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Fluffy sleeping with our iwatobi boys <3

Haruka: Despite how quiet he was during the day, Haru could be pretty talkative in his sleep. Sometimes it was just little mumbles and other times his partner was able to hold almost normal conversations with him. And sometimes, when they were lying beside him trying not to laugh at the incredibly cute tone of his sleepy voice, his partner would get to hear him talk about how much he loved them.

Makoto: It hadn’t been surprising that Makoto was a cuddler, but what had been surprising was how much he liked to be the little spoon. It wasn’t anything that he ever asked for because he knew that they liked being the little spoon too, but the excited look he tried to hide when they offered to be the big spoon at night was well worth changing positions from time to time. Plus, they found that they liked being able to press kisses to his back whenever they wanted.

Nagisa: Another night with Nagisa, another night of kicking off the covers. The boy was downright clingy in his sleep and doubled as a living space heater. His partner’s theory was that when he wasn’t moving to burn off his energy, it just came off of him in waves of heat. But as much as they liked sleeping with blankets, they liked cuddling up with him much more, and he was more than enough to keep them warm and cozy.

Rei: The two of them started off going to sleep the same way every night. Rei could never find a comfortable way to get to sleep when they cuddled, so as they got ready to go to sleep, the two of them often simply held hands and faced each other so that they could quietly talk as they drifted off. The nice thing was that even if he couldn’t start off sleeping close to them, after he’d gotten into a deep sleep, Rei’s arms always found their way around his partner to pull them close for the rest of the night.