bad sense of taste


You wake up.

Half way through a sandwich, half way through a sentence, half way through a thought about what you were doing that day… You wake up. 

Nothing has ever been more surreal than the moment that, perhaps, in less than the blink of an eye you find the past fifteen years undone. It doesn’t make any sense - like a bad dream. Like a bad taste in your mouth. Like you’ve been placed back in the firing line of what could of been the worst years of your life.

Just like that you’re placed back in shoes that you were sure that you’d thrown away forever, that some of you had burned. You’re back to the person that you were fifteen years ago when you still had hopes of things turning out differently and you find a piece of paper in your hand that explains everything and nothing at once. 

Dear ex-students,
You have been cordially invited to the Whittemore reunion. Three years have passed since the school was burned to the ground. The rebuilding has only just finished and in honour of the place that once stood upon this scorched ground, we are hosting a party for our finest students. Come along, I absolutely dare you.
Best Regards,
Charles French.

ooc: Everyone ‘woke up’ one day ago. They found themselves doing whatever they did the day before the reunion at Whittemore began. Whether they are a sole attendee or a plus one who was not formerly there from the beginning of the reunion, they can accept or reject the invitation. If a character has not returned then we assume that they decided to stay as far away as possible from the rewritten version of events. 

Characters have knowledge only of what happened at the reunion and up to the point of dare 3.0, the rest is blurry to them although they do know that they have lived an additional fifteen years and that something bad has happened. They will all attribute their loss of knowledge to what they know only as a rush of blue light.

Characters who became deceased after dare 3.0 and before DARE REVIVAL are aware that they have passed on but others around them most likely will not be due to the confusion. 

Everything is as it was before the end of the reunion meaning Charles is still alive, they have never time travelled and Whittemore is still set to be restored.

Both yourselves & they are unaware of how this story is meant to end now.

i was always feeling a bit odd thru the series because i never got why victor did anything he did. i didn’t understand where his motivations came from; they didn’t seem to be of love initially, and yet he was incredibly touchy-feely with yuri from second one

like, it seemed like yuri was the one putting everything he had into the relationship and victor was just going along with it and it left a bad taste in my mouth

but it all makes fuckin sense now, yuri fuckin seduced victor, victor fell for him hard and couldn’t figure out how different drunk yuri was from sober yuri. so victor was very confused initially at where their boundaries were, and because of that he was very flirty while also remaining fairly hands-off and allowing yuri to take the reins on their relationship speed.

ultimately it was down to yuri to commit to his drunken actions, and no matter how much victor might’ve wanted to speed forward he also recognized he needed to let yuri have the space he needed to meet him there

WOW what a show

codename-bewareofthefangirl  asked:

Hi dear! I'm here again! If it's possible, could I have a fluffy/funny KuroOi for "you're not going to put those damn posters in our room without my consent!"

“No freaking way.”

“Why the heck not? They’re beautiful.”

“They’re going to make me sneeze every time I come in here!”

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Kuroo throws up his hands. “It’s just a poster of cats! Since we can’t get a real one, because you’re deathly allergic.”

Oikawa crosses his arms, huffing. “You’re not putting those damn posters up in our room without my consent!” 

“You have like a million weird alien posters on the walls, why can’t I have this?”

“They’re not weird, they’re tasteful!”

“Taste bad.”

“That doesn’t make sense!”

They both glare, standing in the middle of their dorm room with a cat poster in between them. Kuroo steps closer to the poster. Oikawa narrows his eyes. 

“Don’t,” he says slowly, “you. dare.”

Pursing his lips, Kuroo tries for a truce. “How about this. You let me put this one little cat poster up, and I’ll buy you milkbreads for the rest of the month.”

“Rest of the term,” Oikawa immediately says.

Kuroo raises an eyebrow. “That was fast.” He frowns. “Wait, did you pick a fight with me just for milkbreads?”

Oikawa rolls his eyes. “Please, as if I’m that shallow. I picked a fight with you because that cat poster is an atrocity, and also you look kind of hot when you’re scowling. But anything is worth it for milkbread.”

“Uh-huh—wait, did you just call me hot?”

Oikawa’s face is turning a suspicious shade of red. “Just—put up your poster before I change my mind!”