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Hogwarts Jackunzel AU?

“C’mon, Punz, talk to me.”

Rapunzel glares at the cauldron in front of her, one hand on her hip and one grasping the wooden spoon in it. She stirs it clockwise - one, two, three, she counts - watching as the slimy liquid started to settle, fading into a purple-ish tint.

“Hello? Rapunzel?”

She glances at the parchment beside the cauldron, nodding at the next instruction. Her eyes flitter across the table for the necessary ingredient, and she winces when she sees Jack holding it up, his mouth in the shape of a lopsided crescent moon.

“Looking for this?” he asks, and it’s everything she can do not to meet his eyes.

So she settles with burning holes into the asphodel, which he continues to twirl in his hand. She sticks a hand out but he tuts at her, shaking his head, “What’s the magic wor-“

She whips out her wand as if she were in a Wizard Duel and chants, “Accio asphodel,” and it zips into her hand. A smirk tugs at her lips but she tries to stay nonchalant, because she’s still mad at him, and she wanted to finish this potion as quickly as possible so she could finally get started on her homework for Muggle Studies.

She can almost hear the pout in Jack’s voice, “Punz, it’s bad enough I’m always here with no one to talk to. But now that you’re here - !”

“And whose fault is that, exactly?” she finally lets out, as she plucks off the petals and would-be petals on the stem, a little harder than necessary.

Jack shifts closer to her, having finally caught her attention, “Ah, so you’re one of those people.”

She practically chucks the now naked stem into the cauldron. “Excuse me?” she demands, as a cloud of smoke billows from the potion, the liquid now a bright and happy pink.

“The ones that hope to end the year with a perfect student record.”

“Jack, I’m a prefect -

"Not the first to earn detention instead of give one out, I’m sure -”

Earn detention? You say that like it’s a prize to be won -“

“Isn’t it?” he questions, eyes twinkling, “Since, y’know, you’re here with me?”

“Ugh!” she groans, her cheeks matching the color of the potion in front of her, “Pass me the stupid Peppermint!”

“I love it when you talk potions to me.”

1) Give me a pairing.
2) Give me an AU setting.
3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.