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So much of the media discussion of Trump’s Muslim ban, both in US and international media, centers around issues of terrorism: offering statistics about the infinitesimal number of refugees who are involved in terrorist activity, and decrying the ban as something that’s likely to increase the numbers of people joining ISIS and other terrorist organizations. And all of that is true, and it’s important to call out Trump’s false claims. But here’s the thing. I think most of the media is missing the actual point of the Muslim ban.

It’s not about terrorism. It never has been. By allowing the narrative to be framed that way, even in our critiques of Trump, we’re conceding a vital point. We’re buying in to the narrative that this is about terrorism, and that we’re simply debating the proper response to it. It paints a picture in which protestors and liberal media outlets are unhappy with Trump’s response to the issue.

But that’s not it at all.

The truth is we’ve seen this before. A ban on people entering the country, based on religion and / or ethnicity, is the first step. Next will come the Muslim registry. There will be a quiet purging of all Muslim employees from government jobs. Persons listed in the Muslim registry will be monitored by police “for the protection of the public.” Discrimination in hiring practices in private companies will become first legal, then actively encouraged. Muslims will be first encouraged, then coerced, and finally forced to move into segregated areas, or perhaps into protected camps or detainment facilities. People will start disappearing.

That’s what this is about. The ban is about taking that first step. Talking about terrorism only serves to lend legitimacy to Trump’s claims that this is the primary issue. But it’s not. The issue here is a white supremacist administration that actively wants to purge undesirables.


I am not saying our President-Elect likes “golden showers” from prostitutes. To each, their own. But what I am going to smack down is that our constitution mandates for the freedom of the press to check the government on all fronts and it is our civil duty and moral code of journalistic ethics to inform the union, you know- the inhabitants of this so-call United States of America, of what’s going in the world because their “laws” and “rulings” will not affect them but it will most certainly affect you and me. Remember that song, “This land was made for you and me!” That was bullshit childhood programmed propaganda at its finest. These next four years will show you just how dangerous hyperbolic blanket statements can be at the determent of the American public and the crucible of the dismantling of the American fabric.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand how any American watched Trump, listened to Trump, and then thought, “Sure. Let’s make that guy President of the United States.”  

Most of the people I know who voted for Trump didn’t really watch him. All they knew, heard and were told (by churches and conservative groups) was who he would and wouldn’t appt. for the Supreme Court judges. Many voted on his and Pence’s anti-abortion stand. And of course, once again, he promised America everything… .most of what he will never or can never accomplish. I just heard a report yesterday interviewing coal miners in West Virginia. Many of the men have black lung disease and finally, under Obama-care, they were covered. Now their coverage is in jeopardy with Trump. But, it called cruel irony in the fair-weathered friends’ department because,— DING! DING! DING!  They voted for Trump because he said he would bring mining jobs back! NEWSFLASH: When a politician tells you, “They’re going to bring jobs back,” it’s the equivalent of Justin Timberlake singing “Sexy Back.” Justin can’t bring sexy back because Prince and David Bowie weren’t dead yet just like you won’t bring back jobs because people like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan,  Kevin Mcarthy, and every piece shit there don’t care about us! Okay, I get it . .. . if that’s all you know, you want the same thing to continue. But really? The jobs are killing the men and if we go “backward” to have more mining jobs, instead of forward with technology, we cannot compete with countries like India or China. So, these people really don’t care that he lied, that he mocked a handicapped person, that he has been a sexual predator. He just opened his mouth, promised them jobs and said he was pro-life. That’s all that mattered.


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Happy Birthday to an amazing performer, talented singer, and the cuter younger half of china line, Xu Minghao ♥

Imagine Mike proposing to you

Imagine Mike proposing to you

“Hello. Hello. Hello.” You singsonged as you approached the boys and Mike who were in the middle of the empty field, clearing up after practice.

“Aunt Y/N!” the boys cheered when they noticed you.

They proceeded to run over to come and hug you while leaving Mike to finish clearing up by himself. You dropped to your knees so you were at their level to hug them. As you did, out of the corner of your eye you saw Mike watching you three in amusement.

“My boys.” You said with a smile despite the bag on Shaun’s back hitting you in the face before you released them, “So, Shaun. Jack. How was baseball with Coach Dodds?”

“It was fun!” Jack grinned.

“And he didn’t show you any favoritism did he?” you smirked while you narrowed your eyes over at Mike.

“Nope,”  Shaun informed.

“What do you mean no?” you asked, shocked, “You’re my nephews, he should treat you like you’re the best players on that team even if you aren’t.”

“Hey!” Jack protested.

“I’m kidding about both things.” You chuckled as you stood up, “So you boys considering switching from soccer to baseball?”

“No,” they both said simultaneously after giving each a quick glance.

“What? Why?” you demanded, taken aback.

“Well…it was fun but it wasn’t soccer or football fun.” Jack offered.

“Hmm,” you sighed, “You Reagan men are all the same! I should have expected really! So when are you two going to tell Mike? ”

“Can’t you take Uncle Mike for us?” Jack pleaded.

“I’m sorry….Uncle Mike?” you asked, they’d never called him Uncle Mike before.

“Yeah…?” Shaun dragged out confused.

“Since when do you call him that?” you inquired.

“I dunno.” Jack shrugged, “What’s the big deal?”

“There isn’t one,” you tired to play off, “It’s just that I’ve never heard you call him that before.”

“Well, he isn’t he?” Jack asked.

“Technically he isn’t…” you began.

“Why not?” Shaun interrupted.

“Because we’re not married.” You answered.

“But you will right, you’ve been dating for forever.” Jack countered.

“Try four years.” You corrected.

“That’s so long.” Shaun whined, “Why aren’t you married yet?”

“He hasn’t asked.” You offered.

“Why not?” Jack pestered.

“I don’t know!” you said quickly, feeling flustered, “Ask him!”

“Okay.” Jack said, turning round.

“No,” you cried, grabbing and spinning him back in your direction, “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Asking.” He reminded.

“You can’t do that!” you stated.

“Why not?” he inquired.

“Because he’ll think I sent you.” You sighed.

“But you are.” Jack reminded.

“My Mom says it’s because you have commit issues.” Shaun chimed in.

“I used to have comment issues.” You corrected, silently reminding yourself to kill Linda, “Mike’s different.”

“So if he asked you would say yes.” Jack inquired.

“Of course,” you admitted quickly before changing the subject, “Speaking of Mothers, yours is waiting for you. Quickly head to the car so i can drive you back after I help him finish up because I know you guys aren’t.”

“Thanks Aunt Y/N.” Jack grinned.

“Yeah, yeah.” You smirked with an eye-roll as they began to run away from you.

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