bad quality but hilariousness


I haven’t been myself lately but I love you. Nothing about that is changed. Nothing ever will.

Good/Bad Qualities of the signs by my experience
  • Aries: Hilarious but easily offended
  • Taurus: Super polite but lazy af
  • Gemini: Very caring but argumentative
  • Cancer: Dedicated but insecure
  • Leo: Loyal but over-emotional
  • Virgo: Hard-working but pretentious af
  • Libra: extremely social but selfish 
  • Scorpio: Kind hearted but vindictive
  • Sagittarius: up for anything but materialistic af
  • Capricorn: Really fun but holds grudges
  • Aquarius: Charismatic but super egotistical
  • Pisces: Amazing friend but easily manipulated