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I noticed this hasn’t been done yet so I went a head and made it a thing…

Staring @whatisthisnonsense and @squigglydigglydoo ‘s Susan and Bendy the Dancing Demon! 

I always imagined these two had a similar relationship to Lilo and Stitch only Bendy wasn’t as bad as Stitch but he sure loved to cause a lot of trouble around the place!

I hope you guys like it cause I enjoyed drawing it! 

((I didn’t know what Susan’s eye color was so I just made them green cause they look nice on her.))


okay i’m not one to rant but i’m sO UPSET RIGHT NOW. so the story is that i ordered block b tickets to see shawn, my idol for literally 2+ years, right near the front. by the time my dad had money for vip it was all sold out but i guess i pushed past that as i was lucky enough to get tickets close to the stage. we have emails and stuff from the company (called get me in) that we bought the tickets off saying that we definitely have these block b tickets, however it is now literally 3 days before the show and we get informed that theY SOLD MY TICKETS TO SOMEONE ELSE?! THEY CHARGED US TOO! so we rang the company up like wtf this is unacceptable and unfair and they were like “we’ll give you whatever we find” so me and my dad were like okay sure. today some other person’s tickets came in the mail and they’re in bLOCK J. not to sound ungrateful or anything but my dad paid lots of money for our tickets when they came out and i was so excited as it is meant to be a treat for my birthday. they expect us to sit in the back? yes they sent me an extra ticket but that still doesn’t make up for the fact that i’ve been messed about like this, i’ve been completely sTRESSED about it and honestly if i get anyone saying stuff like “shut up and be grateful” i’m going to flip because for days i’ve been on edge because of this. probs no one has read this all but note: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ORDER TICKETS ONLINE FROM!!! on the day of the concert (28th of april) I’m literally just going to sit where I ordered my tickets and if anyone starts i’m just gonna whip the emails out because it’s ridiculous!

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How would UT and UF bros react to going over to his crush's house and they don't answer the door so he gets worried and just walks in bc it's unlocked and they're just... sitting in the floor smoking a bunch of weed and listening to Elvis Presley's heartbreak hotel and the look at the skel and say "Leave me alone to die" (sorry for this lilo and stitch reference)


He actually finds the situation mildly hilarious. Maybe he’s just laughing from relief. He’s not sure, but he goes over and joins his crush in their Presley melancholy. He won’t do much, just hang around, crack a few jokes, show em some memes, steal some weed… by the end of it though, he’s sure he made his crush feel better. Admittedly, he’s kind of worried so he stays with them longer after the song had been put off and the weed all smoked. He brings them out for dinner and won’t stop his shenanigans until he’s sure they’re laughing for real.


He goes into instant mothering mode. He’s extremely worried and he outwardly shows it. Obviously he’s not leaving them now! He won’t let them die!! He has to save them!!!!! The first thing he does is take away their weed because he strongly disapproves of smoking of any sort. He’d change their music to something… less depressing… and drag em to the kitchen for some cooking. They don’t have to participate. Pap knows from experience that people cheer up immensely just by watching him cook. Though he can’t figure out why, he thinks, as he flips a pancake onto the ceiling and tries to scale the window to get it down while his crush giggles. He knows why, he might be overdoing things just to make them laugh.


Honestly, he kind of busted in there in a panic when they wouldn’t answer the door. He sees them on the floor and he kind of just full on smacks himself in the face. But honestly, same. He relates. He ends up stealing a blunt then chilling with them for a good ol depression party. He honestly sucks at cheering people up, but he’s not leaving his crush alone by a long shot. Just in case. Maybe he can’t pull them into a good mood, but the next best thing is feeling like trash together. Just invite Napstablook and Burgerpants and you’ve got a full out Depression Disco Party.


He scoffs at them, thinking they’re acting ridiculous. Though he is kind of worried about their wellbeing. He’s not sure what to do. He can’t exactly comfort them all soft and cuddly like. No, he’s got to stay cool and tough if he’s ever going to win their favour. He ends up just sticking around their house instead of leaving, maybe would put the TV on. He’d try to snap them out of whatever they’re in by telling them they’re acting irrational and ridiculous, which of course does not help. If things escalate, he’d try awkward there, theres and stiff patting. In the end he’ll just get them a gift hoping it would cheer them up.

“I have a newfound appreciation for Lilo and Stitch. After my first cat died, I went into a pretty bad depression. When I went to a shelter to pick a new cat, one particular cat reached his paws through the cage and grabbed my arm and pulled my hand to him. I adopted him, and at first he was really bad (much like Stitch), but now he is such an important part of our family and life. Now every time I watch L&S I smile because I now have a Stitch to my Lilo (I even have a Scrump doll my mom made).”

you know what i completely headcanon that supergirl and lilo and stitch exist in the same universe cobra bubbles used to be the director of the DEO before hank henshaw also i would just like to bring to your attention the idea of lilo and kara being old college roommates ‘nani i’m telling you my roommate’s an alien’ kara would get along so well with lilo because kara doesnt have all these preconceived notions about how earth should be and she’d be willing to hear out all of lilo’s ideas and theories because well stranger things have happened and just after kara meets stitch and they have arm wrestling contests and stitch can handle a lot more punishment than a human and while she still keeps herself in check like it’s not if i’m distracted i might kill you but more like oh no i gave you a bad bruise sorry stitch it’ll heal in a day kind of thing and on just nani and alex bonding about sisters who they’re supposed to take care of that keep getting into difficult situations goddammit sTAY SAFE DON’T DO THAT NO and jumba fangirling hwen he meets kara because jumba is a scientist of course he knows about the house of el and stitch giving kara the book about ugly duckling and saying he doesnt need it anymore, but maybe she does, if she wants it, he doesn’t need it any more but if she wants, maybe they can be her ohana

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ok but hanzo knitting. jesse wearing literally everything given to him regardless of dropped stitches, bad patterning, off sizing, too many armholes, ugly colors etc because he is SO PLEASED that hanzo thought of him and made him something. and then hanzo eventually gets GOOD and suddenly his hubbo is like the best dressed man ever in cashmere sweaters etc but still has a chest of the fugly first projects because he is SO PROUD OF HANZO'S PROGRESS

this is McDear!

y'all are the worst. When I heard TRC was going to made into a tv programme I was so excited, all I could think of was how excited I’m going to be when the first episode is available and then I saw the first post that was like ‘but what if they don’t make Blue a woc’ and I was like 'shit you right’ and then I saw a post like 'but what if they fuck up Adam’s bisexuality’ I was like 'damn.. tru’ and then I saw a billion other posts expressing concerns that I didn’t even know I had and now I’m fuckening strESSED. Cos my first thought was 'holy fuck, yes!!!!’ and now I’m all 'my favourite characters ever are going to be in the hands of a tv producer who doesn’t love them the way I do and WHAT IF THEY FUCK IT UP’. I zoned out for about twenty minutes just now worrying about how they’re going to portray the 'Jesus God Sargent, are those stitches? Bad. Ass. Put it there, you asshole’ scene because it’s the fucking best but do the script writers KNOW THAT???????