bad stain

 Sometimes I catch myself staring into space
Counting down the hours ‘til I get to see your face ♪

Anakin & Padme, a quiet moment before another long day of Saving The Galaxy on the battlefield and Fighting Against Corruption in the senate C:

My half of an Anidala art trade for the loveliest @arbutus-blossoms, (I’m sorry this is over a month late!!) who is always so fun to chat to and makes the most creative art and AUs *u*

Drawn while listening to Hey Julie Ani a lot, because it’s somehow fitting for this stressed-out power couple… X) 


He was always like this when a heist went bad or he didn’t get what he wanted, he acted like a spoilt child who was told no he took his anger out on his henchmen and sometimes you.

You told yourself you would leave but you loved him, you really did and he loved you too, when he wasn’t angry he was the sweetest, he brought (or so he says) you jewellery and chocolates and always held you close.

Today was not a night of kind and loving Joker.
He had come home from a deal gone bad with blood staining his clothes and a sour expression on his face.

He slammed the door shut and you could feel the vibration through the house.
You ran downstairs to greet him
“You’re home” you smiled going in to hug him to which he ducked
“I know I’m home, no need to state the obvious” he spat and walked to him study making sure to slam the door again.

After twenty minutes of decisions you knocked on his study door and he let out a groan before opening it slightly
“What do you want?” He snapped and you saw the knife he held in his hand, a sharp bloody knife
“What are you doing with that? Did you hurt yourself?” You ask reaching for the knife but he pulls away
“Leave me the fuck alone” he whispered his anger building up giving you slight anxiety
“No, we need to talk, you can’t just sit in your study when things go wrong, I’m here too” you stand your ground and he opens the door wide seeming to make himself tower over you
“Listen here bitch, I’m the leader of this house not you, you don’t do fucking shit here, nothing you owe your life to me so fuck off whore” he says waving his arms about and a sharp pain hitting your lower stomach.

You gasp as you look down, the knife he had been waving about was now lodged into you abdomen, a warm sensation filled your legs and you fell but Joker caught you
“I’ve got you baby” he whispers holding your head
“Why?” You ask your vision going blurry
“I’m so sorry baby, I love you” he says staring into your eyes
“No you don’t” you say a tear falling from your eye as you fell to sleep for a last time.

Jackson Imagine - Losing You

A/N - Requested by an anon~ I really enjoyed writing this one so keep sending me your requests everyone!

(Y/N)!” Jackson shouted, bolting upright after waking from his nightmare. Sweat beaded on his forehead and his breathing was heavy. You immediately woke up at the sound of his voice calling your name and you were crouched next to him within seconds. The two of you were sleeping on the sofas in your living room, too tired to go upstairs after a long night of watching movies.
“Jackson, is everything okay?” He didn’t reply and just pulled you into his grasp. His arms were tight around you and he rocked you slightly, as if he were cradling something precious.

You stayed there in his arms for a few minutes before slowly pulling away and looking at his tear-stained face.
“Bad dream?” Jackson nodded in response.
“Want to talk about it?” He hesitated this time before nodding slowly. He took a few deep breaths before talking. “I lost you.”
“You lost me? What?”
“The dream, nightmare, whatever you want to call it. It was just a regular dream and we were…hanging out and then the next thing I know is you are dying and…” Jackson’s voice cracked as tears collected in his eyes again at having to relive it.
“Oh, Jackson. it’s okay. I’m okay, it was just a dream. I’m not going anywhere.” This time it was your turn to cradle Jackson in your arms as you comforted him. You both sat in silence, your hand gently rubbing his back.
“Why don’t we go upstairs and sleep in my bed? That way if you have the nightmare again, I’m right there for you.” You gave him a soft smile as he nodded at your suggestion. 

Both of you were tired and just wanted to sleep. You had shared a bed before and since you were good friends, today was no different. You both got in and Jackson’s arms snaked around your waist. He usually wasn’t so clingy whenever you shared a bed but for obvious reasons, tonight was an exception.
“Goodnight, Jackson,” you whispered, giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead before allowing your body to drift away into sleep. He whispered a “goodnight” back before also letting his body succumb to sleep beside you.


so the other day, my boyfriend’s little sister shania (aka the little sister i never had) came home after a long day of kindergarten and started crying, saying she didn’t like herself because no one will play with her at play time. when we asked her why she thought nobody would play with her, she said it was because she thinks she’s stupid. i have NO IDEA what caused her to feel that way… could you possibly like/reblog this post if you disagree with everything she said? i wanna show her how many people think she is smart!


27.06.16 // looking everywhere else but at you


Dog of the day: Spice. Spice is becoming a mother! That means more puppers. Spice is a timid girl who loves to be pet and cuddled. We take on walks a lot to give her the exercise she. Needs. She has bad tear stains and we are trying to fix that. Other than that, we’d like to say she’s pretty spicy and she’s good with kids and other dogs and puppies! Spice is up for adoption and is looking for a loving home.

New Pet!

Jesse McCree was having a bad day. His dirt-stained, blood-soaked body was being drug through the halls of a Japanese castle, world fading in and out through the dark haze of unconsciousness. The occasional paper door was slid open, and he could barely hear the clamor of servants. How had he gotten himself into this mess? Oh, yeah.

The Shimada clan had interrupted a shipment between Deadlock and a rival gang, and Deadlock did not take a shine to that. Next thing he knew, he and the rest of the desert dwelling gang had been pulled halfway across the world to wage a war on the Yakuza clan. And they lost. Bad. Apparently it was traditional to take a prisoner, a “Prize of war.” as you would have it.

And, of fucking course, it was the cowboy.

They stopped, and McCree had just enough time to look up and see what was going on before he was thrown into the room, landing hard on his knees. Through a swollen eye and a bloody haze, he saw…

A cyborg.



here are the two Haunt the Casbah dolls i said i would take a picture of. Frankie is the one i got from the flea market last weekend, i had to treat her hair for glue seepage. Draculaura has been in a drawer for over a year waiting to get fixed… glue seepage ended up staining her head. she had a pretty bad stain on one side of her jaw but i fixed it. i also did what y’all suggested and used clear nail polish on their accessories so hopefully those won’t stain them in the future.

i couldn’t remember how Draculaura’s hair went and i couldn’t tell 100% from pictures but i think i got pretty close… even though it doesn’t look that way from this picture lol the little ponytail section just isn’t has high as it should be so it’s not visible from this angle… and idc, tbh. 

anyway, i love them. i might put 13W on the shelf after all.

Sam Winchester-Happy Birthday

Title: Happy Birthday

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1070

Request:Sam one shot, sharing a birthday with the reader

A/N: Sorry, I know this is wayyy past your birthday but It was almost at the top of the list x

Sighing, you buried yourself further into the soft plump pillow that rested underneath the crook of your elbow. You shoved your head under the pure white pillow that held unmistakeable memories. Some good, some bad. Stains of tears and blood….and drool… and some invisible stains of where your smile had caressed the silk of the thought of the younger Winchester. 

Memories of faded dreams marking the pillow. You were cut harshly from your thoughts about the overgrown pure heaven Winchester who was nothing but muscles, kindness and puppy like features, when the older Winchester had practically popped your Sam Winchester bubble with a pointy pin and jumped onto the bed.

You groaned, stomach dipping down when the mattress dipped under Dean’s weight. Dean grinned propping himself up on his elbow as he flashed you a wolfish smirk, thick brows waggling as he prodded and poked you. 

‘’C’mon. Wakey, wakey, birthday girl’’Dean whistled. He gave his brows a final wag before jumping off of the bed. ‘’Fine, but you left me with no choice’’

You felt the hard yet soft skin of Dean’s large hands wrap around your ankles. You groaned and whined, trying to tug away your warm ankles that were now coated around the hunters cold ones. 

You yelped, screaming softly out of surprise when your hands could no longer grip the steel bar in front of your bed and had you falling down the lumpy mattress and onto the cold dusty floor. You shook and shivered at the feel of the blankets no longer being wrapped around your small frame, keeping you from the harm of the monsters out to get you and the cold of the air. 

You groaned, bruises already forming on your ribs, you still hadn’t grew used to that even though Dean did a thousand things everyday to try and wake you up. Today being ‘yank you out of bed’ day. 

‘’I don’t wanna get up’’You groaned trying to squirm your way to your bed. Instead of being the morning person you weren’t, you stuck to being lazy and grabbed your blanket that hung over the edge of your bed and yanked it down towards you. 

You tried to wrap it around yourself before Dean’s slender fingers had hooked around the crease in your knees and your waist before slinging you over his shoulders. 

‘’Morning’’Dean smirked, walking barefoot into the kitchen with you casually slung over his shoulder. Sam was stood, one hand braced on the kitchen counter as his legs crossed, hip balancing on the edge of the marble counters with a small bowl perched safely on the palm of his open hand. 

The metallic spoon stuck out of the rim of the bow, Sam’s cheeks slightly puffed with the food that chomped around his mouth. He raised a brow at his older brother before swallowing the chewed up food. 

‘’Birthday girl wouldn’t wake up, so I woke her up myself’’Dean grinned proudly, rocking on his heels as he smirked. Sam rose both brows in confusion before chuckling and shaking his head.

‘’Hey, (y/n).’’Sam greeted, craning his neck to see around Dean’s back. Dean still had a proud smirk on his face when Sam looked back at Dean confused. ‘’Dean, she still asleep’’Sam snickered. 

Dean’s smirk had been slapped off his face as he tilted his head back to see you. ‘’Dammit, (y/n)! Girl can sleep through anything’’Dean cursed. Sam chuckled, shaking his head as he looked at how cute you were, even if you were upside down. 

Dean placed you on the couch, hands gripping his broad hip bones as he titled his head, eyes scanning you to try and see how he could wake you up. Sam shook his head, locks shaking as he sat beside you. 

Dean frowned, eyes narrowing into slits as he locked his jaw. You woke up as soon as Sam placed his hand on your shoulder. Dean leaned backwards waiting for you too snap at Sam, groaning and moaning but instead of that, to their surprise you smiled at Sam and shuffled up, curling into his lap like a dog before closing your eyes again. 

Sam bit his lip trying not to laugh at his brothers face before letting his hand smooth over your ruffle of hairs. ‘’Happy Birthday, (y/n)’’Sam grinned when Dean left the room, blabbering on about ‘favouritism’. 

You smiled up at the giant. ‘’Thanks Moose’’You whispered patting his cheek. He gave you his classical bitch face before chuckling softly and rolling his eyes. 

‘’I erm… I wanted to give you something for your birthday’’Sam admitted sheepishly, hand rubbing the back of his neck. You stared up at the younger Winchester in surprise and awe. 

‘’Sammy, you didn’t have to do any-’’

‘’No. But I wanted too’’Sam smiled gaining confidence as he took your hands gently in his and led you towards a room in the bunker. You stepped around, cold feet padding on the hard floor as you tired to see through Sam’s large hands covering your eyes. 

Blocking your vision. You continued to blink making Sam squirm as he laughed. ‘’Stop it, your eyelashes are tickling my skin’’He chuckled making your giggle. Sam sighed at the noise before giving you a gentle shove towards the place he wanted you to be, 

He removed his hand as your brows furrowed, knitting together in confusion. ‘’Sammy, I don’t mean to be a ball buster, but there’s nothing here…’’You trailed off. 

‘’I know’’Sam breathed out, hot breath hitting the back of your head. You shot around, stunned at how close Sam was. You tripped over your own feet as you stumbled back but Sam’s arms darted out and gripped your back to stop you from falling as he now held you at a slight dip. 

‘’Sam’’You breathed out confused, creases marking your forehead to show your confusion. 

‘’I’ve been in love with you for ages. You don’t have to say anything, but this is what I wanted to give you. I wanted to tell you. I can’t explain how much it hurt to watch you get hurt in hunts, I-’’

‘’Sam, I love you too’’You whispered, forehead softening as your confusion ceased to exist. He smiled letting out a breath as he pressed his lips against yours. You smiled trying to control your smile because you didn’t want to have to stop your kiss. 

‘’Happy birthday, (y/n)’’


My Elliot cosplay from DragonCon 2015 on Saturday. Had a stuffed Flipper on a leash and even an ID badge. Not sure if anyone recognized me but I did see a Mr. Robot in the parade. At any rate, I managed to accidentally creep out little kids.

here is my furby again, beatrice, or sweetbea! i comb her once a day, especially her mane. to me she doesn’t seem very dirty and has no obvious stains or bad smell, so i haven’t washed her with a cloth yet. the anime on the tv is pokemon x and y btw

its here everyone…put your hands together for…..THE RETURN OF SWEETBEA!!!!!!!!!

she looks great! shes all dressed up for a hit and run! im not sure if its just the lighting, but i think you should scrub her eyelids down a bit

10/10, sweetbea is a true gay icon


Painting series: 80s gothic rock musicians as Russian orthodox saints. 

Mostly done a while back, but just finally finished Siouxsie despite starting her first. I may continue the series, but haven’t decided who I’d want to do next yet.