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Some ppl are so ugly about sos now vs a year ago and it just makes me so angry and confused and a little disappointed… like… yes… it has been a long time since they released their last album. Yes, Michael has been enveloped in his relationship lately. Yes, Luke has been enveloped in his relationship with his dog. Calum and Ashton have been enveloped in their relationship with each other. But??? They have been out here actually living and enjoying their lives for about 2 years??? It’s not like they aren’t working on their next album? They’re probably putting a lot of time and effort into it??? It takes time to write songs that mean something and it takes life experience and passion and being enveloped in things to be able to write a good song???? If they had continued to tour nonstop like before and not take some time to learn about themselves and be dumb 20-something year olds for a while what would they have to write about??? Why are some of you so angry that they want to be normal people for a little while? I’ve been sitting here through all of this “drama” that some of u seem to think exists and it’s like… i’m pretty sure it’s never as deep as some of you have made it. I am also sure that yeah, maybe they are not the same people they were a few years ago but from what I can see they still seem like the same dumbass dudes who love their friends and family and love making music that excites people. I’m excited to see what their break and their time to themselves and with their family and friends taught them and what music it brought out of them. And @those people who know/assume this post is about them, if you’re going to be constantly negative about something you claim you love, maybe you don’t love it as much as you say you do. Maybe you should talk about something else.


kang dongho throughout pd101

170721 ✦ a late [birthday] post…happy birthday, dongho!


They don’t care where they’re headed as long as they’re together~ (with that said, they’re probably going home)

Wip - Church/Graveyard Combo

Behind the scenes - I’ve just started pulling things from Buy Mode. But this is how I do stuff. That way I only have to cycle through the catalog a few times. I spend most of the time recoloring stuff and changing my mind 10 times. And then deleting what doesn’t fit. 

I can’t believe we had to go through AoU, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, BvS and Civil War for the past few years when we could have skipped all of them and jumped straight to all the amazing superhero movies 2017 has been giving us like

Starting from Lego Batman Movie to Logan to GOTG 2 to WW to Spiderman HC to Thor to Justice League ????? we have been so deprived and now we get to receive. Also Black Panther even though that’s next year. These are the movies I’m actually excited for they all were/look so good!!!!!

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do u think shuri is going to be like t'challas annoying little sister who always wants to tag along no matter what he's doing and flirt with all his friends and make him take her out for food and shopping all the time? is he like super embarrassed every time she comes around cuz she always has some secret from their childhood to tell his friends? "t'challa didn't learn to ride a bike until he was 14 and he fell off and cried."



A wanna give my personal opinion about joseph’s route(spoiler s  a  head) what we expect, what we got,he like a  character, story, the endings and the why people are really upset .

is gonna be long so.

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self care is ignoring and blocking all of the negative people on this hellsite……all of them, every last one. i don’t need those negative vibes

Lloyd and Morro Bad Bros AU

So ,i’ve been thinking about this lately and im finally going to post it.It is a long AU so if it is loved i’ll upload the real episodes,this is just a prologue.

I’m not a native english speaker so it is harder to me to write directly on english,i usually don’t know how to express myself so if you are waiting for an elaborated and descriptive AU this is not the case im sorry :( ( i write quite good in spanish ;-;)

Well…here we go..

-This is a bad idea Morro..

-Oh C'MON Mr good boi i thought you weren’t scared of heights.

-That’s not what im scared off you dumbass…

And there we were,Morro and I,in the roof of the ginormus Ninjago Tower,ready to probably get ourselves killed just for fun.

Morro took one step forward as i grabed him by his hoodie.


-I already told you dummy i can fly!! AND NO im not into drugs again-he stood at me for a second and rolled his eyes-please,im serious,trust me it’ll be okay! You need to see this,just let go.

It took me a few seconds to react,i was truly horrified but…it was true,i felt something strange in that messed up place the other day so if he sais he can fly,i believe him.

I let go of him carefully as his hoodie sliped through my hands.

He fell into the air as i closed my eyes too scared, nearly crying.

He started to laugh pretty damn hard.

-Seee??? I told ya’!! I can float!! Do you believe me now?!

It was truly amazing,yet terrifying. He was floating in the air just in front of me, just like that,no magic trick or harness or whatever. No. It was real.

-O-okay..but can you please come back to me? I’m starting to feel dizzy..

-Relax Lloyd..i have everything under con-

Suddenly Morro’s face turned white,

-B-buddy are you..

And then…it all whent straight to hell,screams,cries,and horror.

The darkest night of our lives.

(Okay morro had a special a special font and it doesnt load here so i had to do it all with black :( )

Thanks to @regaltempo and @cyber-spinosaur for encouraging me to upload the au here and for helping me writing it