And yes, I ship them XD)

(And I kinda don’t know what else to say.. So… Yeah XD)


Palette Roller belongs to @angexci

Goth belongs to @nekophy

“The paint’s supposed to go where?”

Sherlock has his head hung in shame. “On the wall.” He mumbles.

“Sorry, didn’t quite catch that.” John folds his arms. 

“On the wall.” Sherlock says louder, then cuts his eyes to the ginger haired puppy who is sitting and panting happily as if nothing is wrong. He gives the pup an accusing glare. “In my defense, it was all going well before-”

“The paint was supposed to go on the wall, and now it’s all over the both of you.” John too cuts his eyes to the pup, whose ginger coat is mottled with white paint. “I have to give both of you baths now, I suppose.” John sighs, then notices Sherlock’s smirk. “A clinical bath, you clot.”

Sherlock stops smirking and puts down the paint roller in the pan. “As if you’ll be able to resist me once I’m undressed.” He begins undoing the buttons on his shirt as he leaves the room. “I’ll give you five minutes before you-”

“Don’t forget you’re in trouble!” John warns. 

“Hm, even more a reason to indulge.”

John watches Sherlock leave, then picks up the pup, holding it out far in front of him to avoid getting paint on himself as well. “Never a dull day, is there?” The puppy licks John’s wrist. “I’m glad you agree.”

how bmc characters flirt
  • Jeremy: says "hi" then immediately runs away
  • Michael: "do you like bad boys? 'cause i'm bad at EVERYTHING" *winks with both eyes*
  • Rich: tries to say "you look sexy" but gets embarrassed by his lisp
  • Jake: he doesn't need to speak. him being there is flirtatious enough.
  • Christine: a really cheesy pickup line that references a play, then she talks about the play in depth for several hours
  • Chloe: "the stars are really beautiful tonight. you know what else is beautiful? me."
  • Brooke: she smiles and everyone immediately wants to kiss her
  • Jenna: flirty texts with an overuse of the 😘 emoji