bad stitch

you know what i completely headcanon that supergirl and lilo and stitch exist in the same universe cobra bubbles used to be the director of the DEO before hank henshaw also i would just like to bring to your attention the idea of lilo and kara being old college roommates ‘nani i’m telling you my roommate’s an alien’ kara would get along so well with lilo because kara doesnt have all these preconceived notions about how earth should be and she’d be willing to hear out all of lilo’s ideas and theories because well stranger things have happened and just after kara meets stitch and they have arm wrestling contests and stitch can handle a lot more punishment than a human and while she still keeps herself in check like it’s not if i’m distracted i might kill you but more like oh no i gave you a bad bruise sorry stitch it’ll heal in a day kind of thing and on just nani and alex bonding about sisters who they’re supposed to take care of that keep getting into difficult situations goddammit sTAY SAFE DON’T DO THAT NO and jumba fangirling hwen he meets kara because jumba is a scientist of course he knows about the house of el and stitch giving kara the book about ugly duckling and saying he doesnt need it anymore, but maybe she does, if she wants it, he doesn’t need it any more but if she wants, maybe they can be her ohana