bad posture

John Andrews and the Yawns—Bad Posture (Woodsist)

A guy who’d name his band the Yawns is damn near required to play laid-back, day-dream-y country rock, the sonic equivalent to slipping off to nap on a sunny porch, good dreams in view as soon as your eyes close. John Andrews, who plays keyboards in Woods and drums in Quilt, fits the Woodsist standard, easy-going mode like a hammock strung between trees. His music isn’t boring, no not at all, but you wouldn’t want it on for a long haul trucking run either (the main subject, by the way, of the single “Drivers.”)  

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Important Post Time:
Today’s subject is posture.

How you hold yourself makes a huge difference in how heavy/light you look. The pictures on top are with bad posture, pictures on bottom are with good posture. These were taken not two minutes apart. Note how much thinner I look when I hold my body up. Especially from the side. Plus, confidence and good posture go together. Those with confidence are more likely to hold themselves better, an those who have better posture are probably more likely to be more confident. Be proud. Shoulders back, chin up, and engage your core. Using your core to hold your body up helps not only to make you look better, but it keeps the core muscles working more and thus getting stronger.

Go be confident and hold yourself up, friends!