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i get that the stunts are as frustrating as ever but i wish people would stop and realize that the way stunts work…is that louis and danielle’s teams are coordinating this stuff…everyone knows what’s going to happen…it’s not like danielle is some evil person rubbing her hands and scheming behind louis and his family’s backs trying to make their lives difficult…like…i don’t know how to put this but the past few days have been so frustrating because i feel like a lot of people are losing sight of what a stunt is…i don’t like danielle either and there are plenty of valid things to criticize her for but to act like she’s an evil bitch going behind louis’ back for posting a picture in a shirt or with his sisters or something is…just another way of turning louis into a helpless victim and it makes me really uncomfortable on a lot of levels. he knows what’s happening and OF COURSE i know that this is the furthest thing from what he wants, but it’s not like he opens up his phone in shock at whatever minor social media thing danielle did today.

This was the most important episode of Steven Universe ever

It would have helped me so much to see how to deal with these situations when I was young.

That it’s okay to accept that a bad situation is bad, and grow to face it instead of hiding emotions for years.

I hope this episode really helps some others too.


Ellis: Holy shit, guys, kiddieland!
Coach: Sometimes it feels like we babysitting, doesn’t it?
Rochelle: He is making the best of a bad situation.
Nick: He’s like a five year old. With guns. And a comprehensive grasp of every swear word in the English language.
Rochelle: I wish I could be that happy. Ah, to hell with it! Whoo! Kiddieland!

For your consideration:

  • Garnet purposefully being as gentle and kind as she can so that she never lives up to the title of War Machine.
  • Garnet seeing the atrocities of war from multiple perspectives being self-concious being fused because she doesn’t want her allies to assosiate fusion with war.
  • Garnet, and Ruby getting a little self-concious when people joke about “Your Ruby is showing” because Ruby blames herself for the whole War Machine stereotype. But they’re more comfortable with it being said by close friends.
  • Ruby seeing Sapphire in a bad situation remaining perfectly calm and it annoying her because she doesn’t want to be easily frustrated. She doesn’t want to be a War Machine. She wants to be more like Sapphire.
  • Sapphire seeing Ruby’s short fuse actually allow her to connect to people more and help them and relate to their problems. She doesn’t want to be cold and distant. She doesn’t want to be a War Machine. She wants to be more like Ruby.
  • Garnet overloading her future vision, worrying and panicking around baby Steven, refusing to hold him in case she hurts him; because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore.
  • Garnet eventually being handed Steven by Greg and worrying she’ll hurt him, but she doesn’t and baby Steven looks at her like she’s the most gentle thing in the universe and it makes her feel better.
  • Garnet wanting to be stern, but not too stern because she wants to be kind too.
  • Ruby and Sapphire worrying if their love is unintentionally hurting their friends because of the War Machine stereotype.
  • Garnet never really being able to feel good about a victory in battle because she knows this will just increase the “War Machine” stereotype.
  • Garnet meeting Rainbow Quartz and them both reassuring each other that neither of them are bad.
  • Garnet meeting Opal and loving how soft and kind she is.
  • Garnet forming Sardonyx for the first time and loving how she’s this huge, powerful fusion who’s famous for cracking jokes rather than spines.
  • Garnet forming Sugilite for the first time and loving her charisma and energy and how she’s always up for a good time; but hating when she gets carried away.
  • Sapphire singing their song to Ruby whenever she gets upset about the war because it calms her down; when really on the inside Sapphire is hurting too, and Ruby knows it.
  • Garnet realising that Homeworld hating her doesn’t make her the things that they call her. It makes her stronger.
Liam Dunbar - Werewolf

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Request ( @musiciscoolbutiamnot ) : You should do a Liam imagine where you wind up in a bad supernatural situation with the pack on accident Like you walked in on the fighting, but they don’t realize that you saw anything so you act weird around him for a while idk how to end it or if this makes sense sorry 😭 Thanks so much if you can do something like this

F/N = friend’s name

     Ever since you had started dating Liam Dunbar, you had become one of the most popular girls in Beacon Hills High. It was probably because Liam was friends with a big group of the older students, like Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, and Malia Hale. 

     Unless you were sitting with your big group of friends at lunch, you sat with Liam, who sat with Scott and his friends. They always seemed to quiet down when you arrived, as if they were talking about something earlier that would be dangerous for you to hear.

     Today, you didn’t bother sitting with Liam, and instead headed over to your friends. They greeted you with smiles, happy you had sat down with them,

     “Hey, why aren’t you sitting with Liam today?” F/N/1 asked. “It’s totally okay, we get it if you want to,” she said.

     “I would sit with him if his friends didn’t act so weird around me,” you sighed, putting down your tray and beginning to eat.

     “Well that’s why we’re here,” F/N/2 said laughing. “Anyways, we talk about way better subjects than anything any junior or senior talks about, she said.

     You laughed, and began to settle into conversation. What you did’t notice was Liam looking at you confused from his table, wondering why you didn’t sit with him.

      You didn’t have any classes with Liam after lunch, so the next time you saw him was the small break before it was time to go home.

     Right away you noticed he didn’t look as happy as he did usually, and with an exaggerated said face, you walked over to him, and gave him a big hug. After about a minute, you pulled apart.

     “Why were you sad?” you asked.

     “Why didn’t you sit with me?” He replied.

     “Aw, Liam, I sat with my friends for the first time in a couple months,” you said, laughing. “I haven’t talked to them in ages, and it was only one lunch, it’s not like I’ve broken up with you.”

     “I know, it’s just, I wanted to talk to you.” He said.

      You laughed, and kissed him on the forehead. “How about we talk later tonight, like at the outdoor mall, you suggested.

      “Sure,” he replied, smiling.

     Once you got home, you pulled on some comfy clothes, and took out your schoolwork for the night. You had just finished your language, math, and you were halfway with your book essay when your phone rung with an alarm. You checked the time - 8:30, which meant you would meet Liam in one and a half hours. You unlocked your phone and went into the messages app, and found that the text was from Liam, and it read “I can’t make it tonight talk to you tomorrow”. You sighed, and locked your phone, and finished the rest of your essay, which was the last part of your homework.

     After preparing your backpack for the next day at school, you put on an outfit, and decided you would go to the outdoor mall yourself. 

     After telling your parents, you got in your car and drove.

     After you did some light shopping, you stopped at Starbucks to grab a quick dinner. As you sat outside eating, the shops all began to close. Suddenly, you heard a bunch of loud sounds and a - growl?

     Finishing your food, you threw away the wrapper, picked up your purse, and headed to where the sound was coming from. 

     It was coming from the main square, where you saw something you never thought would have existed; werewolves. They had glowing eyes, one had yellow, one had blue, and one of them had bright red eyes. That’s when you realized you knew the people, but they didn’t notice you. The red-eyed one was Scott, and Malia was the blue-eyed one, and your heart dropped when you realized Liam was the one with the glowing yellow orbs. You had never seen him so violent. Before they saw you, you ran back to your car, and drove back home, almost immediately changing and going to sleep.

     The next day at school, you didn’t talk to Liam. He didn’t seem to notice today, and probably thought you were busy. You sat with your friends again at lunch, who cheered you up with their gossip and jokes (but you didn’t tell them anything about the night before). You continued this behavior for the next few days and noticed Liam was getting more and more confused and sad, but you brushed it off, not being able to believe he hadn’t told you about his… powers.

     The next day he seemed angry. At the end of the day, he pulled you over. 

     “Why aren’t you talking to me at all? I thought that you would sit with me the day after the fist day you sat with your friends? What did I do? I’m sorry I couldn’t come that night but I-”

      You cut him off.

      “I was there, that night, I saw you, and Scott, and Malia,” you said, beginning to cry.

      “No don’t cry- this is y fault,” he said, wiping the tears from your face.

       “I know it’s your fault,” you said, laughing a bit. “Why didn’t you tell me?” 

       “Why don’t we talk about it, like now.” He said. “We can drive somewhere.”

       “Okay,” you said.

        You both smiled, and you kissed him.

Author’s note: Ah, finally an imagine that’s longer than two sentences lol. I hope you guys like it! Again, trying to finish up my old requests but you can still send in new ones. :) Love you guys!
Why I'm Leaving Pillpack
Hasta la pasta for now, PillPack. I hope that, one day, you can get the customer service issue pulled together for your clients. Personally, I don't know that I'll feel comfortable trying your services ever again.

Something to keep in mind, y’all! In some situations, bad customer service is just a pain. But in others, and especially when your meds are at stake, you might not want to risk it :o

it’s been nearly half a year since i got out of the abusive household that tore me down for 8 god damned years. I honestly never thought that part of my life would end but now that it has, looking back on it feels unreal. already it seems absurd to think almost half my life was spent being afraid to eat, make any noise, or even walk down the hall to the bathroom but, at the time, not being afraid seemed equally irrational. I was underweight and had such bad anxiety that i would nervously scratch my forearm until there wasn’t any skin left. that was my normal. with time behind me, my anxiety became tolerable, my weight is healthy now, and even though my arms are scarred over, they’re healed. i didn’t think anything would ever improve despite people telling me it would but here i am now, proving that version of myself wrong. there’s plenty to work on still but it’s getting better and for anybody else stuck in a bad situation i just want to say it will get better, not because i think it’s what you want to hear but because i know you’ll be happy you stuck it out once it’s over

ESTP 7w8 vs ESTP 8w7

Alright, y’all, allow me to introduce our two demonstration dummies for this quick comparison.

Commander Shepard: ESTP 8w7

Captain Isabela: ESTP 7w8

Now upon simple observation, even in playfulness, there’s already an obvious difference in demeanor.

The 8w7 is much more blunt and straightforward. Granted that’s a total crack gif, but if you’ve ever played Mass Effect, telling people to just “deal with it” is very much Shepard’s personality–renegade or paragon. No cutting corners, or following bureaucratic bullshit. There’s something reassuring and reliable even in their good humor. It is or isn’t with them. Yes, or no. Do, or do not. Their word is important to them, so they don’t mind stepping on a few toes.

The 7w8 on the other hand is a bit more coy. Their demure sense of humor is illusive. Bad situation? JOKES??? JOKES! The reason being is the 7 avoids pain basically at all costs. So casual is the way to go with their jokes. There’s something more flighty than the earthy, rock solid quality of the 8. As is they may roll with the tides and go where the wind blows. Should you rely them? Maybe? Sometimes. You’re probably going to for some reason. Likely because if it’s going to cause the 7w8 pain to break your trust, they’ll make a show of NOT.

But let’s start with comparing and contrasting similarities and differences:

Both enjoy a good fight.

  • 7w8s are more enthusiastic about fights because it’s happening right now and why not? This will be fun.
  • Until it hurts. Then they’ll run or end it.
  • “If we kill them, we get their stuff! Someone needs a good spanking!” -Isabela
  • 8w7s see fights as a method of survival. Only the fittest struggle and survive.
  • “What if you and I make a deal? You let him set his own prices, and I won’t break your legs.”-Shepard

7w8s and 8w7s have very little problem putting someone in their place, and will point out when a squabble is futile or irrelevant. They’ll seek to end it.

  • 8w7s grow tired of disrespect and have limited patience when none is given.
  • Their force and presence will be more abrupt and immediate.
  • 7w8s likewise grow sour over unnecessary discourse and disrespect, but usually because it’s inconvenient or not fun.
  • Their will is usually imposed more gradually and then full force.

Both 7w8s and 8w7s are determined to be masters of their own fate.

  • 8w7s basic core fear is being controlled. 
  • 8w7s have no interest in being dominated either because the person in control could be incompetent or dangerous. They will take charge because they are strong-willed, competitive, decisive, and practical.
  • 8w7s can be almost paranoid in their withdrawn, secretive 5 state. When healthy they act as superheroes, openhearted, fulfilling good deeds all around at 2.
  • 7w8s basic core fear is pain.
  • 7w8s have no interest in deprivation and constantly sense that something darker lurks close by. Claustrophobic at heart, the 7w8 is a natural escape artist. They are whimsical, unrestrained, and open to opportunity for fear of missing out.
  • Of course, 7w8s can be so open to opportunity, they procrastinate and miss out on everything, and retreat into perfectionist, critical 1s. At their healthiest, they are fascinated, integrating to 5s and fulfilling lists of goals.

7w8s and 8w7s posses a powerful personal presence, an ability to lead and get what they want.

  • 8w7s desire power for power’s sake, for independence and dominance.
  • 8w7s are willing to take the heat or flack that comes with rejection, failure, or backlash for their followers.
  • They are very protective of their people.
  • 8w7s are honor bound. They do what they say, and say what they mean.
  • 7w8s typically lead only when it suits them. To lead may infringe on their freedom.
  • Or they’re in control of the wildest freedom ride of their life.
  • 7w8s are much more comfortable bouncing between leader, follower, and entirely independent, lone wolf as it suits them. 
  • Trailblazing is their most natural state of being. Sometimes they aren’t above cutting a few corners.

7w8s and 8w7s are addicted to excitement and have a habit of recklessness.

  • 7w8s are about fun and enjoyment.
  • To them, plans can change, and do constantly. They have trouble staying grounded sometimes and keeping up with all of their schemes, running from problems.
  • But they know it’s going to work out.
  • 8w7s are more emotionally volatile and have a need to prove themselves. Usually to themselves.
  • 8w7s are almost entirely instinctive.
  • 8w7s usually had a childhood where they learned to never let anyone push them around, to be vulnerable, because if you do, you lose. They only felt secure when they were in control
  • 7w8s usually had childhoods where they learned it is not okay to depend on anyone but themselves. Sometimes sugar helped the medicine go down.
  • 8w7s have a desire to never be betrayed.
  • 7w8s have a desire to be happy.
  • 8w7s struggle with lust and find their peace with justice.
  • 7w8s struggle with gluttony and find their peace with planning.

anonymous asked:

The first time I met Loki outside of a calm quiet setting was when I was fleeing my father who had just attacked me. I didn't even realize it was him until he was prodding me into action. Any suggestions how to thank him for his help?

Oh wow, that’s intense. I’m very grateful that Loki prodded you out of a bad situation, and I hope you’re safer now. 

And there are lots of ways to thank Loki! Most of them you probably already have an inkling of in the back of your head. If you have a really strong urge to get Loki a pack of chocolate, or can’t stop thinking about that weird chipotle berry tea you saw last week, that’s probably the right thing to give him. Follow your intuition on that.

But also, each of us have an individual relationship with our deities, so my way of thanking Loki is going to be different from yours. What I might do for something like that is to get myself to a safe place (that is more permanent than ‘the next few hours’ or even ‘the next few days’), set up a little part of that safe place that is dedicated to him, and put things on it that he might like. That whole thing – the taking care of yourself first, the setting up of a space for him (even if it’s just a space in your head, or a time of day), and the giving of gifts – is all an offering. 

I hope this is helpful, and that you’re okay.


Zen: “But I want to make some time to talk to Shirayuki. I especially want to tell her about the marriage interview myself.”

Obi: “Oh… Um, Master…”

Zen: “What did you just say?”

Obi: “What? I said, ‘She knew about your marriage interview from hearing the people around the vastle talking.’ ”

Zen: “After that!”

Obi: “I said, 'I didn’t tell her the girl was Miss Kiki’ …”

Zen: “Why not? If you were talking about the marriage interview, why did you leave out just that part?”

Obi: “Huh…? But we had to hide the fact that it was Miss Kiki, right?”

Zen: “That’s true, but not in that situation!”

Obi: “Uh, I’m sorry…”

Im gonna go on a mini rant here about the presentation of animal behavior and attaching morality to predator/prey scenarios here so feel free to ignore, I know I’m overreacting.

I keep seeing posts about humpback whales interrupting orca hunts and apparently saving the prey animals. And while thats FUCKING INTERESTING behavior the language theyre using is buggin the shit out of me.

Calling them “heros” and doing “good”.

Can we not attach that kind of morality to this, because that makes orcas “villains” and “bad” in the situation. Humpbacks ARE predators too. They aren’t herbivores. But no one thinks their prey is cute so. And theres already been enough media demonizing natural orca behavior. They gotta eat, man. When people get attacked by captive orcas, some people brush off the behavior, not fathoming how deeply disturbing, telling, and rare it is bc “Theyre killer whales, what did you expect!” and I’ve met so many people who have this deeply violent mental image of them. I’ve told people I love orcas and gotten the response “Orcas are jerks.” So much media only focuses on the more inventive hunting techniques used by a few individuals, and instead of presenting it as fascinating evidence of how amazingly smart they are, its presented as terrifying and monstrous.

The problem here is its hard to get people to give a shit about animals they think are monsters.

Can we please for the love of fuck stop applying human morality to natural animal behavior.