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Band (Part 2)

College band kid again! Today we had our last practice before our concert on Friday.

Literally all this happened today.

- Two kids went back and forth speaking in different TV show character voices while everyone died laughing.

- Trumpet player not realizing how loud he said the word, “SHIT!” DURING A SONG.

- *As my band director walks on the stage.* “And then they will throw babies at my face.”

- “I will drop my hands, turn around, and bow. Don’t be surprised if they don’t clap right away, they’re still processing it.” - Band director

- “This isn’t even any of ours.” *Chucks drumstick out into house*

- Kenny: *picks up drumstick from house and starts playing on armrest*

Band director: *Walks back into house* KENNY. STOP HITTING THINGS.

- A guy said, “Touch my butt.” He turned around and realized I wasn’t his girlfriend.

- My band director almost fell over trying to get her podium up. A clarinetist had to help her.

- The fact my band director screamed from backstage and nobody heard her. (She wasn’t in danger, she just wanted to let us know we could take the mallet instruments/chimes through the gym and to the theatre.)

- *Band warms up*
*Lights get SUPER BRIGHT and everyone just stops playing for a second as they’re trying not to be blinded*

- *Band director points to the backdrop* “You know? I know this is the set for The Little Mermaid, but it’s actually a good band shell….”

- Band director: I’m going to be playing percussion for it, but go see The Little Mermaid for Lance and Kristen! I’ll just happen to be there….

- Band director: We have like EIGHT KIDS AUDITIONING AND ONE OF THEM IS AN OBOE. But there’s no brass…. (We have 4 brass players.)

(That number of kids would almost double our band.)

- *In a very bad southern accent* “Have you tried marking time?”

- “Don’t touch the set pieces. Don’t put stuff on the set pieces. DON’T EVEN LOOK AT THE SET PIECES CROSSEYED.” - Band director

- “I’m going to turn the house lights on so you don’t die.”

- Kenny: (As Lance descends down the stairs) AAAAAAND HERE’S OUR NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Band director: (While making motions.) Then they’re (the contestant) running down the stairs and their boobs are flying out of their shirt???? Its happened.

- *Entire band singing All-Star*
*Everyone stops singing and realizes what that means.*
*Band director bursts out laughing.*

- Kenny: *Moves baseball hat to the side of his head* Yo yo!

Bass Clarinetist: No, Kenny.

- Bass Clarinetist: I worry about you two… A lot.

I’m surprised we actually got anything done….

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FRAs reactions to finding out mc is super talented in all things musical? singing, playing an instrument, writing music etc

First imagines post!


- You guys are spending the day at the college library

- while cute little Yoosung is studying you check out a book on writing music (not for the first time)

- you sit down across from him and begin reading

- Yoosung glances up and thinks your reading another langauge

- “MC…?”

- you explain this is how music is made

- his eyes go wide and he begs you to teach him, you tell him to keep studying

- he does but he keeps giving you this woman puppy dog eyes

- you sigh

-when begin talking about notes and measures he’s so confused

-eventually he gives up


-There was an old guitar in the back of Jaehees closet

-you pulled it out while she was at work and brushed your hand over the strings

-you used to play when you were little

-You begin to play and forget the time

-you play for hours until Jaehee got home

-she heard you playing and was amazed

-she stood in the doorway until you stopped

-it had taken her a year to play one chord on the damned thing

-she stood there for an hour

-She clapped when you finished


-Zen likes to bring you on set with him some days

-one day he decides putting a microphone on you might be cool

-after you guys mess around for awhile you go to hangout back stage

-too pass the time you begin to sing

-it’s one of those cheesy songs on the radio

-your finishing the chorus when zen bursts in

-“MC your hot!”


-He tells you your mic is on (hot)

-you look down and sure enough

-your so embarrassed!

-you hold your breath as he turns it off

-Zen thinks your cutest when your all pink

-uh oh zens gonna be late for rehearsal


-Jumin does not like being away from you

-so naturally your spending the day at C&R

-like all fancy places there’s a grand piano in the lobby

-it’s dusty

-you remember when you used to play in ninth grade

-maybe you remember?

-you take a seat and begin to play

-eventually your full out Beethoven style

-You forget your in a populated lobby

-eventually a crowd gathers around

-you notice but it would be awkward to stop playing

-when Jumin comes looking for you he’s pleasantly surprised

-he has no clue how a piano even worked

-Sheltered bby

-he has got that little half smile on his face you know the one

-he’s gonna buy a piano for his house now

-whoops he already bought it


-It all started when Seven found his new favorite song and started playing it over and over and over

-eventually it was engrained your mind

-he was dead meat

-the next morning he heard you singing it in the shower

-He literally bust down the door

-what was that in his hands.

-was that.. an accordion,

-oh my god it is

-ohmygod he’s playing the song on accordion While your in the shower

-smh seven

-you love him too much not to keep singing

-eventually your voice turns into a bad screechy southern accent

-what are you two even doing anymore

“Zombie Apocalypse” people scare me because, honestly, they are actively looking forward to the apocalypse and being dirty and greasy and shooting things in the head.

Um, personally, I prefer hot showers and electricity and wifi and fresh tampons and whatnot.  But, yeah, you all keep living in your silly, blood-ridden, video-game-style fantasies.

Rick Grimes isn’t real, guys. He’s just an English actor doing a really bad southern accent.

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Bones was really short as a kid and walked on tip toe to feel taller. Now he bounces on his toes whenever he wants to draw attention to himself, but he doesn't even realize he's doing it until Jim is doing impressions of the crew and when he gets to Bones he insults Spock in a bad southern accent while constantly bouncing

Bones is low key flattered by how inventive Jim gets with insulting Spock, but he is utterly thrown by the bouncing. He asks Chapel to point out whenever he bounces. He asks Chapel to stop two days later, turns out he bounces a lot.

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Tom Hiddleston & the Southern Drawl

I grew up (and still live in) the southern United States. All my life, I’ve grown up with people around me who have thick southern drawls. One of my pet peeves on film and TV is bad southern accents. For some reason, people seem to think a southern accent is easy to do. It’s not, and we can tell when you’re faking. (Plus, every state and regions in different southern states have different ones.)

All that to say, I’m incredibly excited about seeing Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams because the small amount I’ve seen has already shown me that he’s actually given the accent the respect it deserves. When most people, a lot of actors included, put on a drawl, it just sounds like they’ve superimposed it on top of their normal voice. It might not be detectable if you’re not from the south, but if you are, it’s distractingly awkward. When Tom goes into Hank’s voice, his entire way of articulating words changes, and it’s obvious he realizes that doing an accurate southern accent requires a shift in the entire way a person uses their mouth and facial muscles to vocalize every single sound.

I’m just really, really happy about that, ok?