bad vibes shorts

Prism Sounds

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Canon-divergent war AU 

Word Count: 762

Written For: @hexrmionegranger [@dhrfaves Valentine’s Exchange]

When it finally happens—when it finally blisters, and burns, and bursts into flames—it’s the fourteenth of February, and there’s a door between them.

It’s a perfectly ordinary door; flat, medium-brown wood with whorls like fingerprints and splotches of ancient mahogany stain marring the slightly scarred space around the dented brass knob. Chips and scratches litter the frame, and it strikes him as symbolic, really, that it’s locked. An ominous sort of silence emanates from either side. Echoes. Permeates.

“You’re sure?” he blurts out, and then winces. His nails, already bitten down to raw pink cuticles, dig scythe-shaped crescents into the calluses on his palms. “I mean—it would be rather silly, wouldn’t it, to get…worked up. Over nothing.”

There’s a creaking sound from the bathroom, weight shifting and a throat clearing, high-pitched and hoarse.

“Worked up,” she replies, voice somehow both softer and colder than he’d heard it in ages. Months. Two months, really. Since he’d—since they’d—“That’s what you think this is. Me. Getting worked up.”

He starts to sigh, frustration clogging his lungs like quick-set cement, but manages to stop himself. Bite down on the tip of his tongue until it hurts more than it distracts.

“No, I just—it was one time—”

“Yes, one mission,” she interrupts, audibly sour. “That bit’s important.”

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So I turn my face up & towards the sky

& drink in the warm kisses of sunshine & the caress of the breeze on my skin.

I take deep, meaningful breaths

& l exhale deflating my body of all the toxins>> my mind of all the toxic thoughts>> my soul of all the negative energy.

& I let it all go;

This life is way too short/ beautiful/ full of wonder  for any kind of bad vibes.