bad scoring

Yuuri spends the first Eurovision after he arrives in Russia completely and utterly astounded by how fucking savage the Europeans all are to each other.

The entire Russian fam spends one glorious week in perfect harmony, camped out on Viktor’s couch. 

Russia gives Switzerland a bad score and Yuuri isn’t sure what Ich werde sie mit meinen blosen Händen erwürgen! means, but the fact that Chris is shouting that at Viktor over Skype doesn’t bode well. 

Mila and Sara have broken up with each other four times today

Emil and Michele are sending each other thinly-veiled death threats over Twitter. 

Yuuri tells Viktor that he liked Australia’s entry and everyone in the room turns to look at him with such betrayal in their eyes that Yuuri has to re-translate the words into English just to make sure that he didn’t misspeak and insult someone’s mother. It’s the only context in which Viktor Nikiforov has ever uttered the words I want a divorce.

When u gon eat dat good good, be sure to compliment the chef ;)

Bum sniff ya feet
Chrome flick the chief
Bone Apple Tea
Phone Apple Feet
Great Barrier Reef
Call me Gour on ram see
Bong Asshole sneeze
Blind Refugees
Bone App the Teeth
Lone Stab a Chief
Mom Tap the Beef 
Bone Cap the Tweet
Bob Ate the Meat
Bonjour Sewing Kit
Chef Boiled Tee
Bone Altitude
Flown Half a Beet
Boner Ankle Three
Bone Ate da Teeth
Boing Application
Kick Out the Teeth
Ron Cracked the Sleep
Blonde Amputee
Boneless Feet
Mom I have fleas
Bony African Feet
Bamboozle Chief Keef
Bone Ape Tit
Phone Apple Jeans 
Bone Appdta Teat
Both Hat and Feet 
Bomb the Japanese
Bone in my Cheek
Bench a Plate and Ski
Bangin Apple Geese
Pianos Become the Teeth
Bone Ate the Toot
Chef Boy Yard Tea
Bang a Pianos Teeth 
Boner Halloween
Bode of the Teeth
Bad Credit Score
Benjamin the tenth
Bone Appidtitty
Boner Petite
Spicy Chicken Meat
Bramley Apple Tea
Scone App the Beef
Blonde Apple Trees
Born with no Teeth
Bone Smack my Teeth

Bosnia Apathy

Bow at the tree

Now at the sea
Bone apple cheese
Bow Snapple please
Joan play the keys
Wow imma sneeze
Joe eat the leaves
So how is he

Imagine #14 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by @kkkkkennedyyyyy: Hello! So I came across your blog and being the slut I am for Xmen would like to request an imagine. If it is not too much to ask can I request a Charles Xavier one where he is jealous of your relationship with another xmen (maybe Erik Lehnsherr, or Alex Summers) and then the ending can be all fluffy and stuff… Also can it be through the reader’s perspective? You are awesome. Thank you!

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Words: 1934

Warnings: fem!reader, typos, swearing

A/N: So, I feel like I was half asleep writing this, I hope it’s readable! Enjoy! xoxo

„That’s it for today.“, you ended your lesson and then added: „And don’t forget your assignments, some of you can’t afford a bad score right now.“ Collective moaning accompanied the familiar sound of talking and laughing students gradually leaving your classroom to start their free afternoon. Some of them seemed to be in quite a hurry, you realized and grinned at Peter’s back that was just disappearing around the corner. He knew that you had referred to his grades before. And you knew that his essay wouldn’t be anywhere close to well done, probably not even close to ‘you tried’. Oh, what were you gonna do about that kid, you thought to yourself. Such a smart guy and so absolutely not interested in using his brain for anything else than pranks and music.

You were so lost in thoughts that you didn’t notice the figure sneaking up next to you and when you heard Erik’s voice, you almost jumped. And you might have let out a suppressed scream before turning to your best friend and hitting him with your notebook. “Jesus Christ!”, you hissed. “Just me.”, he replied and you rolled your eyes. “Your kid…”, you gestured vaguely towards the door, “is going to fail my class, if he doesn’t get off his ass soon. Tell him that. You can quote me.”

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Hi! I love your blog so much and I was just wondering if you have any classical or ballet music recommendations?? I really like it but don't know any good ones!

i have so many!! pas de deux from the nutcracker, rose adagio, wedding pas de deux from the sleeping beauty, garland waltz from the sleeping beauty, adagio of spartacus and phyrgia, romeo and juliet balcony scene by prokofiev, death of juliet and juliets funeral by prokofiev, finale of swan lake, main theme of swan lake, this (i dont feel like typing it out), odettes variation in act 2 of swan lake, tchaikovsky’s romeo and juliet, claire de lune, chopin nocturne op.9 no.2 (also just check out chopin nocturnes in general bc i love them but im Really BAd at remember like names of pieces), nikiyas death from la bayadere, this (idk like. what the name would be), this (there are multiple versions of the act 3 pas but i like this one!), and valse sentimentale💫

bad boy | jooheon (fluff)

Word count: 1.1k

Jooheon had always been known as the school’s bad boy. He had the attitude, the clothes, and the motorcycle to prove it. The only cherry on top of this sundae was that he just so happened to take a liking in you.

You weren’t scared of him, more so intimidated and curious, so when he asked you on a date, you hesitantly said yes. All your friends gushed over how cute he was, and how lucky you were to score the bad boy. You couldn’t deny that he was ruggedly handsome. All the girls in the school practically fawned over him, yourself included. He wasn’t one to sleep around or keep girlfriends on hand, and a part of you wondered what made you so special.

The day finally came when Jooheon would take you out. You stood nervously outside the school waiting for him, twiddling your fingers. You hoped he wouldn’t try anything and ran over the self defense moves your brother had taught you.

You heard the telltale rumble of a motorcycle before you saw him. He rode up to the curb, pulling off his helmet. You gulped, taking in his features. If it was possibly, he was even more handsome up close then when you’d see him in the hallways.

“Hi,” he smiled. A flutter in your heart stirred at his big smile. It was almost… cutesy.

“Hi,” you breathed out. He passed you a spare helmet that you stared at a few moments before slipping it on. “I’ve never been on a motorcycle before,” even you could hear the telltale shake in your voice.

“Just hold on tight. I won’t let you get hurt,” he pulled you to the machine with a soft hand laced through your fingers. You allowed him to tug you close, and you climbed on the sleek bike. You buried your face in his jacket, taking note of how wonderful he smelled and wrapped your arms tightly around his waist. You couldn’t see the smile that graced his lips.

When you reached his house, you quietly followed close behind him like a shy child. His house was much nicer and neater than you had expected.

“Mom! I’m home! I brought a friend!”

Every new moment you spent with him surprised you.

“Is it Minhyuk again? Tell him I don’t have nearly enough food to- Oh! You brought a girl!” She was a sweet woman in her fifties with a smile that resembled Jooheon’s. You politely introduced yourself to her, finding that she was wonderful.

“We’ll be watching a movie, if that’s alright,” he said grabbing some snacks from the fridge.

“Of course, Jooheonie.”

You stayed silent as you mulled over the past hour. Suddenly, it seemed as though the bad attitude, tough guy had evaporated. He was sweet and kind, and you wondered what caused him to act so different at school with his friends… or maybe you didn’t know him as well as you thought.

“You haven’t said one word,” he chuckled as you followed him downstairs. You cleared your throat, jogging to catch up with him.

“You’re not anything like I expected,” you blurted out. He sat in front of the big tv, ruffling through movies.

“I like you, if you didn’t already figure that out, and I’m not going to be mean if that’s what you’re into. That’s kinda messed up. I just don’t like school. If I act this way, people leave me alone. Now, who’s your favorite Disney character because I have all the movies on BluRay.”

You were speechless as a deep blush covered your cheeks. He stopped shuffling through the movies to look up at you with a warm smile. You smiled back before kneeling next to him to help sort through them to see for yourself if he really did in fact have all of them.

An hour later and your were wrapped in blankets watching The Lion King. The movie seemed to be forgotten as you talked to Jooheon about anything and everything. He was gloriously kind and interesting and he seemed to take interest in everything that you said as well.

After a lull in the conversation, you suddenly became shy, turning your view back to the movie. You felt his eyes on you, and again a deep blush spread from your neck to your cheeks.

A warm hand on your chin made you turn your head back to him to find that he was much closer than you expected. His lips were plump and pink and inviting, and you found yourself leaning forward into him.

“I like you,” he reminded you, your lips only centimeters apart. The warm butterfly feeling filled your chest once again. Any fear you ever had of him was long gone, a soft, mushy feeling replacing it.

“I like you, too,” you smiled at him. A shocked expression consumed his face.

“You… You do?”

“Well, besides the fact that every girl in the school has the hots for you… You’re really sweet.”

You rested your hand over his that cupped your cheek.

“Can I kiss you then?” He whispered. His soft lips grazed your with each word.

Instead of answering him, you leaned the last bit forward to fully capture his lips with yours. If you were wondering where the bad boy had disappeared to, you found your answer. His kisses were hungry, but not sloppy. Hard, but not pushing you too far.

You moaned quietly into his lips as his tongue circled around yours, his hands winded deeply in your hair. The two of you slowly fell backwards until he was comfortably nestled between your legs, still kissing the day lights of you. Soft sounds crept from the both of you as your bodies yearned for more.

After minutes of heavy kissing he pulled back to rest his forehead on yours. His body was warm and heavy on yours, the room heating up from your activities. You both realized this was no time for more than kissing with his mother upstairs and it being your first official date. He pecked your lips once more, a huge grin spreading widely on his cheeks. He sat back, hauling you upwards and yanking you to snugly fit into his side. Not one word of protest came from you as you snuggled into him, wrapping an arm around his waist.

The room stayed pleasantly silent as you finished the movie, his fingers gently caressing your arm. You were both content with whatever had just happened between you, no words necessary.

Curse to Bring Poor Grades

(I haven’t actually had the chance to test this one yet, so I would appreciate feedback from anyone who uses it 😊)

* A container with a lid

* Paper (preferably notebook paper) and a pencil

* Poppet of your target

1. (Optional) Pre-spell rituals

2. Create a poppet of your target however you see fit

3. Write sigils for low grades/bad scores, F’s, failing grades, etc all over the sheet of paper

4. Ball up the paper with the poppet inside while saying/thinking the reason you are cursing them

5. Place the the paper ball inside the container and put the lid back on

6. Say either verbally or mentally: “You who values grades, feel the pain of failure to atone for your crime against me.”

7. (Optional) Post-spell rituals

honestly the reasons i barely play competitive and why i dont do iq tests and stuff is because should i end up in something i’d deem not good enough it could potentially destroy my entire self image lmao

Puzzle Pieces (Jungkook)

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Summary: Jungkook surprises you with date night
AU: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: I literally gave myself diabetes writing this
Word count: 1k

with love for Hannah, from Daisy^^

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I keep seeing gamers going berserk because their favourite game got a bad review score therefore it will NEVER be GOTY material.

Who the fuck cares?

GOTY awards are subjective and really, do you only watch movies that win Oscars because I can tell you right now most of my favourite movies have never even approached being nominated for an Oscar.

What is it with people and their numbers?