bad shoots

dietician: [common food or product] is bad for you/carcinogenic/etc

other dietician: no, youre wrong. evidence says its good

me: *sweating and pointing gun between them*

dietician: bread is bad for you

me: *shoots that one*

Because I needed a break from commissions and these shows are practically my life right now. xD


Keith (AKA ‘Red’ because he’s just that original) possesses the enhancement quirk 'instinct’, which essentially gives him the speed, strength, senses and reflexes of an animal - a lion, to be specific. Team that with a lifetime of combat experience courtesy of a shitty neighbourhood and an inability to think before he acts, getting into U.A. was a breeze - during his time there he was the best in his class.

Lance (AKA 'Sharpshooter’ because 'Cool Ninja Sharpshooter’ was apparently too long and too stupid) possesses the quirk 'Bullet Fingers’ and it’s pretty much what it says on the tin - the boy can shoot bullets from the tips of his fingers. The density of the bullets all depend on how much iron he’s consumed, so he’s got to eat a lot of red meat to keep his bullets effective. He was originally a student in the General course before wowing the teachers at the sports festival enough to get him transferred into heroics.

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Inspired by: Halsey - Bad at love

So someone asked for a Delirious POV to my colors comic. The reason why I didn’t give a direct answer was because I wanted Delirious POV to be ambiguous, letting the reader (you) to fill in the blanks because really its up to you on how Delirious feels altogether. He could be oblivious to Vanoss feelings or scared to respond - it can be anything.

But I decided to create Delirious POV on Colors anyway based on how I interpret the story. I choose Bad at Love for a reason but anyways enjoy!

this saturday night on ‘ty has an idea’: the foxes playing laser tag

  • probably nicky’s idea lbr
    • “cmon guys whens the last time we played something that wasnt exy? this’ll be fun!“
    • he has no idea what hes gotten into

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