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“Except the Nazis, of course.” added Eric hastily.

Happy 23rd birthday, Josh! 💙
I think every one of your birthdays is actually a gift to the rest of us who have had the pleasure of having you in our lives for another year. Thank you for being the individual that you are and for sharing your carefree way of life with the rest of us who are sometimes too stuck in our comfort zones. And thank you for always showing that you genuinely appreciate the people who support you even when those people can get a bit crazy on the Internet (lol). Here’s to a happy, healthy 23rd year of life filled with an abundance love, wacky tweets and beautiful music. Love you!
(P.S. I may or may not think you’re the funniest member of the band don’t tell the others 😉)

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can you explain why people think its nakta and what was cleared up?

ten million years ago yoonchul and sangdo were joking around on this show they were doing and yoonchul told sangdo “go back to your own country” which i have seen multiple people say was a reference to a novel bc of the context of their conversation? it was a really long time ago seriously don’t even dwell on it other members have said worse and everyone has been able to say “yeah he fucked up” and move on but for some reason to this day yoonchul gets the most shit. say it era had a couple colourist slips because the company was intent on giving sangdo this offensive dark skin stereotype as an image but intl fans were very clear about our feelings on that and it got dropped asap.

yoonchul, and all of the other members who have said shitty things in the past have not said anything problematic since and it’s been almost 2 years. in fact, they have all said shit that is completely positive that combats those shitty things from the past. 99% of the time the members are complimenting sangdo’s skin tone, it was just one or two jokes like yoonchul’s in debut era that were shitty. everyone who has been around since predebut/debut era is just tired of people dragging these things out and making them a big deal when we all already dealt with it ages ago and it’s very obvious those members have matured.

yoonchul making some dumb ignorant joke 2 years ago doesn’t mean he is the person who harassed cavan and even got violent with him because of his race. cavan did not say who it was so unless he tells us, we don’t know. it’s totally unfair to blame anyone for such a serious thing. 

It was very much a moment of awakening for me when, during the whole Chick-Fil-A debacle, there were swaths of non-straight people trying to insult the bigots by calling them all fat.

That’s why I have such an issue with folks depicting members of hate groups as obese people. That’s why I have no patience for folks who make it a point to only insult a fat bigot’s weight while never dragging body type into it when they go after thin or muscular bigots. I hate Chris Christie, too, but I hate him for the same reasons I hate people like Rick Scott, and I’ve only seen one of those two being made fun of for their weight, instead of being taken to task for what they did.

Guess which one.

A person’s weight too often becomes a factor in why someone thinks they’re a terrible person, unless you’re the “proper” body size. You know better.