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 Sometimes I catch myself staring into space
Counting down the hours ‘til I get to see your face ♪

Anakin & Padme, a quiet moment before another long day of Saving The Galaxy on the battlefield and Fighting Against Corruption in the senate C:

My half of an Anidala art trade for the loveliest @arbutus-blossoms, (I’m sorry this is over a month late!!) who is always so fun to chat to and makes the most creative art and AUs *u*

Drawn while listening to Hey Julie Ani a lot, because it’s somehow fitting for this stressed-out power couple… X) 


27.06.16 // looking everywhere else but at you

Surprise jumping on s/o of batfamily

Requested by anon.

So with the family being vigilantist, I feel like trying to jump scare them could end badly. Like they probably do it to be cute but learn quick. The family members natural reaction is to attack just because of all their training.

Bruce: He probably already heard you coming. He was prepared. He had his kids doing it for years so he knows what to expect. Luckily he is there to catch you.

Kate: She hears you, but still takes her a little by surprise. Most likely almost punches you. Like her fist is near your face when it registers. She feels really bad about it and is super sweet the rest of the day. Lesson learned though, don’t surprise jump her.

Dick: He does it to you enough as it is. Not really a surprise as it has become a game for you too. Notices you pretty quickly and points it out before you can jump. 

Barbara: She saw you on the cameras and has tea waiting for you while she is typing away on the computer. She suggest next time you try finding a place the camera’s can’t see.

Jason: Also one to not jump. He most likely almost hits you. Like he stops when he realizes it is you. Not a fan of people jumping him. Feels super bad for a long time.

Tim: Not awake like ever so one of the easier members to scare. I feel like he would drop everything including the coffee. Good news is that he is awake now. Bad news coffee stains take forever to get out.

Stephanie: Curse words coming out of her mouth. Threatens to get you back. Then attacks you with tickles. It is only fair.

Cass: Yeah she heard you coming the second you tried. No luck. Her only reaction is to roll her eyes and asked why did you try. You were really hoping to be the first one to get to scare her.

Damian: Tackles you along with a string of words in his native tongue. Don’t worry he landed with you on top so you weren’t injured. Reminded you it’s not a great idea to try to surprise jump him.

Duke: He is more likely to laugh at your attempts. Like credit to you for trying to be sneaky.

Harper: Cussing words and complaining you are trying to give her a heart attack.

Bonus Alfred: He is the one giving you an ice pack and shaking his head. You should have seen it coming. Then giving whichever family member a lecture that not everyone who jumps them is going to attack them.

Took me 4 hours but I finished it ! Magic Kaito chapter 35 cover colorized. Our favourite magician phantom thief is in a bad predicament ! Those blood stains were slightly harder to colorize right than I thought.

Free to reblog.

Please do not steal, repost or use this picture without asking me first. Even if it’s just a colorization, I take a lot of time and effort to make them. Thank you.

art by Gosho Aoyama

colored and edited by me, Shin Red Dear

Bad Reputation // Theo Raeken

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Based on the prompt: “I’m tired of being your secret”

Word count: 1094

A/N:English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

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Three months. That’s the time you’ve been dating secretly with Theo. Three months of secret dates. Three months of sneaking around to make out. Three months lying to the pack, to your friends. You felt like you were betraying them but also you couldn’t go against your feelings, you wanted be with Theo, and you knew they were never allowed it.

Theo Raeken had a bad reputation, he was the bad boy of Beacon Hills, not only to your friends but to the whole school.

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maggie never really “moves in” with alex it’s just one day she asks alex where the washing machine is and alex asks, “what, have a bad stain or something?” and maggie flushes and is like, “no… it just took me too long to realize most of the clothes i own are here.”

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Someone flirting with Tsuna, Enma and Xanxus in front of their pregnant s/o because there's no way they are interested in her?


admin adelheid


“Why don’t you just go?”

Tsuna blinked down at you and raised his eyebrows at the sight of the anger in your eyes.


He watched you shake in anger and depression as she reacted quite explosively to his clueless question. “I said, WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO AND HUMP HER OVER A TABLE, YOU BASTARD!”

The woman you were pointing at smirked and gave Tsuna another come hither glance, recrossing her legs for the umpteenth time since sitting in your husband’s direct line of sight.

It took a moment before Tsuna realized what this was all about. It would have amused him in other circumstances but this was just plain overboard.

The woman had been hovering and bending over in front of your husband every single chance she got! And although Tsuna looked on disinterestedly the woman’s slim waist, long legs and creamy mocha colored skin was enough to turn any man’s head around!

Tsuna had to shake his head at the utter ridiculousness of some people and wondered if he really did have this bad of a reputation.

He sighed, reached out for your cheek and placed a tender, loving kiss on your lips that made your toes curl. Discreetly his other hand waved a pair of men in suits behind him who took the beautiful, protesting woman away so by the time you managed to open your eyes she was gone.

“Darling, I’m sorry,” he told you with that smile of his that you fell in love with. “It won’t happen again.


“Come on, darling~. I’m sure you need some relief with your wife looking like that.”

Enma stared at her in complete and utter scandalized shock and you in absolute, vengeful fury.

Here he was just treating his wife to a quiet night out of town when a woman suddenly sat on his lap the moment you had gone in the ladies room and started seducing him. And no matter what Enma did the woman was like a bad stain. She just wouldn’t come off.

“En. Ma…!”

Your growl froze Enma’s blood as he looked up and saw you there looking like a demon who just climbed out of hell.

“Honey, I’m sorry, I can explain―”

“There’s really no need to explain, baby~” the woman cooed, shooing you away with a be ringed hand. “She should just stay home with that big fat ass of hers while you and I go have fun.”

And that was what broke the camel’s back.

Fury made your eyes see red and before you knew it you were pulling the woman away from Enma by her fake colored hair with a strength no one would have expected from a six month pregnant woman.

Listen, you mother fucking slut! That is the father of my child! You go whore yourself on someone else and not on my property or I swear to God I will rip your face off!”

When the woman tried to retaliate Enma rose and firmly placed a boot over the woman’s hand which had attempted to retaliate by scratching your eyes out. He stared coldly down at the woman as he held you close in his arms, rubbing your back to calm you down.

“I think you should go,” he told the woman on the floor. “If you hurt my wife I’ll have no choice but to kill you.”


“Well, well look what the cat dragged in~”

You watched as an extremely beautiful woman came over to your husband while he sat with you, waiting for Squalo to tell them the chopper was ready for their trip home. The Boss meeting dragged on too long and was much too exhausting. You just wanted to lie down and put your feet up instead of waddling all over the place with Xanxus showing you off like a prized pony. Apparently this was the kind of party Mafia Bosses went to so they could show each other the people they held dear and was under their protection. A silent warning to all that if the people brought here were harmed, heaven and hell won’t save them from each other’s wraths. You wonder why you didn’t see her at the party.

Xanxus eyed the unfamiliar woman indifferently even as she wrapped her smooth, slim hands around him. “What do you want?”

“Oh is that a way to talk to an ‘old friend’? You’ve never been rude to any of your lovers before past and present.” She replied with a saccharine smile.

“Go away.” Xanxus replied, making you feel better.

“You don’t mean that.” The woman asserted with a laugh. “I know you too well.”

“Xanxus?” you stood up now, not being able to take it. You were stronger than this, not really much of a crybaby normally. But damn your hormones they’ve turned you into a big blob of blubbering mush. “Maybe we should go wait outside―”

“You on ahead and wait, honey,” the woman actually had the audacity to wave you away like you were a servant. “Xanxus and I here just have a little catching up to do~”

And that did it.

Before you could stop it your tears started flowing and you started sobbing like a broken dam as you turn around to leave the room. But you’ve barely taken three steps when you suddenly hear a gunshot and a thump from behind you.

Whirling around so fast you almost fell on the floor, you saw the woman lying bloody and dead on the carpet while Xanxus, now covered in blood was putting his gun away in irritation.

“There,” he said gruffly, kicking at the woman’s dead body carelessly as he spoke. “Are you happy now?”

You gaped at him for a moment before you turned red in anger and started screaming. “OF COURSE NOT! WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO CLEAN THAT UP, YOU INCONSIDERATE JERK?!!!”

Xanxus sighed as you burst into tears. Pregnancy hormones was a bitch.

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I swear I was already following you what :'-( your builds are super lovely btw!!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much you’re like my idol! Tumblr does that to me all the time, I’ll go months sometimes without noticing and I always feel so bad because I’d never notice. Why 😢?? 

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Mafia-Suho pt3

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Power in my pride, power in my last name

You sighed as you kicked off your shoes, stripping off the clothes of the day.

“I just want to relax.” You muttered to yourself, grabbing a drink from your fridge and heading over to your couch.

As soon as you got comfortable the doorbell rang.

…. Maybe they’ll go away.


You sighed and sat your drink down, shouting “ I’m comming!”

The door bell rang again and you screamed, “ I said I’m comming!”

“What?!” You snapped, opening the door.

Suho stood there, lip busted and arm clutched to his chest.

“Are you okay!?” You panicked, pulling him inside your apartment.

He winced and fell down onto your couch.

“Suho! Wait right here!” You rushed out and looked around for your medical kit.

“Where would I go?” He sassed back.

You stopped dead in your tracks and remembered who you were, who he was, and what you two meant to each other.

“Stain my couch and I’ll kill you.” You growled out, stomping towards your bathroom.

“Who does he think he is?” You said to yourself, reaching under the cabinet to grab your kit.

“Where would I go?” You mocked and rolled your eyes.

You heard a bang on your door and your blood ran cold.

Running back out to Suho you looked at him and made sure he was somewhat okay.

Another bang happened but it was louder and more aggressive.

“You brought them to my house?!” You seethed at him.

“No! You don’t even know what happened.” He defended.

“Yeah, but I know what’s about to happen.” You growled out, grabbing his gun from the holster inside his shirt.

You walked over to the door and took a deep breath before yanking it open.

It was Chanyeol, Suho’s member.

“What the fuck dude?!” You yelled.

“Have you seen Suho?! I haven’t heard from him and I’m starting to worry.” He panted out.

“Suho’s the big bad wolf. I’m sure he can handle himself.” You snickered.

Suho coughed and Chanyeol eyes widened, pushing past you he barged into your living room.

You rolled your eyes and shut the door, “Sure, come in.”

“Leave me and Y/n alone. I’m fine. Go back to headquarters and tell the boys to get ready.” Suho said calmly.

Chanyeol nodding and walked past you, opening the door and shutting it.

Suho groaned. You groaned.

You grabbed the medical kit and walked over to him, “What happened?”

He didn’t say anything, his eyes followed your every move.

You grabbed a alcohol pad and tried to reach his lip.

It was an uncomfortable position and you grew tired of the reach so you pushed him until he was sitting with his back against the back of your sofa.

You straddle his lap and begin to dab the pad on his lip.

He good arm instinctively wrapped around your waist. Your breathe hitched but you continued to work.

You felt his eyes stare into yours.

“Is your arm broke?” You whispered.

He shook his head no and pulled you closer to him.

You looked at him and he started to lean into you.

“Suho… Stop.”

He stopped and chuckled, “ Why won’t you let me love you?”

“Because you don’t.”

He  rolled his eyes and pushed you off him, standing up and walking towards the door, “Don’t go near Namjoon’s territory.“ He warned.

 "Why?” You asked.

 “There’s a war coming and since you want to be alone, I’m not going to protect you.“ He said before leaving and slammed the door.


“What did I tell you about two timing me?” You whispered to the man tied to the chair. 

“I.. I-” 

“You what?!” You yelled, kicking him in his shin. 

“Y/n we have a problem..” Your right hand man interjected.

You laughed sarcastically, “When don’t we have a fucking problem? You know I am so sick of people thinking they can do whatever the fuck they want. Let’s go.” You grabbed your jacket heading towards the door.

“Uh what about him?” 

“Kill him. “ You flagged your hand back, leaving the building.


“What’s the problem?’’ You asked, half way caring about the answer.

“Namjoon and Suho’s war is on our turf. We have to get them off or it’ll be bad for business.” 

You bit your tongue, “Pfft, and he told me to be careful but he brought it me. Unbelievable.”

“We’re here.”

You jumped out of the car and grabbed your gun, you shot in the air 4 times. 

Namjoon and Suho looked at you. 

“You know, I am so sick of being walked all over. Do I have to have a dick to get some damn respect around here?!” You screamed at them.

You heard a man coughing and you glared at him, “Do you have something to say?’’ You asked.

“Yea actually, you should be back at base, making us all a sandwich and shaking that ass as you walk back into the kitchen.. where you belong.” He growled out.

You chuckled and looked towards the leaders, Suho and Namjoon.

“Who’s is this?” 

Namjoon raised his hand slightly and nodded at you. 

“Wow, I expected so much more from your crew.” You tsked, walking towards the man. 

“I think you should be on your knees begging me for mercy right now.” You said to him, getting his face.

“Fuck you bi-” 

You punched him in the face and he fell down. You kicked him multiple times in the stomach. 

“Anyone else have something to say?” You asked, puffing your hair out of your face.


“Hm, good choice.”

You walked over to Namjoon and handed him a wad of money, “Now get off my turf and take your piece of shit man with you. I don’t want his bad attitude staining my ground.” 

You watched as Namjoon walked away from you, glaring at Suho while doing it.


“No! You listen to me! I am the fucking leader here, you got me? I’m the alpha, okay?! You waltz into my turf and think you can create all kinds of chaos? No! Next time I catch you here, I’ll kill you.” You threaten. 

“I like it when your mad, baby. You look so hot.” Suho whispered in your ear, slightly biting it.

You pushed him away from you causing his men to point their guns at you and your men point there guns at them.

“You see this? This could be ours.” Suho ushered to the men.

You looked behind you and saw all the men standing to defend you, to kill you.

“You could be their queen, Y/n.” 

You turned back to Suho, “This is real life, not a Disney movie. We bleed, we die..” You shook your head and looked in his eyes. 

“I mean it, Suho. I’ll kill you.” 

“Why are you so prideful?” He asked.

“It’s in my blood.” You stated, turning away from him and walking back to the car.

Oh Ms Believer

(I just love writing about my two favourite people in the world, TØP, because they are so amazing, but if you want any other singer/band/actor/book character, let me know and I’ll do my best to write a good imagine, or perhaps make a custom wallpaper

Title: Oh Ms Believer
Requested? Yes.
Plot: Imagine you and Tyler are in high school and he asks you over, when suddenly it starts snowing, and you have a great time together that leads to something more.
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1306


“What do you say? Do you want to come over or not?” Tyler asked you, after taking a sip of his milkshake and turning his head to look at you. You two were sitting in his brother’s car, just drinking milkshakes and taking some time off after a stressful day at school. You have known Tyler ever since you were kids, and you always loved spending time with him, so your friendship stayed tight even in high school. He had just invited you over to his house because it had been a few weeks since you two hung out at someone’s place. You have had somewhat of a crush on Tyler for a long time now, but you never wanted to admit it to yourself, thinking it was going to ruin your friendship. You realized the reason he was asking you for the second time is because you failed to respond the first time. Stop it Y/N, you don’t like him like that!

’’Yeah, sure, it’s been a while since we hung out at your place last, should be fun.“ You said smiling. Tyler mirrored your smile and the two of you finished your drinks. Once you arrived to his house he told his mum to call your parents and tell them where you were, to which she just smiled, already used to having you around. You spent time playing video games and laughing, trying to mess each other up. Once the last level was done with you got up to stretch your legs for moment as Tyler put in a new game he bought a few days ago and wanted to play with you. You were shocked when you saw that it was snowing. Tyler looked at you with a confused look on his face when you pulled the sleeve of his shirt and lead him to the window, but then he too realized it had been snowing for a while now.

’’I’ll race you down, slugboy.“ You said and with that you were out the door and running down the stairs, Tyler quickly following, both of your breaths filled with laughter. Tyler’s dad yelled behind the two of you to be careful, but you weren’t even listening, throwing snowballs at each other, hiding behind whatever you stumbled upon as you were running away from each other. And then, everything went quiet. You couldn’t hear Tyler’s laughter anymore, or see snowballs flying next to the tree you were hiding behind. That seemed odd to you, so you decided to try and investigate to see where your friend got lost, when you suddenly felt someone grab you from behind and you fell on the ground, only to look over and see Tyler’s smiling face, which caused you to start throwing snow at him, not even bothering to make a snowball.

’’You scared me, you loser!“ You said, trying to keep a straight face, but you couldn’t help but smile as you heard him laugh and help you clean up all of the snow on your clothes. It was starting to get dark so you decided to head inside, where you called your parents and asked if you could stay for the night, since you really missed hanging out with Tyler these past few weeks. It’s not that you were that little to have to ask permission from your parents, it’s just that you wanted to let them know where you were, because you know how mum’s are, always worried about their children, no matter how old they are. Once your parents gave you the green light to stay over, Tyler went over to the kitchen and made the two of you some hot chocolate.

’’The perfect way to end a perfect day.“ You said, earning another laugh from Tyler as he bowed, as if he was in front of a theatre audience. This time it was your turn to laugh and you sat down, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. Slowly, you leaned your head on Tyler’s shoulder and watched the fire burn as the cracking of the wood in contact with the fire filled your ears. You felt so relaxed, more then you have been in a long time, and you looked up to see Tyler’s face very close to yours. Your eyes moved to his lips and then back to his eyes in a moment, just quick enough to see him do the same. Slowly, both of you leaned in and your lips connected. It was like millions of fireworks erupted in your stomach. His parents went to bed a while ago so you two were all alone, enjoying each other company. You loved how his lips felt like the inside of a rose, and finally admitted to yourself that you wanted to kiss him for quite some time now. You didn’t know it yet, but he wanted to kiss you too, but just like you, wanted to keep your friendship without a bad stain on it, in case you didn’t like him back.

You usually slept on the bed when you were over at Tyler’s house and he would sleep on the floor, in a somewhat comfortable bed of pillows. This time, you asked him to join you in the bed, nothing dirty on your mind, you just didn’t want him to have a bad back the next morning. The two of you spent half the night just looking each other in the eyes, hands intertwined and nothing but love in your gaze. You were the first one to fall asleep, giving Tyler the opportunity to gently caress your face, putting a lock of hair behind your ear, only to reveal the earings he bought you for your birthday last year. It made him smile and he was glad to have someone like you next to him. Sometime during his dream, he heard a melody, a melody so good that he just had to tape it on his phone as soon as he woke up. He took his guitar and played it as silently as he could, sitting in a chair and watching you sleep. Words started flooding into his mind and he wrote them down.

’’I will tell you I love you, But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears, My nose and feet are running as we start, To travel through snow, Together we go, Together we go“ And some time later, he had a finished song, just in time to play it to you when you woke up. Your smile getting wider with every lyric he sang, still a little unsure of the melody, but in the process of finding the right one for the song. You closed your eyes for a moment, enjoying the sound of his voice and the guitar accompanying it. When he finished you jumped from the bed and rushed over to him to give him a hug and a kiss, happy that he actually shared some of his first work with you. You then asked him who it was for and what he was going to call it. He responded with saying it was for you and the name was “Oh Ms Believer”.

You loved the name of the song and felt so honored he wrote it for you. And these days, looking at him from backstage at his shows, you still smile when he sings that song, remembering the events that led to it being written. It helps you realize once again how much you really love him, and will continue to love him for a long time, which you never forget to tell him before a show. And Tyler never forgets to look back at you and send you a kiss after the song, mouthing the words ’’This is for you, my Ms Believer. I love you“.

(omg, I love this song! thank you for requesting it)
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Warmed. By. The. Blood. Of. My. Open. Wrists

Characters: Ex Emo!Sam x Reader, Zachariah (Mentioned)

Word count: 892 (Not bad for a drabble)

Warnings: Awkwardness, slight inappropriate office behavior (staring)


A/N: This is part of my 1.7k Followers 7 Drabbles celebration. Au requested by @celahcain I hope it is what you where waiting for! Ps, I kno MySpace is no longer in ‘the space’.

7 Drabbles Masterpost

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Au #5: Warmed. By. The. Blood. Of. My. Open. Wrists

You lean on the side of your reclinable chair, head poking through the edge of the computer monitor, pushing your reading glasses closer to you face, eyes focused on him.

Scratching the top of you head and then the back, you can’t let go of that feeling… you’d met this guy before, but where, when?

Certainly the name Sam Winchester didn’t ring any bells a couple of days ago when Chuck introduced him to the rest of the office, and neither did on the past 50 or so hours you’d been searching your brain for some recollection of him. 

You never met Sam before…

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