bad quality but i love this!


So they came in today! I now have 25 of each of these lovely charms I designed up for sale.
They look really nice for my first time getting charms made (phone camera does not do them justice I am sorry for the bad quality pictures…), I will be using Chilly Pig Creations if I decide to make more in the future!  \ ^^ /
If you are interested in purchasing one or a pair, let me know, I’ll try to set up an Etsy page for them ASAP! I have never sold anything online before however so I won’t be selling outside the United States until I do more research, sorry! ( ;´Д`)

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What would you say to someone who maybe wants to start youtube or writing.

OH jeez

Alright so

The first thing I can think of is this: Do it for fun. If you don’t get a lot of views or a lot of kudos, don’t stress about it. It isn’t about how many people like your work, it’s about how you feel about it. If you keep doing it out of love and practice enough, you will eventually get the recognition you deserve. But until that happens, don’t feel inadequate or upset about numbers. Your enjoyment and fulfillment in your work is what’s most important, so just keep doing that, and everything that is meant to stem from that will sort itself out.

As for technical stuff;

For youtube, I don’t know a lot, but I would suggest focusing on good audio before good visual specs. Imo, at least, bad audio is what will turn me away from a video far quicker than bad video quality. If you have a budget and can only get either a really good camera or a really good mic, go for the mic first. Though that’s only my opinion and I’ve never done youtube, so it’s probably best to do more research on that before taking my advice.

A tip for writing; Don’t. Stop. Every time you have an idea, write it. Have a situation in mind? Pick an OC or an existing character and just spitball. Don’t re-read or edit until you’re completely done with it. If you’re losing momentum, don’t quit, instead take a break to do something related to your writing. Writing about a crime boss and running out of inspiration? Do some light research on the mechanics of high-profile gangs, or the details of modern drug dealings. Writing a fantasy story and drawing a blank? Look up the different species of dragons that have been created in popular media, or the history of magic weaponry in fiction. Just keeping your mind on the topic while gathering more information helps in getting yourself back on track.

 A trick I’ve used when I’m lacking inspiration to start is picking a key word, topic, or situation, then sitting down and applying that to a character. The amount you write can be anything, a few paragraphs or a few pages or even a few sentences. But as long as you keep writing, you’re going to get better.


Did some Klance Sim AU doodles at lunch today! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Should I have a hen or rooster as a house pet?

Both sexes:
• snuggle and cuddle a bunch!
• are very devoted to their flock mates
• highly trainable
• will smell bad if they’re not on a good diet, but will smell amazing if they are on a quality diet, like spices and powder
• can wear a diaper
• beg for food
• have soft feet and beautiful feathers
• amazing eyes
• will love you
• will try to protect you

• like to talk, some more than others, the classic “booock boooooooock bock bock bock” and lots of noise after they lay an egg
• might go broody depending on the breed, they can become TOTAL grumps
• may become roosters if they’re old or have a damaged ovary (which means crowing, big comb and wattles, long tail, the whole deal)
• can be spayed and basically become the latter
• Eggs which grant the following:
- yummy food that’s healthy for both you and your hen! Cook up a nice meal that you can both enjoy after her hard work
- a need for lots of calcium in the form of layers mash, oyster shells, crushed egg shells, or vitamins
- a need for at least 4 hours of sunshine each day to process the calcium, vitamin D3 supplements, or artificial sunshine via an avian lightbulb
- health issues related to egg production such as egg binding, egg yolk peritonitis
- life span could be cut short because the more eggs a hen lays the harder it is on her body, if you want a long lived, healthy pet get a breed with minimal production

• crowing!! Crowing can be stopped with a no-crow collar (don’t worry, it’s humane, they can still talk it just softens the noise) every rooster has a unique crow
• make little baby noises even though they’re Big™ and Bad™
• terrible teenager weeks in which they wanna fight and fuck everything, depending on the breed it lasts a few weeks…none of my boys are bad with me
• once adults won’t want to attack you as long as you teach them right
• enjoy and benefit from sunlight but don’t need it as much as hens
• they wanna dance for you! Some people say it’s bad but they’re just trying to show you how awesome they are
• if you give a treat to them they’ll try to give it back to you
• if they find something they like lying around like a shoe or any random object that catches their eye they want to share it with you
• even mature boys might wanna bang your shoes, it’s instinct okay? Like pigeons, we’ve bred them to breed a lot
• can be neutered and basically become big lazy boys who will act like hens

All in all chickens:
• are amazing house pets
• deserve love
• feather puppies
• an actual dinosaur that you can hug today