bad police work

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Can't help but think how merformer Prowl and a human would meet. Human would be doing laundry in the river (like how they did before, ya know) and is really serious and diligent in doing their task. Later on for some reason Prowl springs his head up from the deep side of the river, and when human sees him. They just stare at each other. Like. Okay. Howdy creature of the deep.

Imagine the human losing a scarf or something and having it be carried down by the river, only for it to reappear moments later, carried by a large, river dwelling merformer.  The human is speechless as this creature of legend (that they had been previously unaware actually existed before this moment) stares down at them with an unreadable expression.  Finally the creature speaks as he hands them back their scarf.  

“Please keep better track of you clothes.  I don’t want to have to keep fishing them out of the river.”

Little does the human know that this is actually Prowl’s version of flirting. 

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Everyone asks when mulder fell in love with scully and vice versa but when do you think skinner knew they were in love??

Mulder’s in-and-out edginess has been making Kim nervous for two days. There is a fine line between obsession and grief, between pity and annoyance, and the man knows how to walk a fucking rope.

It’s getting to the point where Skinner’s going to have to fire him or father-talk to him and he’s not emotionally equipped for either.

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Cover art by my wonderful discord wife @bracari-iris~

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Seungbae is Doing This
  2. What Seungbae Knows
  3. Why Seungbae is Doing This Secretly
  4. Why Seungbae Shouldn’t Do This Secretly
  5. Why Seungbae is Useless
  6. Why Seungbae is Not Useless
  7. The Future?

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I was wondering why Rogers felt the need to move the evidence about Eloise to Roni’s bar until I remembered that last episode Weaver provoked him on it… which means that he probably went through his stuff.


Tonight’s Radiohead fuelled painting endeavours look like sea rocks. Watercolour on acrylic.

The whole point of having police officers is to maintain law and order, which means they become useless when they decide to arm themselves like a bunch of space soldiers in Halo, roam the streets, aim their rifles at everyone they see, and choke out asthmatic black men. This is bad police work! This is not how you police. We’d be better off arming our cops with lollipops.
—  GQ Magazine