bad vacation

I drew Lance and Shiro, and also galra Keith (cuz whoops I like this theory) and totally forgot to post it

Hufflepuff Aesthetic

Autumn, hot chocolate, movie ticket stubs, pyjama days, freezer burnt ice cream, gas stoves, potting soil, blankets fresh from the dryer, childhood secrets, tag, family vacations, honeybees, bad karaoke, funny faces, candid photos, pet stores, dusty bottles, broken pocket watches, red cheeks, love confessions, soft hands, midnight snacks, pierced ears, cartwheels, familiar scents, friendship bracelets, tv marathons

well it’s happened. ive seen my first journal spoiler, so I will be leaving tumblr for a little while til I get my grubby little hands on my own copy waiting for me at home

my queues will run normally and I will be checking a few specific blogs so I can keep updated on certain things (CIPHERHUNT COUGH COUGH) but I won’t be scrolling my dash at all, so this is just to let everyone know so no one gets worried. I’ll be back around mid august! wish me luck!!

Can’t wait next week is comic con. I really do pray they their will be some kelyes moment. I so need them or for Kat to post some on snap chat. I had a really bad vacation and could use some sweet moments.

Someone please invent something for me to do during the entire month of August so I can have a valid reason to escape my 2 invitations to social gatherings.