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Kenma and his shoes are too cute for this world and Kuroo is That One Guy™ who wears flip flops all summer you can’t convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeo Ok and the 9 nutcrackers

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The the biggest shithead I have ever had the misfortune of meeting came walking up to me.

Jason said as he finished his story about seeing Dick in his old Nightwing uniform. He even had pictures left to demonstrate how horrible it was. Stephanie was bent over laughing and even Damian cracked a bit of a smile. Tim juts shook his head at the memories.

“What is so funny.” Dick said as he came up to the group.

“Speak of the devil.” Jason said. “I was telling them about your worst fashion disaster.”


(Screencaps are out of order. Just wanted to compare their normal and battle uniforms… Too bad Nobunaga is only shown in battle mode.)

Episode 0: The Destined Encounter event story

This story is told from Yamato’s point of view and is about something that happened several years before the start of the main story of Love Scramble.

Yamato is still in senior high when one day his friend Tomoya suddenly disappears. He then finds out that many people have gone missing recently and decides to investigate.

He’s passing by an alleyway when there’s a sudden flash of light and Ryoichi appears. Yamato thinks he has something to do with the mysterious disappearances and confronts him. Ryoichi is rather amused by the boy’s reckless courage. He explains that he’s from another world and that the higher-ups there are kidnapping people to experiment on but that he and his organization are going to do something about it. Then he tells Yamato to leave all this to the grown-ups and for him to be a good boy and go home. Yamato rather grudgingly obeys him.

Yamato is unable to sleep that night though and keeps thinking about his kidnapped friend. The next day he decides to go back to the alleyway where he met Ryoichi. He finds a strange device there and is instantly teleported to the world the Shields’ headquarters is. Yamato is quite thrilled by all this as it’s like a sci-fi story! XD Ryoichi spots him and is surprised to see him then he laughs and it sounds like he’d purposely left the teleportation device there for Yamato to find?? Ryoichi takes him inside the headquarters and shows him around. Subaru and Goto come along and are shocked to find a kid at the headquarters. Then I think Ryoichi tells them Yamato is a potential new recruit but the others think they should send Yamato back. So they take Yamato to see their general commander, Kirisawa, to make the final decision on what to do with Yamato. Kirisawa is quite impressed by Yamato’s strong sense of justice. Yamato tells him he doesn’t want to go back. Kirisawa agrees that it’s safer for Yamato to stay with Shields for now. Just then, Nobunaga appears with information on where the missing people are. They are at the Iris Royal Family’s palace.

Ryoichi, Goto, Subaru, Nobunaga and Kirisawa set off for the palace, bringing Yamato along. Kirisawa goes to negotiate with the royal family. Subaru and Goto go to look for the labs where the family has been holding (illegal?) experiments while Ryoichi, Yamato and Nobunaga go to look for the kidnappees.

Ryoichi and Yamato soon find the room where the kidnappees are but it’s locked. Ryoichi tells Yamato to wait there while he goes look for the key, but Yamato is soon spotted by guards and is about to be captured when Nobunaga comes to the rescue. Nobunaga calls him a useless idiot then he runs off somewhere… Ryoichi returns with the key and they try to release the kidnappees but the kidnappees think Ryoichi is one of the bad guys and refuse to move… Then Tomoya sees Yamato and realises that Ryoichi has come to rescue them and he tells the others this.

Meanwhile Subaru and Goto find the lab and plan to destroy it but then they start arguing about how to do it… Turns out this is typical of their relationship as they see each other as rivals. Ishigami then yells at them through their communication devices to knock it off and concentrate on the task at hand. They manage to blow up the lab but the commotion attracts the guards and it’s time to run!

All the Shields members (minus Kirisawa) and Yamato are soon surrounded by guards and badly outnumbered. Then I think the guards accuse Shields of being traitors as Shields is actually supposed to work for the Iris Royal Family?? The guards are about to attack when Kirisawa appears and roars at them to stop! He’s managed to successfully negotiate with the royal family to stop the experiments and he shows them a signed agreement. And it sounds like Kirisawa might have blackmailed the royal family to stop the experiments?? Anyway, Yamato is very impressed by Shields and thinks everyone is really cool and wants to be like them!

All is well now. The kidnappees have their memories of the ordeal erased before being returned to their worlds. Yamato goes back to his world as well and is glad that Tomoya is alright and is acting normally. That day after school, Ryoichi comes to look for him and they go to a cafe together. Yamato thinks Ryoichi has come to erase his memory of Shields but Ryoichi surprises him by actually inviting him to join them as he’s just the kind of person they need! Yamato takes the offer.

Time skip to one year later. Yamato has successfully completed all his Shields training and is now a fully-fledged member. He’s also been assigned to the 1st Corps which Ryoichi leads and he’s quite pleased by that (as he kind of looks up to Ryoichi). And thus starts Yamato’s life as a member of Shields.

And I just saw that it looks like the next event will be about why Ryoichi and the others left Shields to form Noir…

Quick thing of my FMA AU where Trisha’s illness doesn’t end up on her death yet the Elric brothers still will need a hand from the State, and once they turn 18, both take the State Alchemist exam with the recommendation of Roy ergo are assigned under his command in East City.

Both had a giant crush on Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye* at first but Al is still not over it and Ed can’t help being a d1ck.

(* who doesn’t tho)

*** ***  *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Also Happy 10-03 and FMA 2003 Anniversary!♥

it’s finally done ; u; 

because a high school AU wouldn’t be so bad..?

and yes their uniforms are different from kaichou wa maid-sama, BUT it is, I assure you, a KWMS AU >u<

I’ll post another pic *cough* Azula and Katara wearing maid outfits *cough* as soon as I finish school requirements ; 3;

For once, Makoto didn’t mean to.

So this is a thing I’ve been wanting to draw for a while now. It’s from a fic I really really love! It’s HanaKuro, which is such a rarepair so I was really happy when @cywscross, one of my fav KnB authors, started posting it. It’s SO SO GOOD OMG. If you like this pairing and redemption arcs, you should definitely give it a read!!


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