bad wheels!!!


mood: Eliot advising Hardison to be more assertive in his relationship with Parker, realising he’s the one asserted over the whole evening, ending up secretly proud of it.

  • Sun Jing: Hey babe.
  • Qiu Tong: Yea, babe?
  • Sun Jing: I love you, babe.
  • Qiu Tong: OMG babe, I love you, too, babe.
  • Qi Fang: Hey guys, can you shut the fuck up please?

Hey, we beat up some dancers.

arcade 'the only women i talk about on a personal level are my boss, my aunt and my deceased mother' gannon

fallout fans: i love this bisexual representation… i ship him with *spins the bad het roulette wheel* veronica ‘holy fuck i love women’ santangelo… who is also bisexual… i feel so validated…