bad stain

selena is literally THAT girl in pop rn. the only one releasing critically acclaimed and successful high quality music every time i feel so blessed

(Stain teaching Dabi & Spinner to be better villains)

Stain: You need the heroes to think you’re stronger than you actually are.

Dabi&Spinner: That’s what you do?

Stain: Me? Oh no. My power is no illusion. I can fucking demolish both of you.

Villains' opinions on Deku

Obviously in the manga Himiko loves Deku (pyscho blood loving school girl loves it when Deku is bloody BUT HEY still counts), so I bet she’d be quick to take a liking to him. He would be a little flustered cause hes still an awkward kid but way less freaked out.

I bet she would hug him and fond over him like a clingy best friend. Of course she and him would never happen, but shed still hang all over him and hed be a but more lax since hes pretty sure he likes guys exclusively (and hes not very keen on finding out if he likes girls) since his various crushes on male students.

Onto Dabi, I refuse to have Dabi hate Deku. You just cant hate that adorkable face. Dabi would be the cool ass cousin who gets into crazy shit. Hed be a cool brother figure to Deku at times. He and Himiko both agree that theyed killed anyone who harmed Deku.

Black Mist is sort of like Deku’s pseudo dad/babysitter/teacher, the guy adores Deku tho. Hes rather less tense around the kid and is the ever tired babysitter of basically all the VA members. Which leads me to my last 3.

Stain thinks of Deku as a little kid who has the same views as him so of course hed take a shining to him. Of course he knows about the double agent thing which he isnt really good about but Deku has his reasons so whatever. Since Deku is with the VA, he doesnt talk to the kid often since he has his own issues and goals.

Shigaraki (idk yet)

And lastly my newest fave villain, Overhaul!!! I think despite not many interactions Deku would be very interested in learning about this sort of ‘Plague Doctor’ Guy. And vice versa. Overhaul would be interested in what this kid is doing and why he is the way he is. Overhaul wants to take this kid apart piece and by piece and each new thing he learns is highly fascinating

 Sometimes I catch myself staring into space
Counting down the hours ‘til I get to see your face ♪

Anakin & Padme, a quiet moment before another long day of Saving The Galaxy on the battlefield and Fighting Against Corruption in the senate C:

My half of an Anidala art trade for the loveliest @arbutus-blossoms, (I’m sorry this is over a month late!!) who is always so fun to chat to and makes the most creative art and AUs *u*

Drawn while listening to Hey Julie Ani a lot, because it’s somehow fitting for this stressed-out power couple… X) 

shoutout to @transgennifer for walking all the way over to my dorm just to model for me and also for commissioning a really rad patch!! it was definitely an adventure to try and finish it before the mbmbam liveshow, but i think it turned out pretty ok in the end

The Crash

It’s a little illustration of a kid experiencing a saucer crash landing in the woods at night ft. an ayylmao. Painted using a mix of ink, stained charcoal and watercolour paint. Not the best not the worst it’s whatever.

maybe you’re just seeing this post alone and you’re thinking “gee, I wonder if this guy does any more stuff like this?” and to that I say, why yes, yes I do. And YOU can view it right here:

Wanna buy my shit? Fantastic I’ll sell you prints, originals, or take commissions, message me for details.

“He just wants to be heard.”


Just to say i’ve been more in a mood to finish this (no, actually it was just bothering me for a while now… I don’t even remember when i started this fanart!). Stain look bad because at first it was just Shouto… >w>; But I like Stain so I added him last minute…

I kept adding more pose options for the arms and as a result I couldn’t pick one lol… Like I wanted it to be close to how the fight been going on with Shouto constantly trying to stabilize his defensive stance but with the strengh and speed of Stain it was quite difficult but also trying to make it look cool?
Most art thieves been understanding lately (ithink?) so I think I might be posting the final result of this fanart…

Also here, have a playlist : much more epic than this drawing but well…


27.06.16 // looking everywhere else but at you

The I Don’t Want to Workout Workout

I confess. I woke up today and felt a bit on the extremely crappy side - energy wise. Coffee didn’t even help. My brain was fried too. So, when the opportunity arose to get a quick workout in, I knew, even though I really really didn’t want to get one one in…it was exactly what I needed. Alas, I just sucked it up and did what I preach: got up and moved. 

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