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I saw someone post a thing on here about six Fitzsimmons videos and I was like: “You’re joking, right?” So it gave me the idea to make a huge playlist of Fitzsimmons videos, all in their proper categories. You should check it out(To watch a video, click on the video title. Be sure to add any videos that I have missed!) Enjoy! :)


FitzSimmons: The Movie by xxLolitaBlackrose

Marvel’s “Love, Jemma” by sleepwalker

FitzSimmons: The Movie 2 [TEASER TRAILER] by  xxLolitaBlackrose


Flowers For A Ghost by Kaiirel

I’m Here Now by PineappleInDisguise

You Take A Step Away by sleepwalker

Wings by sleepwalker

Losing Your Memory by cecealways

Please Don’t Go by sleepwalker

Nine Days After by  xxLolitaBlackrose

Amnesia by TheSonicBuzz2011

Wait by sleepwalker

We’ll Be Just Fine by KristinaOrtutova

Saturn by sleepwalker

Inside These Lines by CTippy

You Know Why by cerezaaa91

You’re More Than That by  adrianamarcano122

Concrete Angel by  Elladoraxo

I Need You by  Kaiirel

Incomplete by  kwdrewfan

Latch by  hurleybirdprod

Shake Me by  pruedens


Crush by  Elladoraxo


Three Embarrassing Sentences Ago by molliet13

The Best Of | FitzSimmons by rose

Why Don’t You Just Drop Dead?! by xxLolitaBlackrose


Rubik’s Cube by hpchick1516

Why Did I Drown? by xxLolitaBlackrose

Little Lion Man by imperialimpala


I’m Going To Be Court Martialed by ItalianRory


Make You Unbreakable by sleepwalker

Clocks by ItalianRory

I’m Still Here by xxLolitaBlackrose

Hold Me Til The End by sleepwalker

May I by evehhr2

Must Have Done Something Right by ItalianRory

It’s Complicated by adrianamarcano122

Is There More? by molliet13

He Said Something That Completely Caught Me Off Guard by SailorMadison

I Know You Care by evehhr2

Leave It Unspoken by molliet13

You’ve Been Beside Me by MiSaDalinda4ever

Maps by sleepwalker

He’s Alive by adrianamarcano122

You Got To Go by Ras’l Prod

Forevermore by loveisweaknessx

Love Is An Open Door by Cinemaniac28

Losing Your Memory by cecealways

Safe and Sound by molliet13

Little Talks by sleepwalker

Gone, Gone, Gone by Miki Esco

Let Her Go by xChaseTheWind

You Take a Step Away by sleepwalker

Illuminated by Ras’l Prod

When Everything is Wrong, You Make It Right by adrianamarcano122

Headcanon: Fitz has an Empty Lab playlist that he made during the sci-ops years for when Simmons is out with a boy and he’s all forever alone in the lab (it happens a lot ok) because he likes to work with loud music and she doesn’t and when life throws you lemons you make lemonade aright.

There’s some Arctic Monkeys and stuff I guess but also lots of Green Day because of plaid reasons. 

Headlining the list we got: 
When I Come Around
Good Riddance
Boulevard of Broken Dreams

"How to make Jemma Simmons happy" the list by Leopold Fitz.
  • 1. Hugs
  • 2. Tea
  • 3. Science pick up lines
  • 4. Covering my face in shaving foam
  • 5. friends being alive [oopps]
  • 6. Nose and forehead kisses
  • 7. Bad science shenanigans
  • 8. Pranks
  • 9. (Note) make sure that the prank actually works
  • 10. Night night guns
  • 11. Agree with her everytime she's angry
  • 12. Ice cream
  • 13. Seriously ice cream never fails buy an armful of tubs before going to her
  • 14. Consider pancakes with ice cream
  • 16. If you did, call Jemma
  • 17. She probably won't be happy
  • 18. Repeat the list