bad tour backstage

One of the things he use to like to do was come by my house sometimes if we didn’t work, like we didn’t stay in the studio all day but he’d do something and I’d drop him off at 6 or something ..then he’d circle round back a couple of hours later, he’d come to my house and say ‘Where are the kids?’ I’d say 'They’re asleep upstairs, we just got them to lay down and be quiet, read them stories ..'Can I just go up and look?’ .. 'Yeah, but don’t wake anybody up’. In three minutes there was a pillow fight up there, the kids were yelling and screaming, and he was you know .. and then he’d walk downstairs and, you know I have hyperactive kids and I go 'Michael, I told you. Why did you do that, now I have to ..’ and he’d laugh! He had a laugh that was SO loud now and he’d walk right out the door. That was his sole purpose to come and wake those kids up, he thought that was the funniest thing in the world. 

Frank Dileo

Imagine the letters in silver and instead of D.L.X. It saying “Platinum Edition”.
It would be coming with tracks:
17- Battle
18- Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
19- Enchanted/Wildest Dreams (Live)
20- I Knew You Were Trouble (1989 tour version)
21- We Are Never Ever Getting Better (1989 tour version)
22- Love Story (1989 tour version)


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- Blank Space
- Behind the Scenes of Blank Space
- Style
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- Bad Blood
- Behind the Scenes of Bad Blood
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