bad quality or does this actually look nice

there was a lack of plance moments in season 4 so here i am providing:

  • for their first ‘real’ date Lance tries to go all out and be ~romantic~ and cook a meal for Pidge…but unfortunately he declined Hunk’s assistance and despite being a decent cook on Earth he’s entirely at a loss with alien ingredients
  • so he just tries to make food goo look nice
  • also as it turns out candles were extremely outdated by Altean standards even ten thousand years ago so no romantic candlelight
  • (he does manage to rig a nice system with a few small crystals and has the mice shine a laser through them)
  • Pidge is surprised by the effort he put into it (actually she didn’t realize they’d be eating alone) but she’s flattered
  • Lance greets her in a bad French accent
  • Pidge pretends to hate it but she finds it funny
  • they sit down, Pidge can tell Lance is fretting over the meal’s quality. and he’s about to say something about not accepting Hunk’s help when she just leans across the table and kisses him
  • (her elbow might’ve ended up covered in green goo because of it)
  • also Lance ends up knocking over the crystals, which startles the mice, which drop the lasers and plunges them into darkness
  • they start laughing and end up eating the leftovers from everyone else’s dinner instead. then they clean up together
  • they close the night with Pidge beating Lance on the gaming system. again

All Images are from Google or Richard’s twitter, I’m too lazy and so not emotionally prepared to wave through all his tag finding the movable version for any of this, I’d probably have a heart attack before I manage to finish this post.

I PROFOUNDLY APOLOGISED! That this post is ridiculously long and full with tons of images…

Day 7: A Favourite Personal Look

Seriously, how can anyone answer this question? I sure can’t. I mean, I basically don’t give that much attention to his looks, he’s an actor; he has to change his appearance all the time to keep things look realistic. Besides, I’m no Fashionista myself, when someone asks me about his/her style, I usually response that he/she looks fine the way she/he is! It isn’t a lie, my head really is working like that.

And oh my, Richard does look absolutely gorgeous in every style he’s managed to be. Well, I have to say maybe not his ‘90′s Backstreet Boys’ one in Between the sheets.

Yeah…probably not this one…

But apart from that, Totally fine, damn.

I’m usually all for man in suits, you know, all nicely dressed and gentlemanly but Richard with cardigan and waistcoat really does make my heart leap. It makes him look approachable and kinda of, I don’t know, warm somehow.

Suits? Oh yes, Definitely yes. though for me, I love him more in black; black has always been my favourite colour, I don’t know it has certain quality like bringing out a sort of mystery and sophisticated, enticing atmosphere some how.

But of course, His casual looks is not bad at all. I kinyda like this side of him actually; I remember reading an interview way back like in 2008 or something where he gave an interview in causal clothes, and then went to change for the photo, lol. The man has almost absolute no-sense about dressing himself; I think perhaps he’s just too lazy and doesn’t like to be bothered with it. When shooting Spooks, he talked about how he would hit the gym after shooting, went home and crashed on the bed, waking up in the morning, putting on the clothes that he had just picked up from the floor because he didn’t have the time to send it for cleaning before going out for the shoot of that day. Yeah, totally hopeless.

Dark and dirty, clad in leather?

Need you ask?

As for his facial hair… I don’t know but clean-shaven Richard always gives the sense of incredibly young and it looks so oddly unfamiliar, so for me I don’t particular in favour of it though I wouldn’t object. (My friend said that Richard looks old and odd-looking but when she saw his picture as Lee in Cold Feet, she literally pointed out at the screen; shouting out right that he’s handsome.)

I think we could agree that Richard with a little bit of stubble, like with those 5 o’clock shadow is the most frequent looks we’ve seen him it. And it works fantastically. I think there even a research saying that women are more likely to attract to a slightly-beard man rather than  a clean-shaven or full-beard one. But for Richard, it sure add up more to his charm; giving the vibe of someone who is a bit sinister; like bad-boy attractive especially when he dyed his hair black…

The beard? 

Oh, no doubt. I think the man likes his beard. In one interview he expressed concern at first about having a beard while doing a Photo-shoot but much to his surprise, it turned up to look good. (His exact word would be okay but I think we can push it to good, no?) For me, he looks a bit more mature and, I don’t know intimidating? because only when he got a full beard on had I realised that he is indeed a big man and my, watching the Crucible really gives me a glimpse of how he would be when he’s angry.

You know someone once made a point that Richard’s selfies on Twitter look like a compilation of Hot Dad taking selfies, my friend said that she had agreed with that (I would never ever call Richard “Daddy” but oh well…) I don’t know, I love that looks as well. I mean, how can you not?

Hair colour? I would say Black does indeed compliment his eyes making them much more prominent and boy, what a nice pair of eyes…

But when his real colour is showing, it looks kinda nice too.

Or like this…

Hell, I should probably stop now…Okay, I’m gonna stop now…