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Hey everyone. Rabbie here. I’m in a really bad situation right now. My roommate and I usually live on my paycheck, but October has become an extremely difficult time. My roommate was bedridden for a long time due to a back injury and has just had surgery, but is still recovering. I haven’t been able to work, as I was in the hospital for a week earlier this month and have been in recovery since. 

Our rent is 500 dollars, and due on the first of November, but we have no way to make it. We both cannot afford to be homeless, as we have nowhere we can go, and my body cannot survive the cold at night due to my own genetic disabilities. 

Right now we’re stressed as heck because we don’t have money to eat, do laundry, go to our appointments, or keep a roof over our head. 

If you can help at all, my paypal is and I have a donate button on the side of my blog. If you can reblog, too, I would totally appreciate it. Much love and thanks.

Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 31!

AKA, One of the best action sequences I’ve ever experienced in my entire goddamn life, holy FUCK Sam Riegel!!!

    • We tune back into Critical Role this week, right after Scanlan Shorthalt turned into a motherfucking triceratops and crashed through the top of the door to Duke’s estate.
    • *Everyone hums the Jurassic Park theme song in unison to encourage him*
    • Honestly, to me this entire fight is a pitch-perfect illustration of Scanlan’s character: utterly bizarre, funny as fuck, but surprisingly strategic and scarily good at getting out of bad situations? Like, damn.
    • “I don’t have any fire, I don’t know why I was sent on this mission!”
      • “How did this plan happen then?!? Why did you go if you don’t have any way of starting a fire?? I said, ‘Hey, Scanlan, I should come with you!’; and you said, ‘I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!’.” 
      • “The echoing voice in the back of your head that would be Keyleth, if she were with you.”
    • Tries to crash through a side door, only makes it 2/3rds of the way.
      • “These fucking doors!” “Your worst nemesis.”
    • “I gotta have some fun first! How often will I get to take on a whole house by myself?” Travis: “I am so in love with you right now.”
    • “They duck out of range - of the flame throwing gnome.”
    • “Duel of the fates, on a burning rooftop in the rain! Giant Goliath and a fire-breathing gnome!”
    • “I’m gonna kill everyone in this motherfucking house!!!”
    • Scanlan fucking trust falls off of the side of the mansion, into Bigby’s Hand?!?!?
    • “Don’t get handsy, Bigby!”
    • Sam ties his tie around his head lmao.
  • The entire group realising the rebellion has actually taken off, as Scanlan sees people attacking one of the zombie giants!
  • Everyone going all Dukes of Hazzard sliding over tables.
  • *Meanwhile, on the other side of town…*
    • Vax: “I’m doing my catchphrase, man, ‘Dagger, Dagger, Dagger!’”
    • I love how thematically perfect it is that Percy took a feat in magic initiate when he levelled up, because the smoky hex works so well as some kind of aid from Orthax that just lingered? So good?
    • Trinket gets a crit! RAWR!
      • Also, a HDYWTDT on a fucking vampire!
    • “You hear Percy yell, ‘Vampire!’” “Oh! Great!” *awkward silence*
    • “…Can we loot the mist?”
    • “Don’t forget to tell them about Gilmore’s first!”
    • Vax realises the remaining soldier was involved in hanging the bodies on the Sun Tree - one of which was a child - and promptly slits the guy’s throat.
      • Like, unfortunately it does mean they don’t find anything out about the spy (could they have learnt about Cassandra’s deception earlier?), but it’s exactly what Vax would do.
    • “I turn around and slam Percy against the wall, and I look him straight in the eye -” “And kiss him!”
      • Sam Riegel, already captain of the Perc’ahlia ship lol
    • “The Tyleri family jewels”
  • “Health, we need some now. Health, not just anybody. Health, you know you need someone. Health!”
  • Nightfall, and the sudden realisation that while they need to start heading towards Whitestone Castle, the Briarwoods have sent undead armies into town to push the people back. 
    • Keyleth insists on staying and helping the townsfolk, despite the fact that most of them are pretty tapped out magic wise (especially Scanlan), and only recovered some health through a short rest. 
    • It’s a really frustrating moment within Vox Machina in-game, but also perfect? Keyleth really does act as a moral compass for the group sometimes, and honestly, would the townsfolk have survived through two more zombie giants and the skeleton army? We don’t know that they would have! 
Starting Again


The next morning, James woke up to a slight headache, and the lovely sight of Ênora next to him. He slid his hands to her warm back to pull her close, kissing her hair softly, amazed that she was his again. That she still was. 

It was a luxury he had paid for dearly, and although he did not like the price, it was far, far too late. All that was left was to make the best of a bad situation, and, wrapped up in Énora, knowing he didn’t have to leave, James found it hard to feel bad at all. 

anonymous asked:

maybe this is a silly question, but what do you do about christmas when you convert? is it wrong to still buy my friends presents? my 4 closest friends are 1 jew and 3 atheists, and i'm a former atheist, so it was never a religious holiday for me, it was cultural participation. i'm not really in the process more than self learning (bad family/home situation; i'm going to find a rabbi nd community when i can) but i still feel uncertain.

Not a silly question at all! It’s something a lot of people have to deal with. I don’t think anyone would argue that getting your friends presents for a holiday they celebrate is wrong. As much as possible, I personally try to draw a line between “my holidays, which are I embrace wholeheartedly” and “your holidays, which I’m a guest at” when interacting with my Christian friends and family. So I’ll buy them Christmas presents, tell them Merry Christmas, and attend parties, but I won’t wear Christmas apparel or go to religious services, and if a friend or stranger tells me Merry Christmas I’ll respond “thank you, but actually I’m Jewish” or something similar. (I don’t correct my family members just because… it’s weird and awkward. but some people do.)

This year, with Chanukah falling the same week as Christmas, I expect the holidays will overlap in terms of celebration as well. (Last year, I was away at college for Chanukah, so my parents gave me Chanukah presents on Christmas. Like I said, it gets weird.) Really, it’s a common concern that a lot of converts have, and there’s no one right answer. Whatever feels right for you is acceptable.

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Around Bass Lake 2016 30 – Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, October 16, 2016

With no affinity for complexity and uncertainty,

and no patience with complications and confusion,

we leap for solutions that are more apparent than real,

and a bad situation quickly becomes out of hand.

I recommend adopting “Yes and no,” as a way of managing

all of life’s problems and options.

Everything–every choice, every decision–

has its upside and its downside,

its advantages and its disadvantages,

its pluses and its minuses.

“Yes and no,” puts it all in perspective,

and keeps us from thinking there could ever be

a Final Solution

and this might be it.

“Do you think we ought to (fill in the blank)

sell our house here and buy one there?”

“Yes and no.”

And then, carefully examine all of the yes factors

and all of the no factors,

remembering to include the intangible

“How thinking about it makes me feel inside” aspects.

“Do you want cereal for breakfast?”

“Yes and no.”

It’s all yes and no!

Anything that appears to be completely yes or no

has another side we aren’t seeing.

Life is a mixture of yes and no.

Stir things up!

Keep things in solution until you can see it for what it is–

for ALL it is!

Do not rush to the finished line!

When we take the time necessary to take everything into account,

the right action arises on its own.

All we did was poke around, examining options, asking questions.

If they had a kid meme, Outlaw Queen

  • Name: Laurelyn, because it’s an excellent tree-like name
  • Gender: female, because they already have two boys. They thought about adopting another baby boy, but Laurelyn needed a home. She had another name, but it was gently suggested by the social worker that she might do better with another name
  • General Appearance: black hair, dark brown eyes, shorter, darker complexioned than Henry, looks closer to Roland, small hands, incredibly big eyes when she’s startled or happy, round face, warm smile, dimples
  • Personality:  they’re not really sure of her background, it was a very bad situation and she’s very pulled into herself when she first comes home with them. It takes her awhile to warm up, and for the first few months, she’s like a ghost who lives with them, she eats, she does what she’s told, and other than that, she hides, she doesn’t trust them, or anyone. There’s lots of patience, and therapy, and she warms up, she laughs, and Regina cries the first time it happens. She reads, constantly, because there’s a lot to know, and she doesn’t have magic, like Roland, and they’re only a few years apart, and they’re so close. They camp together and build forts and once she remembers how to laugh, they giggle. 
  • Special Talents: Laurelyn is great with animals, really really great. She’s quiet, patient, and they trust her. She’s especially good with anything frightened, because she knows fear. 
  • Who they like better: Robin’s easier for her to get to know, at first. Regina’s so warm and so patient and so ready to be her mom that it’s scary, and Robin is more standoffish. He lets her be, and sometimes he just does things in the room next to her, makes arrows, whittles, reads. They spend a lot of time just existing next to each other, and they’re comfortable with it. They go on long walks together and don’t talk. Sometimes they talk and talk and talk. 
  • Who they take after more: She’s more like Regina, intensely loving, but afraid of being hurt, someone who has been hurt and now trusts with great care, but loves absolutely when she has the chance. Her mind is more methodical than Robin’s, and she loves watching Regina cook and do magic and assemble things. She and Regina connect really well over horses, which leads to-
  • Personal Head canon: Laurelyn is a veterinarian, she trains for years, studies out of storybrooke and comes home when she can (Regina and Robin make sure she has a car). She’s in and out of storybrooke and learning all the medical things she can know before she oes back and works with Regina to learn potions and what she can do without having magic. She’s especially good with sheep and goats, which makes David laugh, and horses, which is something she shares with Regina. She helps with Archie’s dogs and the town cats, and birds, even snakes. 
  • Face Claim: Gina Rodriguez 

He stepped onto school property, unsure of what was to happen today. Roland had been bullied for most his whole life, and he had never told his parents, teachers, and nobody around him ever told a teacher. So he was in a bad situation. Roland was one of those chubby, but not overweight, kids at school. Yes, he was gay, but he felt like that wasn’t a problem. So what if he couldn’t feel attracted to girls? He can be friends with them, but he could never date them. They weirded him out too much and they were too hard to understand. He was Asian, but he didn’t have those stereotypical squinty eyes. He was mostly Malaysian, but he did have some Korean and Japanese somewhere in his lineage, probably on his mother’s side. He honestly didn’t know, and frankly, he didn’t care. He walked through the halls before school, making his way to his locker to put half of his stuff in there so he could exchange between the halves during lunch. “Yo Roll!” Ugh. That dumb nickname. He knew that crummy, stupid voice anywhere. He turned towards the direction of the slightly cracking voice to see some boys who he knew had followed him as soon as he had gotten off the bus.

“Rolly Polly! Dude! You got our money?” The guy speaking was called James, and his two loonies that always followed him around when they weren’t in class were Michael and Zack. All three of them had this huge smile on their faces that said, ‘If you don’t have the money you’re gonna get it.’ Roland only sighed in reply, reaching into his backpack and pulling out his wallet. Before he could do anything, it was snatched out of his hands. “Hey!” James shushed Roland, getting Michael and Zack to hold him back while he rummaged through a bunch of gift cards Roland kept around, mostly because he wanted to use all the money that was left on them before throwing them out. “Oh, is this a debit card I see?” Roland froze. ‘Shit! I forgot to take that out!’ He became frantic to get his wallet and debit card back.

“Hey hey hey, no need to be rude. I’ll just take this, and give it back to you later.” “How much later? If my parents find out I lost that, they’d kill me!” “Let me see… How about never? I think that sounds good to me. Anyone opposed to this?” Roland struggled, showing how much he opposed, but James ignored him while his friends shook their heads. “Well then! Looks like Mr. Chinese Fatty is losing a debit card! What a shame… I wonder what his parents’ll do…” Roland felt as if he was about to cry, but he held back the tears. If he cried in front of them, he’d just make the situation worse. “Please, don’t do this!” Roland begged, ignored once again as James, Michael, and Zack began to leave. “Oh! And one more thing. If you’re still thinking of telling a teacher, remember that photo I have of you yelling at kids? I still got that. Have fun being totally broke!”

And with that, they left. That damn photo. If that got out, it would ruin his good reputation! Those kids he was ‘yelling’ at in the picture. Those were his two little cousins and it was just a joke! He was messing around with them and James had gotten a picture that looked like he was legitimately yelling at them. James had blackmailed Roland like this for months now, using it to get money, to get Roland to do his and his loonies’ homework, for practically anything. But it was James taking his debit card that had crossed the line.

The first thing Roland did was go to the principal. He told her everything. From the beginning of the bullying, to James making him do homework that wasn’t his, to James taking money from him, and, finally, James crossing the line and taking his full blown debit card. “Oh my. Why didn’t you let us know before?” was what she had asked. Roland told her why, and the principal only nodded. “Alright, I’ll call them in.” Roland then left, and waited outside the principal’s office like he was told. He then heard over the intercom, “Would James Holwell, Michael Trifiro, and Zack Richer come to the principal’s office please? Thank you.” A couple minutes later, he saw the three guys walk in and Roland could instantly see the hate and anger in James’s eyes. Then came the face that said ‘You know what’ll happen.’ About an hour passed, and then there was yelling. Roland thought he heard something break. Security was then rushing in and James was pulled out. Roland peeked in and was surprised to see Michael and Zack cowering in the corner. Roland got his debit card back that day.

The last time Roland heard of James, was his name being passed around in rumors that he had been expelled. He didn’t see Michael and Zack until a week later. “Hey, uh, Roland?” Roland was going through his locker when Michael got his attention. He finally got a good look at the two of them. Michael looked like a normal Caucasian 17 year old boy, when in reality, he had heard, that he was strictly Hispanic. Zack had a slightly darker tone of skin, but not dark enough to cause someone to assume he had colored skin. He was an immigrant from Spain. “We’re, um, really sorry about what we’ve been doing to you with James the past few months.” Zack said, not making eye-contact. It seemed like he wanted to say more, but it seemed Michael had read his mind. “James said that if we didn’t do as he was told, he would send out these super embarrassing and reputation-ruining pictures he had somehow gotten of us.”

Roland said that he forgave them and from that point forward, they became like the three musketeers! They’d go to movies every Wednesday, be wing-men for each other, and always be there. They’d help each other with homework and comfort each other if one was going through, for example, a breakup. Roland’s life had finally gotten better. Just before he was planning on… Roland stopped the thought as the three of them finally got comfortable at Zack’s house, bowl of popcorn in the middle of them, to watch Scream.

Okay, a little explanation in my reasoning for writing this. I was honestly just thinking about what I should write to post here today, and bullying just instantly came to my mind. I don’t relate to this very much, but there are small aspects of it that I can understand, just not on such a level as bullying. If you are being bullied or are witnessing someone getting bullied, please tell someone. One day, it could push them over the edge and a mother would have her baby taken away. Nobody wants to see that sad of a mother, mostly because it’s too sad to even think about. If you are talking with someone and they don’t usually seem happy or they become defensive when you speak with them, you might be bullying them without realizing it. So ask them. If you are, apologize and try to make up for it. Every word counts you know.

A lot of strangers have written to me over the years asking how to access specific buildings, and I refuse to give away access information.  This photograph illustrates one of the reasons I almost never share - abandoned buildings can be dangerous, potentially deadly.  In 2007, fire struck the male wards at Hudson River State Hospital, a stately 19th century Kirkbride-plan asylum in Poughkeepsie, NY.  This is one of the parts of this wing that wasn’t damaged by the fire.  This is the fourth floor of the building; beneath the looming void visible ahead is a drop straight down into the basement.  To get to the position from which I took this photograph, I had to leap from the archway off to the left and catch what was left of the floor - had I missed, it would have been about 60 feet down into a pile of metal, brick, splintered wood - in other words, almost certain death.  To me, this is just part of the job - taking calculated risks to get great shots.  But I wouldn’t recommend it to most people.  Within a year of taking this photograph, this entire area had dropped out - this floor is no longer accessible.  Had I tried to make the jump six months after I did, would the floor have held me?  I’ll never know.

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What if Aoba got Clear to remember the Jellyfish Song in his bad end?

Aoba can’t seem to remember it exactly, but he wants to try. He misses it and misses Clear singing it, so he begins to hum.

Clear: This song… why… why does it sound familiar?

i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please