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more wholesome friendship arcs, less unnecessary forced romances


Over a decade ago a team of revolutionaries called the killjoys lost their lives while saving a mysterious young girl from the tyrannical mega-corporation Better Living Industries. Today, the killjoys live on in memory, if not belief, as BLI widens its reach and freedom fades.

 - The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, written by Gerard Way and Shaun Simon  


This cover kills me…

that voice…

The Ultimate Thirst Post by Thirsty Marine for @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter and @poe-pilots-the-storm because they’re both as thirsty as I am and they need to accept that.

Bolded are the best ones!

Dance solos/Lead Dancer: [Bubble Toes], [I Gotta Be Me],  [Valerie]

[PYT],  [Moves Like Jagger],  [Dream a little Dream],  [Toxic]

[It’s my Life],  [You Should Be Dancing],  [Hate on Me],  [Hot for Teacher]

[Sexy and I Know it],  [I Wish],  [Valerie 100],  [Greased Lightning]

[You Can’t Stop the Beat]

Songs: [Sing!],  [Marry You],  [Cool],  [LOVE]

[Scream],  [ABC],  [Homeward Bound/Home],  [America]

Bonus: [Last Friday Night],  [Billionaire],  [The Rain in Spain],  [Safety Dance]

[Empire State of Mind],  [Trouty Mouth],  [Born this Way],  [Gives You Hell]

[Control],  [Hit Me],  [I Lived],  [Give up the Funk],  [Somebody to Love]

Bonus!!!: [Live Bad Romance] with Harry in red.