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WINNER 2014 S/S. Runway 01. Modern Suit.

“WINNER exhibited tasteful suits in this collection. The monotone or colorful suits create a classy yet modern look. By choosing suits with different number of buttons, each member contributes to creating a witty ambience to the suits that one could deem dull. TAEHYUN looks young and classy as he fully buttons up his shirt inside the three-button suit while going tieless. JINWOO creates a classic and vintage look by wearing a tie to go with his navy three-button suit. The three-button suit that used to belong to middle-aged men was reborn as a classy one through WINNER. By wearing different colored tinted shirts, SEUNGYOON and MINHO stand on the opposite ends of the spectrum. SEUNGYOON’s green suit is funky while MINHO’s navy one is masculine. The materials stand out as well. SEUNGHOON’s suit jacket that uses different material to the collar makes him powerfully individualistic.”


Today I was playing around with traditional techniques and experimented a bit. First I used a traditional calligraphy pen and a brush with some Indian ink and then went over it with some aquarell colours for the heck of it. Couldn’t really decide which I liked more so here, have both–

Sans is really my favourite character if you really can’t tell by now