bad shu

*When Reiji was a little kid*

Beatrix: I just got back from a parent-teacher conference. You’ve been expelled.

Reiji: But I’m home schooled.

Beatrix: You have 24 hours to get out.


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How would Sakamaki boys beal with s/o who has OCD.

I googled some info about OCD but I’m still not sure if that’s how it looks like, though, I hope it’s not that bad! ^^”

♛ Ayato ♛

This guy has no mercy. He will laugh at you a lot every single time you stand up to fix curtains, pics on the wall or anything. No help from him. He will on purpose set things incorrectly to make you run around and fix it over and over. No talking to him will do. He’s childish and silly. Won’t help you at all.

♟ Kanato ♟

At first he just observes you, trying to understand what’s your purpose. He doesn’t understand it at all and so he’ll try to restrain you from your strange acts. If you don’t listen to him as he tells you to stop, he’ll force it upon you. He can even seriously hurt you so that you cannot move since it really annoys him as you do all the weird things. 

♞ Laito ♞

He doesn’t care about it too much. Sometimes - just like Ayato - he will enjoy teasing you with the things, but other than that, he won’t like you to act weirdly when he’s busy with you. He won’t try to talk to you about it since he understands the disorder very well. He just doesn’t care about your reactions and - if it’s necessary - he will, like Kanato this time, hurt you or force you to stop acting weirdly.

♝ Reiji ♝

He probably has OCD himself, but he keeps his composure well enough to not show it. You’re pretty rigorous and he likes as you try to make everything look perfect. At some point though, he notices the problem and - in his eyes - the best cure will be to teach you how you should behave. If you try to suddenly get up during a dinner and fix something you see, his glare will be strong enough to force you back down. And every time you do it anyway, you’ll be painfully punished.

♚ Shu ♚

At first, he finds it kind of funny. Looking at you feeling the overhelming urge to wash your hands every minute or setting properly every single thing you have is just funny. But it quickly starts to annoy him as hell, since it may disturb his sleep. If you do it when he’s not anywhere around, he won’t care much. But if you suddenly want to get up and fix the damn curtains as you’re cuddling, he’ll just force you back down. 

♜ Subaru ♜

At first it annoys the hell out of him. He will yell at you to stop doing the things and punch walls (no one’s surprised) in hope that you’d be too scared to do. It’d take some time for him to realize you actually have a problem and, even if it still annoys him, he’ll try to ignore/tolerate it. He will most likely tell you to get some treatment, but if he gets used to it, he won’t care much whether you do so or not.

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Imagine Ayato getting up in his bros faces about feminism whenever they act like rude jerks to Yui. X'D While being oblivious to his own actions (but once he does he feels bad for them)

Shu while sucking yui’s blood: you’re just a piece of meat


Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Shu Sakamaki (heaven 1) ~translation~ (Eng and Esp)

*Sorry for the mistakes, my english is very very bad~ 
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*Esta traducción esta en español abajo de todo~

Place: Music Room.

Yui: Waah… there is nobody here..!
Shu: It’s the closing of the school, of course there is no one. …Haa, I was sleeping at the house.
Yui: But… When I said that I had forgotten a thing, you said that you would accompany me, wouldn’t you?
Yui: (The truth is that I brought him here with me but…)
Shu: It’s because it’s problematic to let you do it yourself.
Shu: I didn’t think that you’d say something as stupid as you wanted to look for something at school on a day of rest.
Shu: If I knew this was going to happen, I should have taken you home.
Yui: (He says those things but he still accompanied me here, Shu-san is very kind…)
Shu: …What are you laughing about?
Yui: N-no, nothing… kya!?

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Hello! How about head canon or a scenario for the S and M brothers seeing their kid for the first time?

Hope you like it!


Ayato: He couldn’t stop the sense of pride and happiness welling up in his chest as he watched you cradle his child in your arms. You glanced up at him, beckoning him to come near. As Ayato moved towards the both of you, you lifted your arms up, motioning for him to take the child. “Go on Ayato, hold our son.” He slowly and carefully took the child from your arms, cradling it. Ayato watched in interest as the baby stared up at him with curious eyes. A content smile made its way onto his lips, was having a family always this nice?

“Ore-sama will make the both of you happy, that’s a promise.”

Laito: He observed his sleeping daughter who laid below him with a cheerful smile on his face. While Laito had fancied the idea of having a child, he never knew he could feel so pleased and fulfilled by just looking at his own child. “Hey Bitch-chan,” he turned to you, “isn’t she beautiful?” You looked back at him with a radiant smile, “yes she is!” Laito could only smile at your words as warm, pleasant feelings filled his body. This was his happiness.

“This child is a symbol of our love, and I’ll protect it with my life.”

Kanato: Kanato wasn’t fond of children, not at all. He felt like they took away too much of your attention. However, when he had seen you holding his child in your arms in such a loving manner, he couldn’t help but smile. He walked over to your hospital bed and peered over at his son. Kanato could see the small rising and lowering motions of his chest as he slept peacefully. As much as Kanato didn’t want to admit it, he was quite cute.

“You know, I suppose this isn’t too bad.”

Shu: Shu held his daughter in a cautious, and careful manner. It was funny, really. He was the king of the Demon World, almighty and powerful. Yet his daughter was so small, and so frail. If he used the wrong amount of force, he could end up killing her. He pushes those thoughts to the back of his head, that’s the last thing he wants to think of. Shu slowly places a warm kiss on his daughter’s forehead. Her body was so soft and squishy compared to his rough touch. Shu looks over to you, his eyes radiating with happiness.

“I won’t lose anyone dear to me anymore. I’ll always protect the both of you.”

Reiji: Reiji held his daughter tightly in his arms. He caressed the top of her head while her ruby orbs stared at her father in a curious manner. “I’m happy,” Reiji voiced, “she’s a beautiful, healthy baby girl.” You nodded your head in agreement. It was nice seeing Reiji so content, and relaxed. He presses a light kiss on his child’s finger before turning to you, a pleased look on his face.

“I’ll make sure to take the utmost care of the both of you.”

Subaru: When you had offered to let Subaru hold his son, he firmly refused. As much as he wanted to, he was scared. What if he accidentally killed him due to his strength? The thought alone made him sick to his stomach. He was fearful, but he couldn’t help the ecstatic, and proud feeling that was bubbling in his chest.

You couldn’t see it in his face, but you knew he was overjoyed at the fact that he was now a father. It would take a lot of coaxing before he felt comfortable enough to hold his own son. His voice is quiet, but you hear his words all the same.

“I’ll do my best to be a great father, I promise…”


Ruki: His face is calm and composed as he observes you holding his son. However, you know that deep down he’s very pleased, and excited to be a father. When you motion for him to take hold of his son, he has no hesitation in taking his son into his arms. Similar to his father, his expression is relaxed and reserved. Ruki cups his son’s chin into his hands, squishing his cheeks. He smirks before breaking out into a small laugh, “he’s so soft, it’s quite cute!” You giggle alongside him, while a lighthearted atmosphere surrounds the three of you.

“I’ll love and take care of both you and this child forever, do you understand?”

Kou: His son’s bright blue eyes stare back at Kou pleasantly. His toothless smile was quite a cute sight to behold. Kou continues to over exaggerate his actions in order to make his child laugh. The moment Kou was allowed to enter your hospital room, he rushed to your bedside and took his child in his arms happily. He had not let go of his son since. Kou was very excited to be a father, perhaps a bit too excited, but it was all the same. He was happy, you were happy, and that’s all that mattered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to take care of our child!”

Yuma: Despite his rough exterior, Yuma had a very gentle touch. He caressed his daughter’s cheek slowly, a jovial grin on his face. “Isn’t she adorable?” He said happily. You found it cute on how he already seemed fond of doting on his daughter. A soft giggle emitted from your lips as you nodded in agreement.

“This is our child, Sow! Let’s do our best to take care of her.”

Azusa: Azusa feels a sense of fulfillment and warmth as he stares down at his daughter. Her lilac eyes peer up at her father, intrigued. “She’s so small,” he mumbles out, “it’s hard… to believe we have… a child.” Azusa looks towards you, a serious look on his face. “Promise me… that we’ll always be… there for her, okay?” Your heart warms up at his words. You know he’ll be a great father.

“She’s our family now… so I’ll do my best…”

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Omg the seduction headcanons were sooo nice! How about we go from a crush to full on infatuation and get some yandere headcanons for the S and M bros? ❤️

Shu: Unlike his brothers, Shu is less upfront about his feelings even if it is a deep infatuation.  If he found himself in the position where he’s obsessed with a girl he obviously wouldn’t tell her straight on.  Shu isn’t the type to get jealous easily so he wouldn’t go through the trouble of getting angry if he saw his crush talking to another boy.  Instead, he’s more protective.  He’d do things such as give her restrictions and not allow her to leave at certain times and go out.  If she wanted to go out to a party or hang out then too bad, because Shu would prefer if she just stayed with him.  And she’s smart enough to know not to cross him.  If Shu saw a guy so much as step on his crush’s shoe, it’d end up with at least 2 broken bones and a concussion.

Reiji: Much like Shu, he’s not one to show much of possessive feelings a whole lot. Instead of going full on yandere mode, he would just subtly show that his s/o is obviously hers by stepping in if he finds some other guy talking to her and will say something like “May we help you with something?”  while giving him an intimidating stare. The guy would get the hint and back off, and Reiji would tell his lover that she needs to go home, not giving her much of a choice. Depending on how much of flirting was going on, Reiji would punish his lover (sexily, of course) to show her that she is his and his only, without straight up telling her. It’s his own way of showing that he really is a jealous guy who has eyes only for his lover.

Ayato:  Ayato is already known to be possessive so when he gets deeply infatuated with a girl, expect total hell.  At first, he’ll deny that he has any feelings for her until he sees her talking to another person, whether guy or girl, or has a different scent on her other than his.  That’s when he loses his composure and roughly pulls her inside and corners her.  He’ll force her to repeat that she’s his as he marks her with his scent.  If Ayato saw someone check her out, he’d throw a fit and blame it on her before pulling her aside again and punishing her with bites and humiliation.   Even if she repeated “I’m yours” one million times, Ayato will still get increasingly jealous when he sees her with another person.  He’d want to break her pride and make her truly his.   

Kanato: Oh god… We all know how he would react. Kanato is the DEFINITION of yandere. No exceptions, if he saw the girl he truly did care about,  talking and giggling with another guy, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in between it, either yanking her away or breaking the dude’s nose (depending on his mood). He would yell at his lover and cling onto her, making it clear to everyone that she’s his. Depending on how much she was flirting back, he would probably cry a little, feeling betrayed. Hopefully that would be enough to teach her, because Kanato isn’t one to give second chances. If he snaps enough, it could lead to him doing something really possessive like locking her in a room so she can stay with him “forever and ever.” But as long as she commits herself to him, he will mostly show his cute and sweet loving side to her.

Laito:   He truly is a very confusing one, this one.  It’s hard to tell whether he actually is infatuated with her or just merely wants to break another of his favorite toys.  Laito has a very strange way of showing jealousy.  At first, he’d belittle the girl with demeaning names for talking to another man.   Then he’d want to make her feel jealousy as well. “Ah~ Well if Bitch-chan is off talking to other men like the little harlot she is, that means you won’t mind if I go around fucking other girls, right~?”.  He’d be absolutely amused by the shocked look on her face.  In order to show his “love”, he would randomly touch her in public and humiliate her.  If they were in private he would try to provoke her more masochistic side out by biting her and maybe even tying her up with chains.  If she can handle it that shows Laito that she’s worthy of his time.

Subaru: Subaru is a yandere in his own little way. Once he’s infatuated with a girl, he’s all about her and would expect the same from her. If he sees her flirting with another guy, he’ll get mad, but he won’t exactly show his emotions right then and there. He’d be more passive aggressive about it and sort of hold a grudge, making her wonder what she did wrong. He would hope that she knows what she did wrong so he won’t have to explain himself, but if she seems clueless, he would end up snapping at her and making it eventually clear that he’s jealous, most likely breaking a wall or two. It would soon be clear to his lover that she upset him, and would result in a night of cuddling and cutesy things that would make him blushy.

Ruki:  He’d take a more manipulative approach to it.  At first, it’d be simple little offers such as walking her to class or walking her back home.  Then it’d slowly escalate to spending the night with him instead of her friends or meeting him at a certain place at a certain time.  Finally, it’d boil over to her being at his side at all times and not being able to leave his room without her permission.   If she protested, he’d lash out at her and punish her for not showing enough gratitude to him.  His excuse would be that he’s simply trying to protect her and that she could be a little more grateful.  Ruki would use his charms to get on her friend’s and family’s good side, using his high intelligence, his wealth, and his  looks to win them over which would end up with them wanting her to stay with him.  Little do they know that behind locked doors, he becomes a complete monster wanting her to himself and would kill anyone who gets in the way.

Kou: We all know Kou…. since he thinks he’s better than everyone, he would make his lover feel ashamed in herself for flirting, making it clear that she’s lucky to have him as her boyfriend. If he caught her flirting, he wouldn’t yell or turn scary, he would most likely just laugh it off sarcastically just to make it seem like a joke, hoping his s/o isn’t serious about noticing another guy. It takes a lot to actually make him angry, so she would reeeeally have to make him jealous to actually aggravate him and show that side of him (cause it can get pretty scary as we all know). So it’s just best if she stays on his good side, because he doesn’t like to share his m-neko-chan with anyone.

Yuma:  Aggressive is one word to describe him in this state.  He wouldn’t mind publicly embarrassing his crush by yelling at her or any guy who talks to her in front of everyone.  He wouldn’t mind socking someone in the face, regardless of an audience or not.  By the time his little temper tantrum is over, his anger would direct towards the poor girl.  Yuma would wait until they were in private to properly punish her, telling her she was begging for it and that she must’ve been flirting with other guys on purpose.  During school or in front of his brothers, Yuma would possessively put his arms around her and glare at anyone who came to close.  If she wanted to go out, he’d have to come along, no exemptions.  

Azusa:  Out of all the Mukamis, Azusa is probably the most obsessive of them all.  At first, he’d put up a very innocent and cute facade in front of his crush and her friends.  His love for her would at first be very harmless and pure.  However, things would start taking a rather dark turn when he starts getting very jealous that her attention is on her peers instead of him.  Thinking she hates him, Azusa would get heartbroken in a rather…deranged….way and would not allow her to leave him.  He wouldn’t go as far as Kanato and kidnap her, but he’d somehow force her to hang out with him more and more and try separating her from her friends and his brothers.  To show his love for her, he’d cut and hurt her in several ways and expect her to do the same.  Failure to do would result in Azusa being convinced she doesn’t love him and therefore trying to force his love on her more and more.

DLhoes- how to tell "things are getting serious"

Mukami version:

Shu: when he sits up, things are getting serious

Reiji: when he takes out the whip, things are getting serious

Ayato: when he opens his eyes bigger, things are getting serious

Kanato: when he puts teddy down, things are getting serious

Laito: when he lowers his voice, things are getting serious

Subaru: when he punches the wall, things are getting serious

Shu Sakamaki - Dark Prologue


Karl Heinz-sans power would soon be inherited , meanwhile, Shu-san was–


Karl Heinz: Shu…I give my power to you

Yui: ….! Thats…

Shu: …….

Shu: anyhow, as contempt as it is(1), why would you give me your power?

Shu: whatever, do as you like, but…shut your mouth afterwards.

Karl Heinz: Fufu

Karl Heinz: If you say you are prepared, accept the power of a king.

-screen fades and scenery changes to present-

Yui: (At that time…Karl Heinz-san somehow looked happy)

Yui: (But, it’s true. Shu-san did not deny that power.)

Yui: (surely he didn’t, since Karl Heinz-san is his father)

Yui: (even if I think his father may not have been there for him…)

Yui: (but…)

-screen fades, flashback-

Yui: Shu-san, do you really accept Karl Heinz-sans power?

Shu: Ah, yes

Shu: My body feels strange. I guess it’s this power.

Yui: I see…

Shu: …Haa

Shu: geez, what a troublesome thing, why don’t I feel like myself…

Shu: As usual, he’s a selfish person

Yui: (Saying such a thing…)

Shu: But…at some point It was going to be like this so, I don’t particularly care.

Yui: (that’s right, Shu-san is that kind of person)

Yui: (From his childhood, I was told that his mother is beatrix)

Yui: (It’s only natural that you prepare for such a thing…)

Yui: (But…)

Yui: (Now, it does not look like Shu-san is as ok as he says)(2)

Yui: if anything, he’s uneasy(2)

Shu: Let’s go

Yui: Eh?…? Go, where?

Shu: The demon world. We can’t stay here forever.

Yui: eh? but…

Yui: (Shu-sans powers? I guess he did succeed in place of his father)

Yui: (If he did succeed Karl Heinz-san, did he really become vampire king?)

Yui: (If so, I guess we should stay in the demon world…)

Shu: whats wrong?

Yui: umm…I wonder if it’s ok to leave for the demon world….

Shu: You do not have to come if you don’t want. But, it’s best to leave quickly.

Yui: Why?

Shu: I said it already, my body feels strange

Shu: That means, my power isn’t yet familiar with my body.

Shu: As it is, I cannot yet control my power. It’d be troublesome for something to happen.

Shu: So, let’s go to the demon world. That way, I can restrict my power.

Yui: (that’s right…someone said that you can restrict magical power in that world)

Yui: (But….does a king like Shu really need to go to the demon world to do that?)

Shu: …….If you don’t follow, I’ll leave you here

/shu walks away/

Yui: ….! P-Please wait…..!

/yui runs after him/

-screen fades to black, scene changes-

Shu: *yawns*…..sleep….

Yui: ……

Yui: (Although time has past since then, Shu-sans appearance has not changed)

Yui: (As said at that time, his power is restricted in the lower world)

Yui: (Shu-san does seem to feel better in the demon world anyway)

Shu: hey, come here…

Yui: eh?

Yui: Kya….!

Shu: from little while ago, you’ve been silent

Shu: By any chance, have you been thinking pointless things?

Yui: I was thinking about things….

Shu: Really?

Yui: (…..What should I say? I can’t say I was thinking about Shu-san)

Yui: (…..I have to divert from what I was actually thinking….)

Yui: It’s about before

Yui: (By the way, I wonder what it was after all…)(3)

Shu: Haa…that…apart from that, what’s bothering you?

Yui: Well, I have been thinking about the person who snuck in….

Shu: You should leave such a thing alone. If he has the desire to snoop around this house, he may do as he likes.

Yui: ….

Yui: (Shu-san seems a lot like himself. But….I feel bad after all that…)

Shu: What is it? Is there something wrong?

Yui: Something is wrong….however, i am worried

Shu: Oh, I see

Shu: then, from today sleep in my room

Yui: Eeh…!

Shu: you don’t have to be so surprised

Shu: Almost, until now, you’ve come to my bed again and again.

Yui: S-Such a thing…!

Shu: oh, you haven’t done such a thing?

What about just recently when…

Yui: P-Please don’t tease me…

Shu: Kuku….well, I do not mind, but why should I follow your words obediently?

Shu: anyways, I was worried. So, I will be back in my room.

/Shu walks away/

Yui: huh? Why now?

Yui: (that’s…)

/yui runs after Shu/

Yui: Shu-san, please wait. Your earphones..

Shu: Nn? Ah…I didn’t notice

/he takes them/

Shu: Haa….

/shu walks away again/

Yui:( Just now, he put his earphones in his pocket…)

Yui: (It’s somehow strange.. He usually has them in his ears or around his neck…)

Yui: (Although, recently he hasn’t been listening to music)

Yui: (Maybe, because he came back here?)


Yui: (I’m probably thinking too much)

/Screen goes black/

Yui: (I think I’ll sleep now)

/yui closes her eyes, footsteps heard/

Yui: (….Footsteps? Who could it be?….)

Yui: (…Maybe, it’s…)

/door opens/

Yui: (eh, They’re in the bedroom…! w-what should I do…!)

Yui: (In this situation, there’s no way out…)

Yui: (I need to quickly pretend to be asleep…….!)

Yui: (S-Someones on the bed….!)

Shu: hey, are you awake?

Yui: Eh…

/yui opens her eyes/

Yui: S-Shu-san!?

Yui: w-why…

Shu: Haa…don’t shout in a loud voice. I came because you were scared.

Yui: ……

Yui: (so then, わざわざ)(5)

Yui: then, thank you very much

Shu: Anyways, that’s just an excuse [WhaT]

Yui: Eh?

Shu: really, I didn’t want to sleep.

Yui: (Shu-san…?)

Yui: what happened?

Shu: It’s not a big deal. However…recently, I had a dream.

Yui: a dream….?

Shu: It was in a place I have never seen before, I was alone…

Shu: there was no water there, because of the desolate dry land.

Shu: In the dream, I thought that it was my fault. The world where I should be, is there.

Shu: I came to see that dream, after taking over the power of my father.

Yui: ….

Shu: Perhaps I think that it is an implication to the future due to I having power

Yui: Thats…

Yui: (Seeing the future…? It that possible..?)

Yui: (In addition to Shu-sans words, that dream seems to be a very bad dream…)

Yui: (I’m thinking about this too hard, aren’t I…?)

Yui: (There were various things happening, i’m sure he’s just tired….)

Yui: Hey, Shu-san. Do you want to listen to some music? That may change your mood, surely…

Shu: …no

Yui: Eh…?

Shu: music, no….listening to it will only make me feel worse.

Yui: …..? So then, what do you mean?

Shu: but, I see. I guess a change of pace may be important.

Shu: That’s why, from now on you are my opponent.

Yui: Kya!

/he gets on tOP OF YOU/

Shu: don’t get embarrassed. You’re the one who said it.

Shu: Will you entertain me until I get tired? [ Y E S ]

Yui: …!

Shu: I expect this from you. Nn…

/shu moves/

/screen fades to black/

Yui: (Yesterday was overwhelming after all…)

Yui: (Shu-san, after all was acting strange….)

Yui: (By any chance, was it because Shu-san inherited Karl Heinz-sans power?…)

Yui: (I think that, It may be a burden Shu-san….)

Reiji: You, have you seen Shu?

Yui: Ah, Reiji-san. Shu-san is…

Yui: (He may still be sleeping in my room…)

Reiji: …? What happened? Your face suddenly turned red.

Yui: N-No! Nothing happened! U-umm, Shu-san is…

Shu: business for me?

Reiji: A familiar came from the demon world. Some sort of personal business for you.

Shu: A letter? Let me see.

Shu: …….

Yui: Shu-san….? what was written?

Shu: You want to read it? Here

Yui: um, but…it’s in demon world literature, I can’t….

Reiji: lend it to me

/Shu hands him letter/

Reiji: From the Vibora clan? I see, there is an invitation that the leaders will discuss the future of the demon world.

Shu: Troublesome….discard of it appropriately.

Reiji: But, your opponents will be there in attendance. Ignoring it will make it even more troublesome.

Shu: ….Haa. It cannot be helped.

Shu: Write a reply. Is there a paper and pen?

Reiji: Yes, here. Good judgement on your part.

/Shu writes/

Shu: give this to the king of the Vibora /shu gives the letter to a familiar/

/flap of wings/

Yui: Are you going to attend the meeting?

Shu: It cannot be helped

Yui: I see, the familiar….?

Shu: when the familiar will returns, let the others know.

Reiji: yes, I understand.

Yui: (Shu-san, no matter how you look at it, you don’t seem to care)

Yui: (I just hope the meeting isn’t too troublesome…)

/Screen fades to black, kino appears/

???: Well. It seems to be a familiar….apparently heading for the Demon world.

???: hey, let’s follow it. I absolutely cannot lose sight of it.

???: Let’s go.(6)

???: It looks like it could be interesting. And I was just getting bored, good, Fufu….

???: hmm…..I wonder what I should do…


1) Wierd wording, hard to translate

2) Couldn’t find the correct kanji and word it correctly

3) Honestly I don’t really get why she said this here

5) わざわざmeans when someone does something on purpose. Although there is an easier way to take action, he/she chooses harder, more complicated, more troublesome way or someone takes action that is not needed.

6) Couldn’t find the correct translation