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Killing Stalking is supposed to be fucked up, get over it.

Tumblr is full of pussies lmfao
They get all angry and shocked that a psychological, gory, horror comic is actually *gasp* full of fucked up shit! 😱 no one said that this was gonna be all rainbows and sunshine “yaoi” manga where everything’s all fine and dandy.
Get over yourselves, everything is always a fucking Public service announcement on here 😒 it’s supposed to be messed up, no ones telling you to read it or ship the characters.
If you can’t handle KS don’t even bother reading comics/mangas of this genre.. Cause this is pretty tame.
Also both are psychopaths, ones a killer and the other is a stalker.
Y'know since people are forgetting that part of the story. A lot.

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You know what bugs me? That's fact that the mysterious dude with cool hair is never addressed again in part 4 of jjba. Like was it josuke in some words time loop? You don't know. And that mikitaka was actually just a straight up alien and none of the morioh group seemed to actually address that or care in the long term.

I was kind of disappointed that Mikitaka didn’t get a genuine character arc, but I think he was sort of a gag character to begin with.  The joke was that so much weird stuff was already going on that an alien could literally wander into the story and announce himself and no one would care.

Either that, or Hirohiko Araki wrote him into the story, then realized he wouldn’t be able to do what he originally had in mind, but the chapter went to press and it was too late.  

Still, this seems like the perfect character to carry over from one part to the next.  Mikitaka can go anywhere and become anything.  He could have turned up in Italy in Part 5, or Florida in Part 6.  Hell, he could have even been in Steel Ball Run, even though it’s set in the 19th Century, because Mikitaka would have been alive back then.  So even if there wasn’t room to use him in Part 4, the door was wide open to revisit the character over the next twenty years. 

But again, that may be the joke: He looks cool, he’s mysterious as hell, we could do all sorts of interesting things with him, but we won’t, because this isn’t his story.   He’s JoJo’s Tom Bombadil. 

As for Josuke’s mysterious benefactor, I kind of made peace with that once I realized they weren’t going to touch on that again. 

[Above: We know it wasn’t the Fonz, because he would have just pounded his fist on the trunk and it would have miraculously worked the car loose.]

Yeah, this kid from 1987 looks a lot like Josuke, to the point where it might as well be Josuke from 1999, and the level of detail in his design made me suspicious.  Why have this man be bloodied from a fight unless you plan to show that fight to the audience?  Why does he need to wear a school uniform too? 

My hopes were buoyed when Yoshikage Kira developed the power to manipulate time, but Bites the Dust only works on non-Stand Users, and it only sends them back one hour, and it puts everyone back where they were an hour ago.  It couldn’t send Josuke to this lonely stretch of road.

But what really made me understand was the episode where Josuke does that sick motorcycle stunt to avoid crashing into a baby carriage, and the blows the little dude’s mind.

[Not pictured: Wrestling audience chanting ‘This-is-awe-some’.]

I posted these images a while back, and I think someone replied that now this baby will be inspired to grow his hair into a pompadour too, just as Josuke chose to honor his own mysterious hero. 

That’s when I realized that the Good Samaritan from 1987 was more of a cipher than an exact double of Josuke.  I went back and looked up the scene from the manga, and here it is. 

[Above: This scene looks amazing in black and white, by the way.  Maybe it’d be better in color, but something tells me everyone would have neon green lips for no good reason.]

It’s a little more shadowy, although he still looks a lot like Josuke, although when you think about it, Okuyasu looks a lot like Josuke too, except for his goofy expressions, bug eyed stare, and facial scars.  In theory, if you could hide the scars and give him the same hairdo, you could send Okuyasu back in time and have him recreate this scene.  Or you could have Koichi Hirose have a growth spurt and he could do it.   When you get down to it, a lot of these characters look alike to begin with, which is why Josuke has his pompadour, and Okuyasa has his facial scars and bug-eyed expression, and Koichi is so short.  Actually, now that I think about it, this guy from 1987 looks a lot like Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Anyway, the scene with the baby made me realize that this Pompadour of Inspiration is pretty similar to another shadowy figure that we all know and love. 

[Above: My baby.  Er, uh, I mean, I don’t know who this is and neither do you.]

I’ve always thought it was appropriate that Vegeta’s mental image of the Legendary Super Saiyan looked a lot like himself.  It’s not just his ego, but the fact that he knows virtually nothing about this person.  At some point, I realized that this is also why the character was depicted as a Giant Ape.  Every Giant Ape we’ve ever seen in Dragon Ball looks pretty much the same, with maybe a few differences in the fur on their scalps.  So if you’re a Saiyan trying to imagine another Saiyan you’ve never seen before, you might well picture them as a giant ape for the sake of convenience.  It’s the Saiyan equivalent of the grey circle with sunglasses. 

And while you might think you’d recognize this guy, it’s vague enough that you can fill in the missing details with just about anything you want.  Broly never turned into a Giant Ape, but his final form has a build pretty similar to this image, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  The 2011 Episode of Bardock special strongly implies that Bardock went back in time and became this same character Vegeta was remembering.  In other words, Toei kind of did the time loop story I was expecting to see in Diamond is Unbreakable.  Of course, Episode of Bardock wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, so maybe it’s better that Josuke didn’t go down that route.

So once I recognized the connection, I didn’t mind that the Guy From 1987 never got explained.  He’s part of a lineage, just like the Joestar lineage, or the Super Saiyan lineage in DBZ.   We’re not supposed to know his backstory, only the legacy of his kindhearted act, embodied by Josuke’s heroism.

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How do I know a spell gone bad? And should I be away from the location if it went bad?

If you start to see something completely opposite of what your intention was, then it probably backfired somehow. Just reverse it and try again. You don’t need to get away from the location or anything, nothing is going to cosmically explode in that spot or anything! ;)


AG: Always.

AG: They have their separ8 ways of getting over something, 8ut I am always there to calm them down one way or another.

narrator time card  ©Spongebob Squarepants™

The ONE time in my short life that i write a really good analysis of a novel that my other classmates used as reference:

-my teacher thinks i copy pasted it all

-only got 2 comments back on it, both negative, both on a small spelling mistake

whats the point of ever putting effort into homework ever if i aint gonna get just a little tad of that sweet sweet sweet validation that i so desperately need

Lol so in our main campaign, I play a homebrew class of my DM’s creation that’s like a combination warlock/eldritch knight, but more focused on fighting (Most of my spells are utility)

and yesterday, DM messaged me all “More than one person said Cayne feels like the main character and maybe a little broke. Lets take a look at that.”

And after fifteen minutes of discussing and looking over the ability tree and stuff he was like “There’s literally nothing left here to nerf. This is as balanced as I can see it being. You already have hardly any spell slots (I have 5 slots and 7 spells total at level 10). I think you just have a well rounded character and know how to handle him in combat.”

And like. I feel bad that everyone thinks Cayne’s broke/The Main Character ™ but also i can’t say it DIDN’T stoke my ego a little bit??

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Is english your second language?

Yeah and no
I grew up learning “native American” because I am
And will I suck at spelling in general
I know its bad I tried to get better
I’m sorry


PS: Sorry for the bad quality. My camera sucks! >.

Since I got lots of notes on my last comic it encouraged me to share more comics with you guys. ^^ ///

This based on a story I wrote for @gokumammaries. ♥ I suck at writting fanfics. xD

Timeline: When Goku/Chichi are newly weds :D

Idea: Does Son Goku get jealous?

-I think Goku’s character is not much to get jealous but if he does it would be chichi fangirling about another guy being stronger or better at martial arts. xD

Laser Tag War

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, feat. the rest of the team

Rating: PG

Original Idea: This post - but I changed it to laser tag.

Notes: Hehehehehehehehehehe! This one is so much longer than usual (2,990 words!). But it had to be done!


“Tony. This has ‘bad idea’ spelled all over it,” I remarked. “A laser tag war? You know Barnes and Barton are going to destroy all of us! They’re the best marksman and the best sniper in the world! We don’t stand a chance!” When the billionaire just kept giving me a really dumb grin, I realized something. “You’ve put them on different teams. They’re going to just be trying to snipe each other.” The grin grew wider. “My uncle is going to kill you later,” I continued.

“That’s only if he can catch me, Miss Barton,” Tony commented.

At that moment, I heard a very loud bang from the floor above us and some alarm or other going off.

“This was a horrible idea!” Steve shouted.

“This was your idea, you idiot!” Bucky snapped.

I snorted and Tony rolled his eyes. “I’ll go see what happened,” he muttered, leaving the room. Almost a full minute after he was shouting my name. “Get up here!”

I sighed and did as I was told, jogging to the floor above.

Bucky was lying on top of Steve and Clint lounging on top—their limbs were hopelessly tangled with a Twister mat underneath them and Natasha was laughing her head off. The alarm ringing was where one of them knocked over a lamp and ignited the curtains or something. It looked like Natasha had put the fire out. I raised my eyebrows at the entire situation. Only these two. Honestly. They were trying to disentangle themselves and it was only making it worse. The mat was getting twisted—pun intended—around them, tying them together.

“Help!” Bucky moaned, sounding like some poor little puppy. I glanced at Tony and Natasha. They were shaking their heads, trying to convince me not to help. But the super soldiers looked to helpless and defeated it was almost hilarious.

I waved my hand and the mat vanished—before reappearing, perfectly folded, in the Twister box. The men finally got away from each other, looking relieved. I rubbed my hands together. “Wanna explain what this is all about?” I asked facetiously, giving them a very skeptical look. Steve and Clint averted their eyes—but Bucky was looking me right in the face.

“Steve was wondering what the colorful game box in the cupboard was. Natasha insisted that this game is vitally important to modern culture and suggested we play. Barton assured us she was telling the truth. Steve thought it sounded like a great idea. We just got stuck,” he remarked. The innocence in his tone was almost pitiful. He needed to stop letting Natasha and Clint “catch him up” on the twenty-first century.

I face-palmed and shook my head. “Never trust Strike Team Delta” was an adage for SHIELD recruits. Natasha and Clint played off each other seamlessly. If one picked up on the other lying to someone, they’d join right in without a single flaw.

“Tony, whose team am I on?” I asked, glancing up. My eyes flicked between Clint and Bucky.

The billionaire nodded to Bucky. I tugged the assassin to his feet. “Come on, Barnes. We’re gonna go get you outfitted.”

“For what?”

“You’ll see.”

As I shoved the laser tag vest over the Winter Soldier’s head, I was informed by FRIDAY in my earpiece that there were three teams—and Natasha, Clint, and Bucky were all separated. I smirked as I Velcro-ed his vest into place and handed him the gun attached to it. I slipped my own on much faster and more efficiently as the rest of our team came in.

We (Team One) consisted of: myself, Bucky, Steve, Sam, and Pietro Maximoff.

Team Two consisted of: Clint, Wanda Maximoff, the Vision, Thor, and Jane Foster.

Team Three consisted of: Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Rhodey, and newcomer Scott Lang.

No powers allowed—no enhancements, no crawling through the vents, and no suits.

FRIDAY had been turned off.

This was either going to be the most amazing night ever, or I was going to punch someone in the face. Fifteen people playing laser tag in the New Avengers Facility was a bad idea.

I loved it.

Pepper, Dr. Cho (who was staying for a few days), and Agent Hill had taken the night off, deciding to leave the games to those of us insane enough to go along with it.

I took Bucky’s wrist and tugged him towards the door as the lights shut off throughout the whole facility and black-lights turned on from their hidden locations near the floor. Pietro cursed in Sokovian—causing Bucky to snort since he probably knew what the speedster said.

“I’m wearing a white shirt,” Pietro hissed as the door keeping us in the prep room eased open automatically.

I shrugged nonchalantly. My own black outfit made me invisible in the darkness. “Take it off then. Your skin won’t reflect as much as the shirt,” I replied, grinning. My teeth glowed eerily in the black-light—I could see it in the reflection on the glass of the door. All the men in the room (meaning everyone not me) scoffed at me. I could see them roll their eyes.

“You just wanna see him shirtless,” Sam teased.

“He wouldn’t be shirtless,” I retorted. “He’s got the vest on too.”

“Uh-huh. Sure,” Steve remarked sarcastically.

I ignored them and dragged Bucky out into the corridor. He was wearing a long-sleeve black shirt and a fingertip-less glove on his left hand—his metal fingers glistened spookily in the purple light coming off the floor. “Watch out for Hawkeye and Black Widow,” I hissed to Bucky.

“Already been doing that,” he replied, just as quietly.

The rest of our team seemed to remember we’d started and trailed out of the room after us.

“Should we spread out or stick together?” Sam whispered.

“Spread out. If we stick together and get ambushed, the other teams are gonna rack up so many points we’re gonna get annihilated,” I answered.

“Agreed,” Steve murmured. He, Sam, and Pietro all left—even though powers weren’t allowed Pietro blasted away so fast I knew it was a great idea to have him on our team. He’d be pretty good at this. They left me and Bucky alone in the middle of the deserted corridor.

With his arm that wasn’t holding the gun—his normal one—he grabbed my vest, pulled me closer, and kissed my forehead. “Good luck. I’ll see you when this is over,” he murmured into my hair.

I grinned. “Good luck to you too. And don’t forget to put your earpiece in.”

Each team was on its own earpiece frequency and since FRIDAY was turned off, Tony wasn’t allowed to hack in to the other teams’ to eavesdrop.

“Already done. You’re loud and clear.” Grabbing me by the collar of my vest, he gave me a strong kiss on the lips, like he would never see me again and his life depended on it, furrowing his brows and sighing when he let go. I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes for a moment. When I did he was grinning cheekily at me. He winked and melted into the shadows.

I could see why he was an assassin.

I mean, he was gone. Like someone photoshopped him out of reality.

It was impressive really.

Hefting my laser tag gun, I shifted into hunting mode. Bucky had taught me how to do it. The prowl with the murderous expression. The taut senses listening, seeing, taking in everything. The constant vigilance. It was a delicate state to be in. But it was great for laser tag.

I sensed someone behind me and ducked behind a pillar right as I heard a pew, pew, pew! I put my head past the pillar, making sure the sensors on my vest were hidden from sight, gazing through the darkness to identify my would-be attacker. I had fabulous night vision—superpowers not necessary—and I could make out the form barely lit by the lights on the vest. Feminine. The movements of the unwieldy weapon in the unpracticed hands and the straight, shorter brown hair illuminated in pale green made it obvious who had tried to sneak up on me.


I dodged from the pillar I was behind to another, using my sniping skills that Bucky had taught me to shoot her vest’s sensors. I heard her swear and then heard a noise as she bumped into something. I took that opportunity to hit her again, going back to the column. “Who am I even trying to shoot?” she asked, sounding confused.

I grinned but said nothing and made my way away from her. I wasn’t quite as clandestine as Bucky, Natasha, and Clint, but I was getting there. Bucky hadn’t nicknamed me Shadow for nothing.

After only moments I was far away from her and she didn’t even know I’d left.

Then I was the one doing the creeping-up-behind.

Thor was ahead of me, trying to figure out how to use his gun. I shot him once—given the automatic shield would go up and I couldn’t get any more points for at least two seconds—and dropped behind a long table that was there for decoration.

“Who goes?” he demanded. I put my gun in my lap and covered the lights on my vest with my arms as I guessed he was checking his surroundings. As I heard his heavy boots start to recede, I jumped up, shot him again, and dropped like a leaf. “Who’s there?! I know I am not alone! Show yourself! Do not be a coward!” I shrugged to myself, still pressed against the side of the table. Being sneaky wasn’t the same as being a coward. I could stay right where I was and not feel like my womanhood had been impugned upon.

After a moment, I heard Thor coming closer. So I bolted down the hallway and around a corner before he could figure out how to shoot me back.

I wandered the outskirts of the indoor building for the better part of an hour. Occasionally I’d catch a brief glimpse through the black-lit darkness of Pietro’s white shirt (apparently he hadn’t taken my advice to remove it), Steve’s defensive stalk, Sam attempting to be a spy, or Bucky’s metal hand glimmering. They all had pale blue lights under their chins from our team vests. Whenever I saw Bucky I’d whisper, “On B’s left,” into the earpiece. He’d turn around, grin, and go back to prowling.

Then, through my earpiece, I heard Sam swear and mutter, “Hawkeye alert!”

Despite the fact that no one said anything else and Sam didn’t say where he was, I sensed the atmosphere of my team instantly tense up. But I grinned, guessing that Bucky was smirking, accepting a challenge. I was still creeping around out of sight, but I knew that the Winter Soldier would be headed for the atrium.

The big heavy fight always managed to be in the atrium—whether it was Nerf guns or paper airplane wars (don’t ask—that was a weird day) it didn’t matter. Everyone concentrated there. Probably because it was huge, open, and had a mezzanine. That’s a type of balcony for those who don’t know.

Bucky and I knew that was where Clint would be the moment Sam sounded the alarm.

It had taken an hour for the big, all-out war to get started. So that was a record.

I had two options. Stick to the outside edges of the building and be safe from the other teams, or go into the firefight and rack up some points.

I was more of a spy than a soldier. I liked to operate on the periphery. Hide in the shadows. Be clandestine. Wading into an all-out laser tag war wasn’t my idea of a great idea. Stealth shots I could do. Melee I couldn’t.

But my mind was whispering something about Bucky and Steve and Sam—the soldiers.

They’ll need help. And you know how reckless Pietro is, my internal monologue reminded me.

I sighed and started up my hunting creep towards the atrium, still on-guard in case Tony or Natasha decided to leap from the rafters—that happened once in the famous Water Balloon War of 2015—and attack. I quickened my pace and made it to the atrium just in time to see Bucky duck under the reception desk. I wasn’t sure why we had a reception desk since we never really had visitors and when we did they just blasted through the doors, but maybe it was there for cover in all of the wars we managed to get into.

I had a bad feeling that one day we would get into a real war with each other.

And that wouldn’t be pretty.

For a moment I had a very horrifying image of Bucky’s metal arm ripping Tony’s suit open and wrenching him out.

I got my head back in the war just in time to dodge a shot from Wanda and Vision.

I sniped them both and then tuck-and-rolled, coming up next to Bucky. He was shooting at Clint—who was up on the mezzanine trying to take out both the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow.

I took a couple shots at Bruce and Thor before taking cover. “Any ideas?” I asked. “We’re pretty cornered right here. This isn’t an ideal spot to be.” Bucky rolled his eyes in a well-done-captain-obvious way and glanced around. He knew I was right. We were about to become the best way to rack up points in the history of every single scrimmage we’d ever done as a team.

“You head for the hallway. It’s okay if you take a couple hits. Try and get Hawkeye as you’re going. Once you reach the hall I’ll follow you. We’ll see if we can make our way up to the mezzanine the back way while Clint is distracted by Natasha.”

That was actually a really great plan.

I grinned and gave him a kiss. “See you in the corridor.”

“Can you two not kiss now? I can hear it!” Steve snapped over the earpieces.

“Grow up, old man,” I retorted. I got a better grip on my gun, aimed in Hawkeye’s general direction, and took off over the open atrium. I fired off a few shots—somehow managing to nail both Clint and Natasha at least once—and slipped into the hallway. Despite the soft lights on my vest, my black outfit made me nearly invisible. Hardly anyone had even noticed. I snickered as I made it to safety. “Y’all need to get on my level!” I hissed into the earpiece sarcastically.

In my mind’s eye I could see Steve rolling his eyes at me.

After a moment, Bucky joined me. “Let’s go,” he said. Without delay we took off through the back corridors until I found the stairs.

Trying the door, I hissed angrily. “It’s locked!”

Bucky shrugged, edged past me, and ripped the lock off with his left arm. When my mouth dropped open to tell him off, he shrugged. “I didn’t use any powers. It doesn’t count,” he interrupted before I could even speak. “Shall we?” He took my hand and started to drag me up the stairs. I followed, not bothering to mention that even though his arm didn’t count as “powers” it did count as an enhancement—and those weren’t allowed either. Tony would probably dock us a few points when the war was over. So we’d have to make up for it on the mezzanine. “Hunting mode,” he whispered as we neared the door to the second floor.

“Way ahead of you,” I retorted, already stepping silently.

“Doubt that,” he joked, climbing up the narrow walls like Spider-Man and opening a ceiling panel.

“What are you—?” I started to demand.

“Rafters. I’ll take them from the rafters, you take them from the ground. It’ll be great.”

“Bucky!” I hissed.

Too late. He was already gone.

A few bad words in other languages ran through my head while I eased open the door to the second floor mezzanine. Natasha and Clint were constantly popping up from behind big objects like prairie dogs—or a game of Whack-A-Mole. They’d take a shot at each other—or occasionally someone who got too close—and then duck back down again.

Then Clint swore. “Winter Soldier alert!” I heard him say. I had crouched to just below a decorative table so he wouldn’t see the soft lights from my vest. They weren’t looking for me. A grin lit up my face as I shot both of the master assassins on the shoulder sensors of their vests (both Hawkeye and Bucky would be very proud of me for my decent aim) and dropped back to the ground to give their “shields” a moment to drop again before I could shoot them.

Then Bucky took over and I started sniping people on the ground floor, racking up as many points as I could so that the penalty for using powers was already compensated for and we could—hopefully—still win.

I got everyone not on my team at least once as they sprinted across the open floor—except the Vision because he was just floating idly and looked so lost. I got him five or six times.

Suddenly the lights turned back on, shutting the black lights off.

Blue team wins!” the speakers on the chest pieces of our vests announced.

Me, Bucky, Steve, Sam, and Pietro all cheered. Bucky dropped from the rafters and gave me a celebratory kiss.

“We did it!” I said.

Can you two not be kissing now?” Steve asked through my earpiece. “I can still hear it.”

The frequencies had opened up so we could all hear each other and I was joined by Natasha, Clint, Bucky, and Tony in a chorus of, “Grow up, old man!”

dark blue.
the color of your shirt as you yelled from the porch that you loved me. the color of my bruised knees which proved you didn’t.

pale red.
the color of your cheeks when i complimented you. the color of my hands after i had a bad spell, i’m sorry, i didn’t know i was going to punch the wall either.

the color of my mouth when your tone changed. you always said it was your favorite color on me. you put your hands up my skirt and asked why i always look so goddamn sad, and once you turned on the lights i had to confess that i was sick again. the color of your eyes. i think i was crying.

the color of the sky, and the cocktail we both became so used to downing. 8 aspirin with a nyquil chaser. the color of your brothers car. a place i came to know all too well.

the color of my arms, knees, legs, being. i never tire of the questioning of where i got these bruises. to chuckle and say i’m clumsy, which is true, i keep falling back into the same pattern with you.

—  i loved you in shades that don’t exist

Hi im Lisa i apparently take bad quality selfies with bad quality spelling xx i still dont know what i am but im somewhere on the queer spectrum . i love dan and phil follow me : looking-for-pet-dragons