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this is one of the cutest videos (trust me, theres a lot) of yoongi ive ever seen!!! i feel a little bad for giggling but hes so dang fluffy and wow i just love him. /watch?v=SBY3H1zxuRI

also omg poor hobi in that video



HIM GETTING SCARED OF THE FIREWORKS (poor hobi indeed asghkdash)



and him rushing to backstage after all that ;u;

CALL OUT POST FOR @vitariesocks

- literally the most talented person I’ve ever met
- like fr he knows four languages and hes basically a Michaelangelo in the modern world
- so sweet??? Like how???
- is peter Parker
- just loves cats
- like so much
- talked to me all last night bc I was having a bad day (I still love u so much)
- history nerd (it’s so cute :p )
- sends quality snaps
- jawline so sharp could cut me
- hair always on point
- so many heart emojis
- I just love Joey a lot okay??
- I have a lot of feelings
- the best mom friend
- also my platonic wife (it’s chill)
- 💛💛💛💛💛


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A Game for Those Who Seek to Find a Way to Leave Their World Behind

Summary: In which Dan finds a strange board game and ends up playing it (and releasing its horrors) with his best friend Carrie and arch enemy, Phil.

Word Count: 6.9k

TW: uhh there’s just some kind of horrifying things in there so idk good luck

Genre: angst? i guess? but it’s a happy end it’s like good angst

this is a thing now because i rewatched jumanji today and felt inspired (if you haven’t watched the movie it’s literally amazing you can find it online….. completely….. not illegal… ahem)(you can still read this even if you haven’t watched the movie but it’ll be better if you have probably)

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your writing is amazing!! could you write Baltimore/post baltimore andreil in the daemon au pretty pls with extra chocolate on top?

There’s faith, and there’s knowing that Andrew won’t leave without seeing Nathaniel first.

The real question will be whether Andrew pauses long enough for Nathaniel to apologise before taking his head off. It might end up being for the best – Nathaniel doesn’t know what to say to him anyway.

Browning’s SUV pulls up in front of a Fed-infested motel and they bundle Nathaniel out. Jacinth is curled over his shoulders, partially obscured with an oversized jacket and the folds at the back of his hood. The wounds on her haunches are healing faster than any of his, but she’s not moving any more athletically than he is right now.

“Twenty minutes,” Browning reminds them as he and his badger daemon lead them up the stairs to the second floor. When he knocks on one of the doors, it opens a crack to show a suited guard with a scowl on his face and a big Alsatian daemon. He looks at Nathaniel before turning to Browning.

“I don’t like it,” he says.

“Noted. Watch him for a moment,” Browning replies, and steps by him with a brisk clap. “Listen up, people. You’ve got twenty minutes. Let’s keep this orderly and have only one person up at a time.”

The guard on the door lets Nathaniel straight through – into a wave of protests from the Foxes all objecting as one to Browning’s proposal.

“Twenty minutes? You’re kidding me,” Dan snaps, before she sees Nathaniel in the doorway, hood pulled up around his face. The shift in her expression isn’t anger – it’s relief, pure and laced with fear. “Neil, oh my god. Are you alright?”

Nathaniel hasn’t got the words to reply. It’s the sight of them that does him in, bruised and exhausted but still here when he thought he would never see them again. And as much as seeing them is a relief like every soft thing in the world, he knows that this is a goodbye. He can’t see himself leaving out that door without breaking into pieces.

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Imagine watching Teen Wolf with Clary, Izzy, and Alec.


Fandom: Shadowhunters

Gifs aren’t mine.

“Why the hell are we watching this?” Alec grumbled as he sat in-between Izzy and I and with Clary sitting on my right.

“Shut up Alec.” I told him as I placed my finger in front of his lips in a shooshing (that is not a word, but I don’t care) way.

“This is the best part,” Izzy says as the both of us ogle a shirtless Theo on the TV screen.

“Even though he’s a bad guy he still looks like a god.” Clary says as she shoves more popcorn into her mouth looking at the screen intently.

“You guys are unbelievable.” Alec sighs out as he crosses his arms.

“Yeah, but don’t deny that you can’t look away.” I told him and when he was about to retort I just shoved popcorn into his mouth to shut him up. “Just enjoy the godlike qualities of a mundane actor and shut up.”

Meeting Harrison (Tom Holland Imagine)

Prompt: Could you do an imagine where Tom and the reader are friends and it develops into something more? Maybe Harrison like flirts with the reader or something, knowing it would make Tom jealous and ask her out. Thank you so much. I love your writing!

 Tom Holland x Reader, words: 848, requested?: yes warning: none

 A/N: thanks so much! I hope you like this!! Requests are open

After meeting Tom on the set of The Ellen Show, you became fast friends with him. You both were guests on the same day, and he had gushed about the tv show that you starred in. You were also a fan of his, you adored his acting skills and his commitment to his roles. You quickly exchanged numbers and talked constantly. Both of you had very hectic schedules, so it made meeting up almost impossible. But you made sure to text each other almost every day. You had flown a couple of times to see him and the other way around.

 You were constantly being teased by your best friend about spending so much time with Tom and constantly texting the boy. The two of you had been photographed together, and everyone was thinking the same thing: are they dating? The answer was no, but you wished the two of you were. You had so much in common, and you really enjoyed his company. You couldn’t lie; you thought Tom was the cutest boy you had ever met. You were always being asked about your relationship status from interviewers; you always told them the same thing each time. I’m very single.

As you were leaving the airport to meet up with Tom, paparazzi tried their best to get good pictures of you. Questions about Tom and why you were meeting in LA made you blush. You had tweeted about how excited you were to meet up with Tom, so everyone knew the two of you had plans. “We’re just friends,” you tried to reason with them. But it was no use. You just passed through and got into the car that was waiting for you. A smile spread across your face when you were finally free from the annoying chatter of your relationship status. “Hey, Tom,” you greeted your friend.

His smile matched yours as he carefully pulled away from the crowd. “Harrison is dying to meet you,” he explained. His eyes were on the road, but you could tell he wanted to look over at you. “I’ve told him all about you. All bad things, of course.”

“Now he’ll think I have no redeeming qualities,” you giggle. You knew better. You were excited to meet Harrison, you had heard so much about him, and you talked shit about Tom over twitter with him all the time. You couldn’t believe it had taken this long to meet the man behind the Twitter account. “Finally, we can talk shit about you face to face instead of over twitter.”

“Ha ha,” Tom stuck out his tongue but laughed anyways. “Better not let me hear you guys.”

“Will you attack us with your spider webs?”

“I just might!” You looked over at your friend and laughed at his stupid joke. Soon he was laughing along with you. You took in his features, your smile growing bigger as you did so. His curls were lying messily on his head, and you just wanted to run your hands through them. They looked so soft.

Soon, you were at the hotel Tom, and Harrison had been staying at. Tom took your bags before you could protest. “I won’t take no for an answer,” he argued. You would be crashing in the suite next to the two of them. You wouldn’t have minded being in the same room as the two of them, but your parents minded (even though you were an adult) and you knew social media would add their own twist to it if it got out. It was just easier to check into the room right next door even though you’d be spending most of your time next door. You checked into the front desk before following Tom to the elevator.

You chatted about nonsense before entering the hotel room. “Y/N!” Harrison greeted with a large smile. “Nice to finally meet you. Tom gushes about you all the time.”

“No, I don’t.” Tom’s face is bright red.

“Does he now?” you challenged with a grin. “I hope nothing too embarrassing.”

“Well,” Harrison grins. His eyes shift from the two of you, his grin turning into a smirk. “So many nice things. Makes me wanna ask you on a date.”

“NO!” Tom yells, causing you and Harrison to look at him. Your face is full of shock, but Harrison is smirking. “I mean…I-I…” His face is a bright red, and you think it’s adorable. He was so cute when he was flustered. “I…”

“Just ask her out already, mate! Jeez!”

“I-I…what! Harrison! I-I…” He covers his face with his hands. A blush creeps onto your face as you watch the scene unfold in front of you. You always wanted Tom to ask you out, but you weren’t prepared for this.

“I’ll go out with you,” you said. Which caused both boys to look at you, which made your blush deeper. Tom’s face was full of shock, but Harrison’s was just the biggest grin. “I mean if you want.”

“Y-yeah,” Tom stutters.

“I told you, man!” Harrison slaps his best friend on the back.

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You described Misha so wonderfully, I'd love to read your synopsis of Jensen...

Aw thank you! I’m glad you liked it—and of course, I’m always happy to write about Jensen!

The most important thing to understand if you’re trying to understand him, is that: Jensen Ross Ackles is the epitome of “Quiet Confidence”. Everything he does, he does with a level of certainty and grace that is just so rare. And if he isn’t certain about something, he will silently separate himself from it—and somehow, he makes that look easy too. But the funny thing is, it’s not like Jensen really believes that he’s capable of everything and anything, he’s not actually all that confident in himself. He has said numerous times that he can feel awkward and make mistakes and look back on his past actions and be embarrassed … but in the moment, it’s as if doubting himself is not his first reaction. For the rest of us, we always have these thoughts of “What if I mess it up? What if everyone doesn’t like what I’m doing?” but Jensen does not seem to be weighed down by those thoughts. If he wants to do something, whether it be silly or serious, challenging or easy … his first reaction is to do it and think about the rest later. Sometimes, this can lead to him sticking his foot in his mouth, but even then– he’s not careless, so when he does something that might be a touch embarrassing, he rarely seems to regret it. He’ll just smile and shrug and continue being himself, because he doesn’t see “making mistakes” as a inherent flaw. He doesn’t change or sway who he is for anyone or anything. He is purely who he wants to be, and he won’t apologize for that because he knows that deep down, his moral compass is intact.

And all the above is why we hear story after story from those who meet Jensen—stating that they were shocked that someone as attractive, as popular, and as talented as him could be so down to earth and welcoming. They would never expect that someone so gifted could also be gifted with such sensibility and heart; but Jensen is. He doesn’t see kindness and respect towards others as him “going out of his way” or “being charitable”, he just sees it as the right thing, and doing anything different would make him feel like a terrible person. It’s his quiet confidence that truly makes him attractive. It’s that unapologetic good-will that makes us fall in love with him over and over again. It’s his accepting and thoughtful soul that cause everyone who crosses his path to be in awe of him for years to come; but it’s Jensen’s honest innocence in it all … his completely unassuming approach to everything, that makes him so unique—because it makes him normal. It keeps him “average” in a way that also makes him absolutely one-of-a-klnd.

He tells bad jokes like the rest of us … he is shy and awkward like the rest of us … he is a giant dork just like the rest of us, but unlike us, he doesn’t worry about how those things make him look, because he’s too busy making sure that everyone he meets and everyone he cares about, feels welcomed and cared for and happy.

Jensen is that one person who can make literally anyone feel special, and for some reason, he doesn’t understand why that quality makes him special at all.

But it does … it really does.

T H E    E V E 

Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

EXO Mafia! AU


A/N: So hello dear reader, this is my first ever kpop related fanfic. Hopefully I won’t dissapoint. English isn’t my first language so bare with me if you see any mistakes. I also didn’t proof read this much so yeah. Expect A LOT of smut because that’s the reason for this au being born, some fluff and a lot of angst as well. Enjoy ^^


Chapter 1


I hated celebrating my birthday. To me it was just another business night out in the streets, wiping off a target, negotiating a dealing contract, sabotaging lame ass competitors. It was nothing special. Yet the gang cherished birthdays dearly and were always looking forward to partying, thinking another year of life for us, given all the types of twisted shit we do for a living, was something to celebrate. The night was starting to cool off when they dragged me over back to our dorm, popped champagne bottles left and right and filled the place with gorgeous, expensive whores.

Laying back on the couch I thought I might as well try to enjoy myself and in the blink of an eye, I had a beautiful ebony girl dancing for me, grinding on my lap with a pill between her lips. Her body was elegant, strong and gracious, like art, warm, cinnamon skin glowing under the dim lights and bare for everyone to see. I bet she’d be a pleasure to fuck but I’ve never fucked a prostitute. It’s too easy, too superficial. I thoroughly enjoy the process of chasing a woman, making her so mad with want she willingly ends up being a slave in my bed, surrendering her whole self to me knowing she’ll be pleased by whatever I want to do to her. The fact that’s been over six months since I did that has me burning up. My job can be very tense and there’s nothing that can relax me more than coming back home to a woman looking at me like I’m her whole world and a good, hard fuck. Sighing I realize, I could never get that from a whore.

“What’s with the long face, boss?” a familiarly annoying voice asks.

“I’m not your boss.” I retort.

“Yet. Not the boss yet. But you will be soon. We all know that. Boss.”

“Quit it, Hyunbin. Not in the mood.” I grunt. Hyunbin is a doubtful member of the gang whose permanence in it I question a lot recently. I have a bad feeling about him and my bad feelings usually end up being right, sadly sometimes later rather than sooner. He’s been trying to lick my ass insistently since rumors arose suggesting I might take on the Boss’ spot sometime soon, once he retires. I sigh heavily. I can’t believe I have to put up with this asshole even when I’m trying to have a good time.

“Oh, come on, boss. Don’t be so touchy. Follow me. I’ll show you a little something I got you for your birthday.”

I reject his request telling him he could show me later but he insists so I give up to it thinking I’ll get him off my back sooner if I do. Shoving the beautiful ebony girl off, I follow Hyunbin to the garage feeling uneasy somehow. I glare at his back suspiciously. I don’t trust him all that much. I don’t know what sort of present we’re heading to but it better not end up with a bullet inside someone’s forehead.

Once in the garage, Hyunbin turns the lights on showing a really large box in the center of the room, covered in a large piece of black velvet. He smiles at me expectantly, most likely waiting to see some emotion on my face only to find an annoyed expression on my features I presume.

“Listen, Sehun,” he started, his face lighting up. “I have a great feeling about this present. I think you’ll like it. No, actually I think you will absolutely love it.”

“Just show me already.”

Eagerly, he unveiled the box and it turned out to be a cage. Inside there was what it looked like a corpse. The dead body of a woman. Only after a few seconds I realized she wasn’t dead, she was breathing, shaking mildly, coiled up like snake, protecting herself. Her hair was a deep chestnut color, silky soft looking that fell on her back. Her right ankle was chained to the cage. Hyunbin’s voice took me back to the moment.

“See, you’re speechless. I knew you would like it boss.”

To be quite honest I wasn’t only speechless but also petrified. Shocked. Then I was enraged and considering the fact that I had a gun right here with me, wasn’t good news for Hyunbin. The bastard knelt down right next to the cage and knocked on it twice with his knuckles.

“Hey, sweetie. Remember the conversation we had earlier? Say hi, doll.” He slowly spoke to her like she was an animal and then unlocked the cage with a small key.

The woman rose her head and looked at me. Not one sound leaving her lips. She appeared to be quite young. Very young. Not older than 21 years old. She looked pale, cold and afraid. It was evident she had been given some sort of drug as her gaze seemed somehow lethargic. She was completely naked, her body shivering, looking so fragile and weak. Poor little girl just stared at me pleading for something. Freedom, most likely, or mercy. God only knows what she has gone through. I sure as hell don’t want to hear the gory details.  

“Boss, I know you don’t like to fuck whores and also you don’t have so much time off to chase after women, so I thought I would give you one as a present. And listen the best part is that her cherry here is completely intact. She’s still a virgin. Just for you.”

I grunted. A virgin girl. Maybe she was even younger than I initially thought. A virgin. Poor angel. How did she end up here in a cage? Sold to the highest bidder no doubt. Adult virgins are extremely rare and expensive in the black market. She most have costed a fortune.

“Come on boss, say something. Do you like your present? Only the best of the best for y-“

“You have one second to shut the fuck up before I degut you with a fucking spoon.”

For the first time since he unveiled the cage my gaze turned his way. I had the feeling that Hyunbin was unreliable but I never thought his thirst for power would hand him to me like this, completely in fraganti.

“You know we don’t do this shit, Hyunbin.” I growled.  

“Listen, boss. Let’s keep it a secret. It’s not a business after all, it’s a present and no one has to find out where she came from.”

Poor fool, he really has no idea. We have never traded with people, it is forbidden within our organization and personally, there are very few things in the world I despise more than trafficking with human beings. Women, men, children, whatever they are. If Hyunbin would’ve known a couple more things about me he wouldn’t now be playing with death at such narrow distance. Anyone else in the gang might have just taken him to the boss and let him decide what reprimand suited him best for breaking the rules. Too bad I wasn’t anyone else. I had no desire to take him to the boss but to do something a lot worse. I laughed at the thought realizing I knew all along this birthday was going to be just like any other shitty day, ending up with blood dripping from my hands.

“I think you don’t understand, Hyunbin. I specifically don’t mess around with this shit. You should’ve known better.”

He looked at me with surprise in his eyes, laughing incredulously.

“Oh, man. Come on. What are you jabbering about? I brought you top quality virgin pussy. A whole woman just for you, Sehun. You should be thankful. Now listen if you don’t want it, I could sell it myself. You know Dragna loves purchasing young cunts.”

I launched myself at him. Over my dead body, I thought. Dragna was a competitor; boss of a relatively small but rich gang, everyone knew they had no problem negotiating with human lives just as they would with drugs or weapons. Dragna himself was famous for buying or kidnapping young pretty women and slaving them for long periods of time. It was obvious he would sell or kill them once he considered them to be replaceable for a new one, being suspected for the death of quite a few girls. May God send me to the most painful and slow death if I allow this poor creature to end in the hands of someone like Dragna.

Hyunbin tried to defend himself, fight me off. He couldn’t. I was bigger, stronger and smarter. I wanted an excuse to get rid of Hyunbin and he handed it to me on a silver plate.



The tall man standing right in front of you snarled at the one who had held you captive.

“You know we don’t do this shit, Hyunbin.” He said. You had finally heard the name of your latest captor.  

Then everything was even more confusing or maybe just happened very fast. They were fighting. Really fighting each other. You couldn’t help but stare trying to get a clear, sharp view of anything you could, but everything was so hazy. Filthy drugs in your body, rushing through your veins made you feel so weak to the point that only speaking was a huge effort. The cage was cold and so was your skin. Your body felt so strange you could barely exert any control over it.

Then you heard his rough voice again.

“Don’t look, honey.” He said, locking your eyes with his for an instant. His raw, growling voice scared you so you obeyed and shut your eyes closed. He seemed so frightening, the other man was also terrifying. Everything was. Cancelling out your vision in fear, now you could only rely on your hearing. Pants, punches, kicks, even what sounded like bones snapping all mixed in a big haze of noise and then it rang clearly. A gunshot. Then another gunshot. The sound of a body dropping heavy on the ground. Then silence.

The Color of You (Soulmate AU)- Lin X Reader

warnings: mentions of death, hospitals

a/n: so i finally did a soulmate au

1 year before

You woke up to the monotonous sound of your alarm on your phone and you groaned, wanting to sleep in for a couple more minutes but you knew that you had to meet your best friend for coffee today since you had canceled every other day of the week and she was excited about her soulmate.

And you were truly happy for her, you were but you had been through this with every other one of your friends.

They found their soulmate, told you how you were really missing out on something that you really didn’t want to be a part of, and they would disappear with their soulmates and eventually stop talking to you.

And it’s not like that you didn’t like the idea of having a soulmate at first- you really did.

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Little Older Than You

Anon: hiii I love love love ur writing and u r so amazing istg I wanna love u forever :’) could u write a cute scenario where lil marco has a huge gross crush on jaehyun’s twin sister but she’s naturally fun & touchy w everyone so he gets rly confused, & doesn’t know if she’s into younger bois? I’ve had this plot in my head for days fml thank u so much in adv <3

Genre: Fluff

Mark x Reader (ft Jaehyun)

Mark knew it from the moment he saw you walk in the door that he was in love. You sneaked in behind your twin brother Jaehyun. The same eye smile and chubby cheeks. Although you were much shorter and skinnier, with that cute aura. He couldn’t help but stare at you. “This is Y/N,” Jaehyun introduced. The boys all stood up and bowed, shaking hands with her and engaging her in vibrant salutations. 

“So she makes an appearance,” joked Johnny. You just smiled shyly and nodded, breaking into a hearty laugh. “We always wanted to see Jaehyun’s twin, like seriously.”

“I’m glad I came,” you smiled. Mark just gazed at you from a distance. He was shaken by your sudden appearance, wanting to get to know you more but finding his feet stuck to the floor. 

“Y/N, please sit with us. We were just going to have lunch!” Taeyong beamed. You pushed past Jaehyun and took off your coat immediately. You caught Mark staring at you and you smiled. He gave you a small bow and nervously sat next to Haechan. “I have to say, you look so much like Jaehyun,” said Taeyong. 

“Yeah it’s not like we’re from the same womb,” you responded sarcastically. 

“I’m sorry my sister’s a bit…odd,” Jaehyun remarked. You glared at him and pretended to hit him with your chopsticks. He didn’t stop. “It’s obvious all the good qualities from my mom went to me and she was just left there.”

“YA! Jaehyun! I will kill you!” You yelled at him. The rest of the boys laughed. Yuta lowered your raised hand and smiled widely. 

“We have to put up with that everyday,” he said. You gave him an understanding look. 

“I can totally understand what you go through every day.” You turned to Taeyong. “I’m so sorry Taeyong that you have deal with my brother’s mischievous antics all the time.”

“He’s actually not that bad,” Taeyong smiled. You passed a sour look to Jaehyun who just poked his tongue out. 

Mark couldn’t stop looking at you from the distance. He was absolutely taken aback by your beauty and energy. He wanted to pitch in and say something funny. He thought that he was somewhat funny but he was worried he’d embarrass himself. You once again caught him ogling at you. He instantly looked away, munching on the rice and fixating his gaze at Haechan who was talking about something. Jaehyun leaned in and stole a cucumber from your plate, hoping you wouldn’t notice. But you did. 

“Jaehyun if you don’t stop I will squash you so you’re just flesh and broken bones,” you threatened. 

“I’m older than you!” He whined. Yuta shook his head and gave you a look. 

“Like two seconds? Get over yourself Jae.” Winwin laughed and Jaehyun passed him a glare. It was your first time meeting the boys and you all had gotten on well. You were glad it wasn’t awkward. Not that you had a hard time meeting new people. But meeting up with a bunch of boys was different. Jaehyun sent you home that evening, ruffling your hair.

Mark didn’t go to practice that day, your face still fresh in his vision. You too were intrigued. You wanted to know more about this boy that just couldn’t get his eyes off you. When the curiosity got the best of you, you called your brother. “Yeah Jaehyun there’s something important I need to talk about.” He gave you a hard time for a few seconds, saying that he’s busy and all but you shut him up. “Yeah you know the blond boy? The one that’s always next to Haechan?”

“Mark!” He said excitedly. 

“Yeah him…is he single?” You asked.

“Y/N he’s two years younger than you.”

“Yea but like he was looking at me a lot and he’s kinda cute so…” You trailed on. 

“Hyung!” Mark called after Jaehyun who was on the phone with you. He turned around and hung up on you. 

“Yeah?” He asked.

“This is weird but…um…you know your sister Y/N?” He stopped for a while, suddenly feeling awkward. “Is she like into younger boys?” Jaehyun laughed at his face. He just stood there dumbfounded and watched Jaehyun die with laughter in front of him. 

“Guess who just called me?” He said, catching his breath. Mark gave him a questioning look. “Y/N, asking me the same thing about you. You better talk to her.” Mark’s eyes widened at his words. Jaehyun patted him on the back and walked past him. He turned around and said, “I swear to god if you hurt my sister I will kill you,” he warned. After a few seconds, after registering what had happened he smiled and then ran after Jaehyun to get your number.

A/N: I don’t know if this is what you wanted. I’m sorry if it’s not x

Along for the Ride – Prompto x Fem!Reader // Chapter 1: Photoshoot


Word Count: 3666 
Adult Themed but SFW (Later chapters will be entirely NSFW. We’re building to it. I’m a sucker for sexual tension, ok?)
Reader specifics: She has some sort of fashion color in her hair. It can be any color(s), in any amount, but it’s there. 2. She has a small tattoo on her right bicep. That is all. :D

Author’s Note: This little chapter was what started my journey into Prompto hell. It has since taken over my entire damn life and it’s all thanks to someone else’s photoshoot one shot. It was fine, but it left me un satisfied. I’ve tried my hand at modeling before, so the flow just felt inorganic. I also just couldn’t wrap my head around (the canon version of) Prompto just banging a chick he just met during a photoshoot. So I was like…I’m an ok writer…I could write it…then I needed it…and before I knew it, I was neck deep into 9 chapters and I now have an overarching plan to fix the end of the damn game. (Facepalm) I’ve been consumed.

I ALMOST didn’t post this. I’ve been reeling, trying to make it perfect. Then my dumb ass muse was like, “PREQUEL!” 

Then it was like, “ONE SHOTS!” and I started like 4 that are currently incomplete because I keep going back to this damn chapter and fixing it. If I don’t just post this, I’m going to find a reason not to. 

So here you go my lovely Prompto fans. I hope you enjoy it.


(If I tagged you, it’s because I’m pretty sure you appreciate Prompto. I hope that’s ok!!  ⁽˚̌ʷ˚̌ʺ⁾)

@xnoctits, @ridingchocobros, @louisvuittontrashbags, @dirtyffxvconfession, @chocofeathers

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What Apollo Said: As usual, I was struck by his resemblance to his father, Poseidon. He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily. However, Percy Jackson did not favor his father’s chosen garb of beach shorts and Hawaiian shirts. He was dressed in ragged jeans and a blue hoodie with the words ahs swim team stitched across the front.

What Apollo Meant: Percy Jackson is so hot. Like gods damn so hot. Those turbulent sea green eyes and tousled bed hair… mmm good shit. And those cheek bones man. Meg, have you seen this kid’s jawline??? Sharper than his sword I swear to gods. If you think he’s hot now, you should see him when he’s angry. And man this kid just rocks that bad boy look, thank the gods he didn’t get his father’s sense of style. Good shit.

in the down

the absolute turmoil -  yoongi/ofc drabble series
part one

words: 1,558
warnings for mental illness and related mature themes.

go here for more info on this drabble series

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Swallowing, she accepts the call and hits the speaker button while simultaneously pausing her fourth-in-a-row rerun episode of Project Runway.

“Hey,” she says into the room and the mic of her phone.

“Hey,” Yoongi’s voice comes through the speaker, his deep voice slightly muffled from the terrible phone service she gets. “How are you doing?”

She clears her throat and answers, “Well, I just ate three packets of Annie’s gummy bunnies for dinner, so that probably answers your question.”

“That bad, huh?” he asks. She’s silent, and she hears him sigh over the increasing crackle of a poor-quality phone call. “Mina, I wish you’d talk to me.”

Her laugh comes out strangled and she looks up at the ceiling of her apartment. “I just… I feel like I’ve said everything I can say. At least without repeating myself, you know?”

“I know you – repeating–”

“–Yoongi, I’m sorry, I can’t hear shit again, you know my service is so bad. Text me?”

“No, I hate – about stuff like thi – coming over, okay?”

He either ends the call before she can answer or it drops altogether and Mina lets out an ugh. She contemplates a quick shower before he gets to her place–she’ll have time. She knows for certain he’ll pick up food first, unsatisfied with her sugar-and-gelatin dinner. Her hair is just in need of a wash, and while her face was clean and dewy with what felt like a thirty-step skincare routine, she knew her dark circles were more purpled than usual and her skin-tone was looking a bit on the sallow side.

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