bad suits


Related to this incident a few days ago where I was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g o-u-t that I couldn’t sign in for two hours #dramallamas

I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .

I’ve done next to zero gifs of Pearl, so here’s an appreciation gifset of her in various attire. All of the gifs above will be posted separately, and linked in the post afterward.

SHINee had the most variety of suits in the history of kpop

i mean they go from classic

to wedding suits

to formal suits

to even ugly suits with crazy colors

and the 70s gosh those 70s feels

let’s not forget this one

and oh god this

and those god damn velvet and leather suits

bottom line is SHINee saved those looks and no one can argue with me


finally reading this ‘homestuck’ everyone’s talking about.

Me? Getting super invested in HS?? more likely than you think


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I’m so excited to share me and @corycat90‘s next pin project! We appreciate signal boosts!

Unkind Readings is a set of enamel pins with corvids bearing minor arcana suits: Swords, Wands, Pentacles, and Cups. A flock of ravens is called an Unkindness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these birds are here to bring bad fortune.

The four separate suits will be available from the get-go as reward choices. There will be a fifth unlockable design encompassing all four suits, if stretch goals are met!

anonymous asked:

I could imagine daichi being weak for a dressed up iwa, like iwa wearing a nice fitting suit and has his hair slicked back(iwa probably complains that his biceps feel trapped lol)




Look, I was really disappointed with PotC5 for several reasons..but this guy’s design was 👌 👌 👌

Deepest Shade

pairing: keith/lance; side lance/lotor
author: varelsen
rating: E {for sexual content}
chapters: 9/13

Can you fuck someone you’re convinced you hate? Lance Álvarez and Keith Kogane, rich sons of rival families, are about to realize that the answer is yes. 

Keeping rage and passion apart is difficult enough, but it’s also only the beginning. As Lance gets swept up in a decadent affair with a mysterious man, and Keith struggles with ghosts from his shadowy past, the galaxy holds its breath for the storm encroaching on the horizon.

And through it all, somehow, they keep gravitating back to each other.

read it on ao3

Dia 17 ¨Bailar Juntos¨¨ / Day 17 ¨Dance Together¨

30 Day OTP Challenge

Despues de comprarse los trajes Palette y Goth van a la Gala ! 

Obviamente despues de disfrutar todo es tiempo del baile de cierre. Estos dos enamorados bailan juntos ignorando todo a su alrededor y concentrándose en disfrutar juntos

After buying the costumes Palette and Goth go to the Gala!
Obviously after enjoying everything it’s time for the closing dance. These two lovers dance together ignoring everything around and concentrating on enjoying together

Palette and Gothy Belong to @angexci and @nekophy <3