bad police work

Cover art by my wonderful discord wife @bracari-iris~

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Seungbae is Doing This
  2. What Seungbae Knows
  3. Why Seungbae is Doing This Secretly
  4. Why Seungbae Shouldn’t Do This Secretly
  5. Why Seungbae is Useless
  6. Why Seungbae is Not Useless
  7. The Future?

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Tonight’s Radiohead fuelled painting endeavours look like sea rocks. Watercolour on acrylic.

The whole point of having police officers is to maintain law and order, which means they become useless when they decide to arm themselves like a bunch of space soldiers in Halo, roam the streets, aim their rifles at everyone they see, and choke out asthmatic black men. This is bad police work! This is not how you police. We’d be better off arming our cops with lollipops.
—  GQ Magazine