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Because apparently on this website it’s considered more prestigious to play canon characters for some reason? I don’t get it. I mean, not to knock people who do, because it does take work and if you’re having fun it’s totally legit, but why would you put someone on a pedestal when they didn’t make their own character then knock the people who /do/?

This isn’t really a post to point people out or hurt anyone. I’m just need to get something to get off my chest. Whether it’s jealously or I need to man up, take it as you will, but I’m pretty sure a good number of you have had this sort of feeling if not exact.

Do you ever have someone in your group who is well liked by everyone? So much that they jump on to every thread they make? So much that everyone that isn’t that one person gets ignored? I mean I follow the rules, I don’t complain, I don’t cause drama, I’m not disliked(at least I hope not…) and honestly I keep to myself. Lately I feel like it’s been a waste of time even trying to start threads that no one bothers to join because they all prefer that one popular person. I’m talking about how people don’t seem to spare you a glance and you’re constantly coming back to roleplay threads that have like, zero replies. And it’s not just my own threads. I replied to open starters, sent requests, I have been very patient. And yet it takes centuries for me to even get one while the other person is doing over 10 roleplays at once. They have at least 20 different ships and I’d be considered lucky to even have one friendship. I’m seriously contemplating if people just find me boring entirely or they’re too hung up on clamoring for a ship with that popular guy simply because they’re well known and good. I know people have preferences but, I feel like I’ve been given the short end of the stick way too many times.

Oh, have I got a horror story for you guys. You might want to strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a long one.

 Back in 2011, I joined an RP group on dA, and about ten of us or so split off to form our own group. There were three mods total (let’s call them Escape, Media, and Deer). Meddy was kinda ‘eh’ worthy to talk about, but she can be a story for another time: this story is about Escape. Escape was one of those monsters that unless you were her target, you didn’t even know she was being awful. She was conducting plots with herself, and using her characters to antagonize the ones of people she didn’t like… the one everybody loved just so happened to hate mine, and I found it fishy while everyone else didn’t see a thing.

I thought it was paranoia too, until she tried to kick me out of the group (claiming that I was being just as bad as a former, VERY emotionally manipulative member). The only way I was able to ‘behave’ enough for her liking was to find myself constantly backing out of scenes I couldn’t ‘win’ with hers (which was to say every scene her characters waltzed into). My character never got a chance to prevail, be it an argument, a fight, or even just a decision, and while the other less-active mod (Deer) and her friends were happy to see me finally ‘getting along’ with Escape, I was never happy with how I was being pushed into the role of a doormat. (Deer eventually revealed to me that she was the only reason Escape had not succeeded in banning me from the group, knowing that something was up)

 Eventually, though, things came to a head that caused the group’s split. Escape resigned from the group, and took two of the other remaining members with her to do her own thing. I personally thought that’d be the end of it, and tried to move on… then things got worse.


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Bit of explanation. Recently when I read rules I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘if you have a passcode in your rules I won’t send it in since it stresses me out/should be obvious I’ve read your rules’.

A) It’s far more stressful thinking people aren’t reading your rules.

B) Obviously people aren’t reading their rule pages, thus why they have the passcode in them.

It takes two seconds to send in the code, and it’s far more polite to send it in then ignore it

Good for people who want to actually be better, but when you have a history of abusing and shittalking people who dare say anything negative about your original character or how you play them?

Congratulations! You are the problem.  And no, no one will be coming off anon to talk because then you can then freely abuse the person and smear their name however you want in public because you clearly cannot take a teaspoon on criticism, constructive or otherwise.

It’s me, Dani, again! I remember this one time, again on my Orochimaru rp blog, this rper was asking if anyone wanted to rp with them. I was bored and I decided to give them a chance. So, I ask them if I could rp with them. They agreed, and we started to thread.

I got in maybe two or three replies-we had not even gotten past introductions of both characters and plot- before they throw in a huge

                                                THE END

on me in their next reply.

OK, why did you agree to rp with me if you weren’t feeling like it? Next time before you start pulling this shit on someone, you can always tell them that you are not interested in playing with their particular character or Mun.

This was by far the most rude thing that I have ever encountered in my 6 years of rping.

I just hate it when people accuse me of being an ass or “cheating” when it’s revealed that my muse has been lying. Honestly, unless it’s important to the plot or has the potential to offend, I don’t like giving an OOC warning or giving my muse internal monologue because every inexperienced RPer in a five-mile radius then has their character become a mind reader or acts like OOC is the same as IC.

A few years back I was in a group and there was this IC couple. Let’s call them A and B. They were pretty much the main ship in the group, and although things between the muses were occasionally turbulent it was going well overall. After one IC argument, A suddenly dumps B and hooks up with C. A’s mod never spoke to B’s mod about having them break up.  Everyone happily switched to shipping A and C, and A’s mod gushed non-stop about how hot C was and how perfect they were together while never acknowledging B or B’s mod at all.

I left soon after that, not specifically because of that incident but because they had that kind of attitude to a lot of things. 

I was in the chatbox of an OC forum I roleplay on, and casually mentioned that I had an idea for another character that I was thinking of adding to the site. I had literally specified nothing about this character beyond ‘I have an idea’, and a girl whose application hadn’t even been accepted yet immediately responded with ‘Oh my gosh, my character needs a love interest! You should totally write that up!’

Somehow, I don’t think my married sixty-five-year-old law professor is going to be interested in pursuing a relationship with her nineteen year old tattoo artist…

Nutty, dramatic, extremely hypocritical elitist lady on
She has a tendency for stalking my poor friends, among many others, and appears to spend 3% of her time actually writing with anyone on there. So long as they’re single? 
Stalking is done right when you delete and recreate multiple accounts on a constant basis, request people repeatedly without getting a hint, and run a ‘help site’. Not as stealthy as she assumes she is. When she stops making others feel intimidated, on a role-playing site - of all things - that’ll be the day!
Tried to make that short n’ sweet.