bad tour bad era


I hate being stressed out. I am in law school and have finals next week so I am legitimately stressed enough. Especially since I have finals during most of the presale days. However, I talked to a very, very kind woman named Melissa at Ticketmaster on the phone just now and here’s what I’ve got:

PRESALE CODES: Will NOT be done at random. They typically are done in a random fashion, but seeing as Taylor is the first artist to do the “Boost Program” (because she’s an American Queen and she can), they will not use their usual randomization program. IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THE TAYLOR SWIFT TIX PROGRAM, YOU WILL RECEIVE A PRESALE CODE. Your personalized presale time/date should be reflective of where you stand in the priority line for your date/location.

PREFERENCES: These are merely preferences. You are NOT  locked into your preference choice or price range. Should you choose to pay more OR less, you will be fully able to do so.

PRICING: Ticketmaster Fan Support has NO information on ticket pricing. However, the pricing should be available sometime this weekend/the beginning of next week. As of right now they can only say that the ticket price range is $50-$350+, which we already knew, but it’s still good to confirm. However, there is no information at TFS regarding whether these are prices for seated, standing, snake pit, or VIP Tickets. They have no information, which means TaylorNation could be hard at work trying to remedy the pricing situation like we’re witnessing in the European leg of the tour.

VENUE: Melissa told me that each venue should have information posted soon and that she fully expects Ticketmaster to reveal the price list prior to the presale. She says that in her experience, the company has never let fans “go in blind” so to speak.

There is no information regarding whether there will be non VIP package tickets that will allow entry into the Snake Pit or up-front seating. I know this is what we all really want to try to get, but no information at all is BETTER than a direct confirmation that those hopes will never become reality.

**Also, shout out to Melissa at Ticketmaster. She was kind, helpful and very understanding of the concerns we’ve fostered over the past few days. She provided me with every bit of information in the system that she had access to regarding the tour. She’s the real MVP.**