bad police work

Thank god I decided to start a queer-focused COLUMN at this paper rather than a news section. I’m way too opinionated for straightforward news. Heck, in my last no-opinion-allowed arts feature (about an art exhibit that addresses police brutality) it took me like two weeks to phrase it so it looked like the people I quoted were the only ones saying “fuck racism and colonialism” and I was just, you know… allowing that narrative to slip through.

With the column I can just stand on my soapbox, blast the Trump administration, blast local lawmakers, blast bigots and homophobes and racists and it’s all an “opinion” piece and people actually read it and some of them agree with me!?!? And the ones that don’t are the aforementioned bigots and homophobes and racists?!?! I LOVE pissing those people off?!?!

I ……. Fucking love my job. Holy god I love my job. It drives me absolutely insane sometimes and yes, the dream is to write fanfiction for a living and to never have to deal with people ever again, but this is really damn fun sometimes.


Tonight’s Radiohead fuelled painting endeavours look like sea rocks. Watercolour on acrylic.